Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Did I DIE? Noo...

But thanks for checking on me! Gonna try to do better... I PROMISE!

So, here are somethings that have been going on...

1. Dalton lost her first tooth... It was the day that we had her league softball party here... About 10 minutes before the party actually started and the drama started SOOO Lee had to pay her $5 to let him near her just to pull it! She could take her tongue and push it completely side ways out ! GA-ROSS But, even w her little bit of drama Avery is still the winner in that department! Ta-RUST me on that one! Good LAWD!

2. We are finally done with our traveling softball.. not really we, but good grief when I go to every single happening I can get away with saying WE! We played in Monticello (only about 45 minutes away) in the State tournament and got 4th. Kinda glad we ended up with that or there would have been an invite to go to Texas and the girls have to stay with HOST families... I would have to hope that by me being perched in their front yard in a TENT would not have been an issue. I would have only bothered them when I needed to potty... or to check on my 11 year old baby.. OR unless I got like really hot and needed to come in and take a breather in the ac... other than that I am sure that I would have been totally fine with letting my child stay in a complete strangers house! YIKES!

3. Everything is finally over... no more league softball or dance for 2, gymnastics or traveling softball... Is it really over? PINCH ME! And if I am dreaming... DO NOT WAKE ME!

4. We went blueberry picking on Father's day and it was just.. well, how do you say it!?!?! Oh, wait! HOT AS HELL! It was so hot that I did not even THINK to get the camera out.. Like we worked like a bunch of freaking DOGS to get what we got and I am not even joking... My daddy was having a really hard time and normally he is a trooper in the heat! Up in there picking and the sun shinning on you and no breeze makes for a not so fun trip! I ended up getting a little sick that day actually... It was horrible! Heat index that day was 106*!!! BUT, there will be another trip because I do not have enough berries to last me until next year! Yes, I am a piggy when it comes to those fresh blueberries!

Ok stopping at #4 tonight because tomorrow I am taking my little women to Monroe! We gotta get up and get w the program in the am! Avery has been working for Lee and with me and Dalton has tooth fairy money burning a hole in her pocket!

Oh, one more thing.. My BFF came from a quick visit last weekend and we were in the pool. I had on my 2 piece... Don't worry I am NOT one of those gals that thinks it is cute to plaster pictures of myself in a 2 piece all over the internet! But as we were sitting on the steps talking Dalton goes... um, mama you need to check yourself! I was like WHAT? She kinda said it again very softly and pointed to my boobs... This kid is so funny!!!