Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treating 2008!

Happy Halloween 2008 from the Barnett girls!!!! Trick or treat.. smell my feet.. give me something good to eat! As we were trying to leave we had our usual go outside and try to take pictures session....
Dalton was cutting up big time! She was SO excited! She was all over the place... and constantly saying... Let's GO!!!!
Avery is trying to let me get a good picture.. and then you see who is striking a pose don't ya!?!

Yes, and it gets better!?!? Of course we were laughing at her because she was SO excited. I mean she had counted it down for a week you know!

Then Avery can't stand it.. she just had to see what we were laughing at!

I am so glad that my girls enjoy getting dressed up, and going to our usual houses for trick or treating. We have Mr Darrell who lives all alone.. his wife passed away from cancer when Avery was small. When we first started off trick or treating Avery was a newborn and Mrs. Janet was there too... but, now it is just him and he was telling us last night how someone asked him to go some where last night and he told them.. I CAN'T GO WITH YOU! LEE BARNETT AND THE GIRLS WILL BE HERE ANY TIME NOW! It was like he got offended that they asked him to leave his house on Halloween cause he was waiting on us. He told us last night that he waits on us every year and that he looks forward to seeing how much our girls have grown up. They hug him when they go in and he gets down on their level and talks to them. It is very sweet. He has this big cool ceramic pumpkin that his wife's sitser made for them years ago that he always serves his candy out of, BUT the girls have special goody bags already made up there are in the kitchen on the table that he goes and wags back to them with TWO HANDS!
Lee goes by all the time during the year to visit with him too. Lee is so good about doing these types of things.

Here is my happy Goo Goo Dancer girl again!

Check out those shinny white spray painted boots! I got Avery's at a second hand store for $1!!!
She was talking about wearing them to school... I was like.. OH, I don't think so sister!

Once again it was a beautiful night! Every house we went to they were like.. hold on let me go and get THEIR bags! LOL Like we could have come home after we went to the first house! Actually, we could have even stayed home because someone came by to give them their candy because they were having a Sunday school party.

Here is my big Goo Goo dance girly! Happy Halloween to everyone... I hope you have wonderful family traditions like we do. Just remember that you kids will be grown and gone before you know it.. enjoy it while you can! Because I have we do!
I am SO happy that fall is finally in the air! Now we have a birthday party (hayride) tonight!
P.S. Excuse any BLURRY pics.. Lee was trying to work the camera for a little bit! Not that I am perfect, but I am ALOT better than him! LOL


The Terrell's said...

he girls looks so cute tonight. Glad that you brought them by to trick or treat.

Rosjuane said...

Those are GREAT shots!!

The Terrell's said...

So you didn't get any cake, but I never figured out how to make it low fat. LOL

melanie, aka Mo said...

Ok, those are blow up worthy! In fact, I think I could make you something so cool out of your favorite. Send it to me at Ruston office and I will handle it. Put attn. Melanie so I will get it.

Those girls are so pretty. I would watch that last one of Avery! that dude, Chris, from Dateline might show up! Dang!

Laken said...

The girls look absolutely adorable! They are both so beautiful! I miss the small town things like you mentioned. That is so neat about the little man who waits for A and D. God love him.

Piece of Cake said...

Cute pics. Good idea about spray painting the boots!
Oh, I meant to tell you that I met your dad the other night. I think he called me the cake lady. I can't remember. Anyway, it was neat to meet him.

Mom of these kids said...

That is a great idea to paint those boots...I would have never thought about that!! They make the outfits perfect!!!

They both look adorable!

hsmomma said...

I haven't stopped by in a while, but what great pictures! You have beautiful girls! And the cute.

Anonymous said...

That was a cool idea,spray painting the boots!

Your girls are beautiful!