Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Part 2 pumpkin patch...

My kids would have stayed at this if I would have let them! They LOVED the slide!
OH LOOK.. it is our Bloggy Auntie Rosjuane! She tried so hard to carry on a conversation with Dalton, but it was VERY one sided.. she did not say one single word to her I don't think!
BUT, check out the smile on her face... she is loving her new friend pushing her!
Now hold on just a minute sista... I don't wanna end up over that at Cummins! Look at Rosjuane... such grace while pushing my youngin!!!
AWWWW look at Rosjuane's little boy with his head laid on her shoulder... can you see his little smile!?!?
OH NO! Papaw Robert has been bad again!
Avery wanted a HUGE pumpkin, but I told her she needed to be able to carry it!

Dalton was So serious about getting her face painted... Don't be offend Ros.. she would not talk to this lady either! LOL
Look at her checking her out... I personally wish someone would tell her about her HOLES that were in the front of her shirt... I did not like looking at her belly!

Avery got a ghost with a hot pink bow in her hair.. or maybe his hair.. I guess you really never know these days... More pics later!


Rosjuane said...

LOL!! I didn't even notice how my toe was pointed and everything!! Don't you worry, it's my goal in life to make friends with Dalton.

Beth E. said...

You take awesome pictures! I am slightly...well, actually EXTREMELY...envious of your photography skills!

Looks like the pumpkin patch was a big hit. We don't have a pumpkin patch around here. (That's the only disadvantage of living in such a small town, back in the mountains. We have to drive an hour just to get to anything!) It will be fun to see the pictures you take of Avery carving that big pumpkin!