Monday, September 29, 2008

Our poor little Dalton....

This afternoon Dalton starting throwing up about 3:oo... The first time EVER for her to throw up!! Needless to say she does not handle it very well. She is only 34 lbs, and at this point I am trying to keep her from getting dehydrated, but whatever she drinks comes right back up within seconds. She ate breakfast this morning, a little snack at Wee school, and then NOTHING else since then. It is going to be a long night alone with her sick like this with Lee working graveyards. I had to get him up at 3 to sit with her while I went to get Avery and Hannah from school and get them to dancing. I knew that she did not need to be in the car for 45 minutes while all that was going on! She has not wanted him to leave her side since he got up. Her little voice if so weak and sad!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Location of papaw Robert

For those of you that have asked... my daddy lives at Rohwer which is outside of McGehee. Rohwer is literally a little hole in the wall. You blink and you will miss it! No joke! My daddy is a farmer and raises soybeans, rice, wheat, corn and milo. So, there ya have it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Too many kids..

Today while I was working upstairs I notice that Dalton had pulled the covers back and was all laid up in the bed... I said.. WHAT are you doing? She proceeds to tell me that she was having her baby.... She had her Build A Bear puppy all stuffed in her shirt, so I was like OH, ok I see! So, she stops what she is doing and starts talking to me... she goes.. what if me and you had to sleep up here with like 3, 4, 5 or even 6 kids!?!?! I stopped what I was doing and said.. LOOK woman! I am NOT John and Kate Plus 8! (everyone that knows Dalton knows that this is her favorite show!) She gets these huge eyes... puts her hands up and starts telling me... I KNOW.. if I had all those kids I would says kids.. we are going to have to sell some of ya'll!! I thought I was going to DIE! She is so funny!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Road trippin.....

to papaw Robert's Friday after school.... They are always so excited ALL the way there! I get so cracked up when I look back there and see Dalton in these funky glasses eating her snack talking and carrying on with Avery...
The blurry picture makes for good effects... driving down the road in a 4-wheel drive truck pulling a trailer pulling Lee's gator (that ticks him off when I call it that.. but he does not read this so it does not matter!) on a bumpy road!! LOL

This post is to GUILT someone in to.....

BLOGGING...... And I wonder will it work!?!? If your baby was this stinkin' cute wouldn't you blog about all her exciting doings!?!?!? Her first blog post would be about this sweet little girl named Parker and a staple... Don't you want to know the full story?
Oh, KAMI!?!?! Are you reading? How sad is it that Parker's pokeno AUNT has to blog about her!?!?!? LOL

Friday, September 19, 2008

To Papaw Robert's we go at Harvest time!

My girls have been counting down the days until we get to go to Papaw Robert's house. They LOVE it at his house.. He will be working since it is harvest time, but I LOVE this time of year! I have so many memories from being raised on the farm and always being right in the middle of it all especially during harvest time. I remember my mother cooking dinner... and I don't mean a sandwich.. I am talking fried deer meat, fresh purple hull peas, fried okra, fresh tomatoes, potatoes and gravy and sweet tea! I loved to sit in the back of the truck with them and eat! There are certain smells that make my heart skip a beat when I smell it because it brings back memories that I had long forgotten. Things that I have pointed out to my daddy and it is just things that he takes for granted since he has done this all his life. I am excited for the girls to ride the combine and be with my daddy as he cuts soybeans... then when they get to ride to the grain elevator and sit in a long time and just hang out... I used to do this with my mother (she worked on the farm with my daddy when they were married) and I could not WAIT for the guy to climb up on the back of the truck to get a sample... he would always wave at me and it was not anything unusual for them to give me some candy! But, the big thing was waiting to get your truck dumped.. when we got around to the big curve I knew we were close and mama would always get me a little coke.. remember those!?!?! A small package of peanuts would be an added bonus to pour in my coke! And I loved getting the water in the little white cone shaped cups too. I am going to go with them and take my camera so it will be interesting to see how much things have changed since I used to go with my mama! I am now 36 and I would have been VERY young when all this was going on... Like I would even say younger than 8!!!

Once I painted on my daddy's 18 wheeler door... "Howell Farms" with my good old paint and little paint brush.. needless to say my daddy was NOT happy about THAT! If my hinney remembers correctly someone should have contacted DHS on my behalf after that! LOL

By the way... If you are reading this Robert Louis.... I am bringing my Phase 10 cards, and I AM TAKING YOU DOWN! Yeah, I KNOW you are scared! And, by the way.. your niece is still asking for a HONK for her gator! I don't know how you sleep at night knowing you have not come up with something for her yet!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Crazy hair day at school!

Here ya go MO! Let me know when you need my services! This week is spirit week at school. Crossett and Hamburg play tonight in Hamburg and they are huge rivals.... You should SEE some of the things that the bigger kids to... from Hamburg AND Crossett. I will spare you some of the details that my husband and his friends did while they were in school! YIKES Anwyays, we had to get up 30 minutes early to do this! Avery loved it... she said that she got funny looks ALL DAY!

I should have gotten a picture of the after effects of this hair doo.. it was wild too!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My fresh okra fairy...

Today I got a surprise visit from my okra fairy. Many bags of fresh okra all cut up in and ready to be FRIED! Thank you papaw Robert.