Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

So behind...

We finally have some things coming to an end... WHEW! Dance recital was Sat night.. and it was great! But, ya just neva know when ya gonna run into a pair of camel toes! Good Lawd have MERCY!!!! LOL

Gymnastics is over too.. not that we have even had a class since I paid back in April. So, I will be getting some money back on that! Avery has been very let down (4 times!) over that so I don't know if we will be back there next year!

Things have been nuts around here the last couple of weeks! Not to mention that my stupid piece of crap 10 year old laptop decided to KICK THE BUCKET! Trust me.. you don't even want me to go there! I mean WHY NOW!?

We got our pool open, and we are so excited! We took the cover off a while back, and it looked PERFECT! This may not be a big deal to you, but this is the first time for us to open it up from the winter so Lee was super excited! Dalton is still even able to wear a 12-18 month bikini!!! It was the first bathing suit that she wore to the beach... I THINK! Lord knows that I have slept since then and I could be wrong! This kid will be 6 in Aug.. and let me just point out to you that she gets her petite figure from her mama! LOL Ok, get up out of the floor.. the Joke for the day is OVA! We have some big things we are working on in getting things in order around the pool this year.. so much so that LEE has even been talking about landscaping... LEE IS THAT YOU!??! I have NEVER heard him say some things about the flowers...I need to check and see if he has fever with those fits? I mean could this be some of his feminine side coming out? What the heck?

I have a lot of pics to look at and try to get some posted! LOTS! Oh, where to start?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 14, 1972

Tomorrow is my... well, I can say that I have reached the age that I gotta stop and FIGURE out how old I am! (Actually, this has been going on for a few years now! LOL) You kinda stop keeping up after that 18 and 21 for some reason. Sad I know, but the funny thing is that I don't feel the numbers that I will say after I stop to do the math... 37! The numbers do not phase me in the least.... It is what you make of it. And I love my life, and the people in it.

At 37 I find myself very happy. I am a "BUSY" happy right now, but maybe after Sat night some things will slow down and I will get back to blogging. Here lately I save my time for my girls, family, and special friends. Funny how you learn what is important to you. Between league softball, and dance for 2 kids, gymnastics for 1, and traveling softball for 1... practices, extra practices, games, out of town games and everyday work and living... I have been meeting myself coming and going. It has been nuts... especially when you are married to a shift worker! But, it is a good NUTS!

I have so many pictures to share, so will have to choose where to start! I hope everyone is doing well... I appreciate everyone checking on me! I have just been SO busy! Dalton graduated Wee School last night, and I am so proud to post that she stood up on that stage and acted like she had some raisin'! I could not get over how some of those kids acted... A LOT of them really! I could not deal with these kids on a daily basis. Let's just say that I would have purchased that margarita machine that I have been eye ballin a LONG time ago! Lawd have mercy!

Gotta run and get busy for a super busy day tomorrow! I promise that I will be back SOON and on a regular basis!

Oh, PS I was actually born on Mother's Day. Funny how things have ended up with that. You just never know what turn your life will take. Appreciate what you have.. you never know when it will be gone...