Thursday, October 30, 2008

My fall swap goodies!!!!!

Would ya just look in that box!?!?!?!? Today when I got home I found my fall swap surprise from Michelle sitting on the porch. It was filled to the RIM!!!!!! (There are 2 things already gone out of the box too when I took this picture too!) And would you just LOOK at why Avery squealed when she looked in the box?!?! They had NO idea that they were getting surprises too!

They were SO excited! You should have seen them running around with their presents!

After the go ahead from me they were opening very carefully....

They take unwrapping gifts seriously!

Ohhh, I wonder what it is!?

Avery said... Oh, yea!! Oh, yea!!!!!

Then she starts reading on the box.....

And Dalton is excited about what hers looks like too.....

And then Avery realized that they are going to actually MOVE after they build the little thingys!!!! (Thank goodness that I have AAA batteries!)

It is like Merry Christmasholloween... Just look at all the stuff!

Oh, and LOOK at MY fall goodies.....

How pretty is THIS!?!?!?

and OH look at these hand towels!!!!!!!!

How cute is this little scarecrow guy!?!? Avery loved him too!
Thank you Michelle for my fall swap gift! I love everything! It was just the pick me up that I needed after the long day that I had today. The topper was the gift for the girls!! Thank you for thinking of them! They were SO excited that you thought of them too.. you should have seen them decorating the different little guys!! They had a ball! And then when we got the batteries in it was really something! I am so glad that you got to participate too! Happy Fall to you too!!!! Thank you VERY much!

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The Perry Family said...

you racked up!! so cute!