Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dalton is 6....

On August the 6th Dalton FINALLY turned 6... and the very next day when she woke up she announced to me that she was ALMOST 7!!!!! She is still so tiny to me. But, is so growny now that she is coming home telling us all the "happenings" from school! 2 boys are fighting over who is going to sit/stand/etc by her.. how funny is THAT?

She loves her daddy with all her heart.. and me too I think cause after I was talking about my trip to NY today she announced to me that I WOULD NOT be going to NY again because she missed me too much ! LOL She loves animals.. no matter how big or small. She also loves her build a bears..... and their WARDROBE! She is a HAM! You really have to know her to appreciate it. She comes out of her shell when we least expect it!

See what I mean!

She loves to call her Papaw Robert! Oh, and she LOVES her some Ben Coulter... she sings with him to the top of her lungs!

She is SOO funny! I say that she gets her humor me from ME! But she is also a redneck... she gets that from her daddy! They both are so country talking.. I wish I could get her singing on video and post it for you to hear!

She just had her birthday party, so I have pictures from that too... we make her cake/cupcakes! We had the BEST time doing that too!

Peace out peeps! Cause sister ain't far from being 7!!! LOL

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Green grass and crayons....

This afternoon I found myself laying outside on my belly in the grass with the girls coloring... You know it is the small things in life that makes for the best memories! I hope they will one day remember this wonderful day as well....