Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The famous ART SHOW.....

Things are beginning to wind down at Wee School... this starts with the Art Show! Check out the proud little finger telling me all about the cadapidder!!!!!!
This cat is colored with sand!
The Cameleon is colored with chalk!
This is one of my favorites and will be framed to hang in the house..... it has D's little fingerprints on it!
Tell me this chick ain't been busy!!!!
This is my kiss for Dalton to go and look at if she starts missing me.. it is on her hand print. I will frame this one too.

How do you pick a favorite in this art gallery!?!?!
Everyone was so proud and they had a right to be too.... Every thing was so pretty! They have been working so hard on this all year long!
This is another one of my favorites!
Painting with gummy worms!
I took Dalton to Wee School the morning of the art show and had a total melt down when I started looking at her things! It just hit me that this is coming to an end and I am NOT taking it well. I can not believe that this is all almost over and BIG school is right around the corner for my baby! She has changed so much over the past year.. she has her little friends that she talks about all the time, she has this little personality that you can't help but love, she loves her teachers, she has learned more about cancer.... (we love you Brady!) and she can tell you about St Jude and what they can do for kids, she draws a crowd when she tells a story because she hardly does not say anything.. she sits back and takes it all in so when she does talk she is so country that everyone gathers around to listen.
Mother's Day Tea is May 9th. This is a dress up event that Dalton has invited me and Nanaw (Lee's mother) to go with her to! Graduation is May 22.
The only thing that I have missed this year at Wee School is Mrs. Pam. She was the director when Avery started the 3 year old program. (Avery just turned 10 for those of you that are counting!) I met Mrs. Pam the day that I registered Avery for Wee School, and I started working for her the next week.... Guess what!?!??! All these years later I still go to her house every single week. Everyone knows who "Mrs. Pam" is and misses her dearly... BUT she has moved on to bigger and better things... Their kids graduated from college, got married, so it was time for her to be with Mr. Randy when he worked off. THEN Mr. Bryce (the first grand child) came along so now Mrs. Pam turned into GRAMMY! I love this woman! I still get to visit with her all the time... if not in person.. then on the phone... or via email. She gives me advice, laughs with me, and cries with me. She seems to fill a void that I have had in my life for a few years now and I thank her for that. I love you Mrs. Pam.... I mean Grammy!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hoover is the home run QUEEN!

Tonight HOOVER (that would be Avery Barnett) hit 2 home runs again! She got 2 RBI's off of one hit, and 1 RBI on the other hit! WE LOVE HOOVER! That chick SMACKED that sucker tonight!

I forgot to mention that she hit 2 home runs Saturday during the tournament... Her daddy gave her $10 per home run, but she has already blown it at Old Navy! LOL

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Avery's preseason tournament

Avery's supporting little D at her game... She was so happy with all of her friends waiting on the game to start!
Hoover is her nickname... given to her by her daddy! When a ball gets near her she SUCKS it up!
The girls playing together during games! All of Avery's friends love to play with Dalton too! Did I mention that WE GOT FIRST PLACE!?!?!? We got home at 12:30 that night... did not get in the bed until after 2! I felt like I had been hit by a truck the next day!

WAY TO GO H2H!!!! (that stand for Hard to Handle!!!)

Dalton's first GAME!!!!!

I guess she gets her stance from watching Avery all these years... or at least being on the watching eating a pickle or nachos!!! And hey... whoever it is out there making that dang cheese dip to go on the chips... STOP MIXING THE JALAPENO PEPPER JUICE IN IT TO WATER DOWN THE CHEESE... my baby can't handle it! Ok.. what that being said..... here we GO! I know.. I know... SHE LOOKS GOOD OUT THERE!
Here are some of her fans... Nanaw and Papaw were there too.. and yes.. ME
How cute is she? The name of her team is ORANGE CRUSH!
This picture was right before all the real action started... she fell in the dug out and her knee got skinned up pretty bad.. she was ok at first and when ahead and batted.. then when she got back in the dug out she realized blood was running down her leg... she literally screamed for the rest of the game (which was just a few minutes) and the entire next one.. but I made her get out there. It was horrible, but not near as bad as last night! Last night was her first real game of the season! She started as soon as we pulled up in the parking lot.... EVERY other step on the way out there she goes... I DO NOT want to do this... I DO NOT want to do this!!! She begged to play ball... and she is going to play and finish the year... that is the way that it works at our house!
Please pray for us that Friday night is better... my nerves were SHOT after an hour of her acting like this! She is usually so good! Today she did not want to go to school... I got her there and she cried and cried... Finally they called at 10 and said that her ear was hurting! Lee took her some meds and a little attitude adjustment and then all was better... Things HAVE to look up for her... she is now taking a nap, so maybe things will be better this afternoon!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Taking the night off... POKENO!

Not sure if I will be able to post more pictures of the party of not... I have pokeno at my house tonight, and Lee is starting graveyards so you may have to wait until tomorrow night! I am just loving the pictures from the p-a-r-t-y!!!!!

(I bet Maury wished she were here this year!!!)

Monday, April 7, 2008

More spa day pictures!

We gave the girls facials....... These hair wraps were a huge hit.. they all wore them and loved them!
Manicures.... Thanks Jody and Tracey!!!! I am sure they will not want to do nails for a very long time after all of this!
Dalton sat in this chair from like 8:30.. she said that she did not want to get out of it cause somebody might get it! Here are all the lovely ladies at the start of the party! I had them wear their robes.... with shorts and short sleeve shirts under them.
They washed their hands with a salt scrub, and I rubbed half of a lemon on their elbows and knees to help with the roughness and dryness!
As you can see the facial were taken VERY seriously! The cucumbers were a HIT! I could not believe how they laid there and relaxed!!!
Dalton was soaking her feet too getting ready for her pedicure!

I had mothers that agreed to help me out at the party.. I made them us all aprons so we be professional like for the spa! It was BEAUTIFUL outside! Here is Ashleigh wanting to change her par-tin to a cherry-tini! They thought that was the neatest thing ever! They would just giggle!
Something got knocked off the table and broke one of my Dollar Tree glasses, so luckily I had this from my college days! (Dalton did not mind at all... she was just happy to be there after having 103 temp the day before!)
They made toasts to the birthday girl!
What is a spa without bottles of water! They said... Double Digit Day Spa pampering Avery & Friends!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Double Digit Spa Day and Brunch

Considering that I ONLY took 370 pictures at the Double Digit Spa Day and Brunch I will start out by showing you some of the set up.. because of the rains and flood the day before we did not decide that the party would be officially OUTSIDE until at 7 am on Sat morning... it was 50* out at this time! I was SO nervous after all the rain that we had had on Friday! I did all I could do to make it look SPA LIKE... not that I have ever been to a spa and been pampered or anything so I really had to kinda guess.....
The girls were served par-tini's (sprite in martini glasses with cherries and pineapples on the long toothpicks as garnishes) OR cherry-tini's (the same as a par-tini, but with a splash of cherry juice in it!) I got the glasses at the Dollar Tree... love me some Dollar Tree especially for these types of things...
I pulled so much stuff from Avery's room to help decorate.. and the girls bathrooms too!
Avery LOVES this board that she got 2 years ago at Christmas.... It was perfect for sitting around the corner of the house so the girls would know where to go when they got out of the car... It is a little heavy and Lee was NOT happy about bringing it down the stairs, but he got over it!

Dalton's first t-ball practice...

Dalton had to wait about an hour at Avery's fastpitch softball practice before hers ever started.... that was like FOREVER in her little world!
Avery and Lee had been working with her on batting so of course she hit a home run!

Check out her moves!!!
I can just hear her now from out in outfield during the game.... PAPAW I WANT A PICKLE!!!

ME..... drawn by Dalton

This is ME! Notice I need to brush my hair, and I think I really could do something with all that other crazy hair on my... well, all over my FACE! I have nice perky boobs, but my belly button is the same size! She was so proud! I thought I was pretty hot even if I do say so myself!

10 and 81

Tonight Avery (who just turned 10 on April 2) comes to me and says.... Mama today is Papaw Roxie's birthday (with huge tears in her eyes) I told her... yes, it sure is! She just smiled really big and turned around and walked off.... last year as my mamaw was fighting for her life we celebrated her 80th birthday with a really big family party. All of her sisters and her brother were there along with all the rest of us with a LOT of long time freinds stopping by too! Mamaw never said a word... After the party was over and we were on the way home Avery started crying and told me that that was the best birthday party she had EVER been to... We all knew that it would be her last. Happy Birthday Mamaw!!! (or should I say Papaw Roxie!)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Avery...DOULBE DIGITS BABY!!!!

10 years ago today (at 3:56 pm) my life changed FOREVER... I became a mother!!!! WOW!!! I never knew how much you could love something... it is crazy how you THINK you love that baby that is inside of you before you give birth... Nothing can prepare you for the ride you have ahead of you!

All day Dalton has wanted to know... where was I when Avery was born!?!?

Avery is the sweetest, most polite, caring person that you will ever come in contact with... She is considerate of others feelings, she worries about them, and loves them. I am not just saying that because she is mine... is it true! Just ask anyone that knows her.

She has had a great day today! The phone started ringing at 7:15 this morning with people wanting to talk to her... all the way up until this got out of the car to go to school! Hannah met her in the hall to be the first one to wish her a Happy Birthday and the they announced it on the intercom (yes, she thinks this makes her famous!) Then Papaw Michael called me this am and wanted to know if he could come and go with us to eat dinner with her.... She was so surprised when she saw him! We got home after school and there sat Nanaw in the drive way! Let's just say shes RICH! LOL She has decided to wait and shop until after her Spa Day and Brunch on Saturday! The phone has rang all afternoon, but it is only 5ish right now so it ain't over yet!!!

Happy "DOUBLE DIGITS" Baby!!!!
I love you with all my heart!