Monday, December 31, 2007

Beeping heart.....

Today Dalton was pretending that she was "WOOCY" and kept crawling up in my lap while I was on the computer. I asked her if "WOOCY" wanted me to snuggle with her!!?!? She barked and shook her head yes so I told her to go and get in the chair and wait on me! I went over and sat down and she crawled up in my lap and immediately got on my chest. In minutes she was out like a light!!! After a little while I was going to lay her on the couch and I realized her HEART WAS BEEPING (this is what she calls it) against my chest. I found myself just sitting there feeling that little heart beat and enjoying every minute of it! I know a couple of families that have lost their children to cancer recently and during this time of year I seem to noticed the little things that I know in my heart these families would never take for granted.

One of my resolutions is to take more time with my girls and noticed the little things and appreciate them more because before I know it they will not have time for me any more...... I encourage you to do the same.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Avery's 4th grade Christmas party....

Avery had her 4th grade Christmas party on Thursday. They had cheese pizza, capri suns, cookies and many other treats. Avery is always so good about Dalton coming to her party! She always makes sure that she is taken care of and is very protective of her! I guess this will be the last time that she gets to go since she starts school next year herself!

The best little mother ever!

To only be 4 years old she sure is a good little mama!!! LOL She rocked "Woocy" to sleep!!!
Note* This is NOT in my house. WOOCY and ROSE are not allowed inside except for the garage! LOL This is at Papaw Robert's house last weekend! Every one that knows me knows this!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lady Fingers

This is a cookie that my daddy often talks about his mother making... I am going to try to surprise him this weekend by making him some of these.... Ever had them before?

Lady Fingers

( Very simple and delicious)

4 Tbls. sugar
1 tps. vanilla
1 1/2 cups margarine or butter
2 cups plain flour
1/2 cup chopped nuts
powdered sugar

Blend the ingredients well and add the nuts. Shape into small rolls about the size of largest finger and bake on an ungreased cookie sheet for 45 minutes in 300 degree F. oven. When slightly cool, roll in powdered sugar.

Note: these taste like wedding cookies.

Swap turns to dinner date!

So, it turns out that Rose-John (LOL) lives in McGehee! We (me, Lee and the girls) are going to my daddy's (who lives in Rohwer) for them to deer hunt this weekend. I don't hunt so I am determined to find other ways to entertain myself so I don't clean my daddy's house the entire time I am there. I will be in McGehee on Sat doing some things, so we decided to meet up to have lunch! This is HUGE for me cause usually I am so busy during the week that I never get to meet friends for lunch. I am happy that I know people... that know people... that know her.. (LOL) that way it is not like I have met someone off of and I have to worry about them killing me! LOL

Stay tuned for the stores that we hit after we get our bellies full! I don't know about Rosjuane.. but I LIKE ME SOME GOOD DEALS!!! If we CAN'T find good deals then we have another idea up our sleeves... INSIDE JOKE!

My SWAP presents came today!!!!!

This is SOOO cute! The Santa is attatched in 3 different sections and kinda dangles.... It is glass! I wish you could have heard Dalton while I was opening them! OHH mama I LOVE this one, OHHH mama do you like this one too? She had to help me put them on the tree too!

This is a Razorback Santa!!! The little girl sittin on his lap has on a cheerleading suit! I told Rosjuane (Rose-John LOL) about how all of my ornaments on my big tree are special.. how the girls have made them, or how we always get a new one when we go on a family vacation. She told me that she thought that I needed one from home! Guess what!?!? I did not have one of those kind!
I love this "B" onrament! The colors are perfect too!

Look what I found.....

Today while I was showing our tree to a freind I noticed this at the very bottom on a branch.... the bottom half of the peppermint is GONE! Dalton brought this home from Wee school one day last week and was so proud, but it was broken... I guess she got tired of seeing it hang there broken so my guess is that she ate it! I think that this is priceless!!! It makes me sad to think that one day I will not find sweet little things like this.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I DO NOT like holding you when you are NAKED!!!

Yesterday Avery took the clothes off Rosie and Lucy so they could get in their cage in the garage to take a nap. Avery took one out to go potty, and left Dalton holding the other one in the garage. I realize that Dalton is talking to the puppy about how she wanted to put her clothes back on... I stopped to watch and got VERY tickled when the puppy just stopped and was looking at her like she really understood what she was talking about... About that time Dalton tells her.... I DO NOT LIKE HOLDING YOU WHEN YOU ARE NAKED!

I am also making Avery pick up poop out of the backyard cause the get down and roll around in the grass with them. Well, then yesterday I also caught Dalton wiping ones rear with paper towel after it went! I am telling you that my daddy is not going to be able to handle one of these! Looks like they are going to be too much of a diva for him!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thursday, December 6, 2007

She has TEEF!!!!!

Dalton could not get over the new little friends teeth! She hollers... LOOK AT HER TEEF! The puppy played along for a few times, but then it got old really qucik!
If it were not midnight I would figure out how to rotate the pic! Sorry!

Santa came a little early!

Santa brought 2 minature Jack Russell puppies today! The girls are going to pick only ONE (the have decided on the smaller one that Dalton is holding) and then the other one will go to my dad's house. We wanted something that they could actually still HOLD when it is full grown. Maybe tomorrow we will announce a NAME!?!?!?!? I bet that Dalton does not want to go to Wee School tomorrow!!!
This little one is going to my dad's house on Friday. Guess we will babysit for the week and the girls will spoil her. He said that he was going to name her Rosie... not sure if he was kidding or not! Avery had picked out the name Holly for him to name her!!!