Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treating 2008!

Happy Halloween 2008 from the Barnett girls!!!! Trick or treat.. smell my feet.. give me something good to eat! As we were trying to leave we had our usual go outside and try to take pictures session....
Dalton was cutting up big time! She was SO excited! She was all over the place... and constantly saying... Let's GO!!!!
Avery is trying to let me get a good picture.. and then you see who is striking a pose don't ya!?!

Yes, and it gets better!?!? Of course we were laughing at her because she was SO excited. I mean she had counted it down for a week you know!

Then Avery can't stand it.. she just had to see what we were laughing at!

I am so glad that my girls enjoy getting dressed up, and going to our usual houses for trick or treating. We have Mr Darrell who lives all alone.. his wife passed away from cancer when Avery was small. When we first started off trick or treating Avery was a newborn and Mrs. Janet was there too... but, now it is just him and he was telling us last night how someone asked him to go some where last night and he told them.. I CAN'T GO WITH YOU! LEE BARNETT AND THE GIRLS WILL BE HERE ANY TIME NOW! It was like he got offended that they asked him to leave his house on Halloween cause he was waiting on us. He told us last night that he waits on us every year and that he looks forward to seeing how much our girls have grown up. They hug him when they go in and he gets down on their level and talks to them. It is very sweet. He has this big cool ceramic pumpkin that his wife's sitser made for them years ago that he always serves his candy out of, BUT the girls have special goody bags already made up there are in the kitchen on the table that he goes and wags back to them with TWO HANDS!
Lee goes by all the time during the year to visit with him too. Lee is so good about doing these types of things.

Here is my happy Goo Goo Dancer girl again!

Check out those shinny white spray painted boots! I got Avery's at a second hand store for $1!!!
She was talking about wearing them to school... I was like.. OH, I don't think so sister!

Once again it was a beautiful night! Every house we went to they were like.. hold on let me go and get THEIR bags! LOL Like we could have come home after we went to the first house! Actually, we could have even stayed home because someone came by to give them their candy because they were having a Sunday school party.

Here is my big Goo Goo dance girly! Happy Halloween to everyone... I hope you have wonderful family traditions like we do. Just remember that you kids will be grown and gone before you know it.. enjoy it while you can! Because I have we do!
I am SO happy that fall is finally in the air! Now we have a birthday party (hayride) tonight!
P.S. Excuse any BLURRY pics.. Lee was trying to work the camera for a little bit! Not that I am perfect, but I am ALOT better than him! LOL

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My fall swap goodies!!!!!

Would ya just look in that box!?!?!?!? Today when I got home I found my fall swap surprise from Michelle sitting on the porch. It was filled to the RIM!!!!!! (There are 2 things already gone out of the box too when I took this picture too!) And would you just LOOK at why Avery squealed when she looked in the box?!?! They had NO idea that they were getting surprises too!

They were SO excited! You should have seen them running around with their presents!

After the go ahead from me they were opening very carefully....

They take unwrapping gifts seriously!

Ohhh, I wonder what it is!?

Avery said... Oh, yea!! Oh, yea!!!!!

Then she starts reading on the box.....

And Dalton is excited about what hers looks like too.....

And then Avery realized that they are going to actually MOVE after they build the little thingys!!!! (Thank goodness that I have AAA batteries!)

It is like Merry Christmasholloween... Just look at all the stuff!

Oh, and LOOK at MY fall goodies.....

How pretty is THIS!?!?!?

and OH look at these hand towels!!!!!!!!

How cute is this little scarecrow guy!?!? Avery loved him too!
Thank you Michelle for my fall swap gift! I love everything! It was just the pick me up that I needed after the long day that I had today. The topper was the gift for the girls!! Thank you for thinking of them! They were SO excited that you thought of them too.. you should have seen them decorating the different little guys!! They had a ball! And then when we got the batteries in it was really something! I am so glad that you got to participate too! Happy Fall to you too!!!! Thank you VERY much!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My sweet Avery

Well, what can I say about sweet ole girl!?!?

I'll do it myself....

She did and it looked pretty dang good even if I do say so myself!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

How do you discipline your children?

How do you discipline your children? Do you spank? Do you talk to them? Do you take things away? Do you ALWAYS think they are in the right now matter what!??

I am just interested in the different ways that people discipline. I am NOT in need of advice. This is just a random question. And... yes, before you ask.. we DO spank. WE don't have to very often and when we do is a VERY long time before we have to again. You can say that we DO have our bluff in on our girls, and they know who is the boss int his house and that we mean business. We talk to them first.... then when needed the there is the dreaded trip to the bathroom. I am happy to say that our girls are very good almost all of the time, but when the limits have been pushed we give them a reality check. I see some children that literally run over their parents, and I just don't understand that.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am in total shock...

May God bless the Anne Pressly family.

I hope and pray that they catch who did this to her, and that they get what they deserve. It is my understanding that she never got to give her own details as to what happened that night in her home.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gas prices

Last night gas was $2.50 per gallon at Wal-Mart in Crossett. So, that means if you went inside and got a prepaid card then you would have gotten it for $2.47. WOW! I am wondering what the lost it is going to get to. The down side to this is that the price for soybeans that we (my farming operation) are trying to sale is down. Crazy how everything has a domino effect on each other!

What are the prices in your area?

Phone Call

Have your ever had someone call your house to talk to you (or someone else in your home) and then a few minutes later the phone ring again and obviously they had hit redial button and was unaware of it... And you got to sit there and LISTEN to what all they were saying (about YOU) in the background!?!?

Be careful with the phone people! Or better yet, after something is talked about among adults LET IT GO... that way you don't have to worry about someone hearing you talk about them on the phone!

Friday, October 24, 2008

To my secret reader....

When telling someone something that you read on my blog make sure you tell them that it is a BLOG and NOT face book... You know.... just in case someone wants to be able to find it and read about my doings themselves! Sorry, but I thought this was hilarious when I was told this! LOL If anything I did was a secret do you THINK I would put it on my blog where everyone could read it!?!?

P.S. THIS is a drama free zone!

Have a wonderful weekend because we sure plan to!

Another swap gift!!!

This is my homeless... I mean blog less friend Kami. She is a lurker, but just refuses to enter into the blog world... HOWEVER, I have gotten several emails telling me stuff that was more than blog worthy! Maybe she is practicing on me!?!? I really liked the stories myself especially the one about Parker peeing on the carpet.. you would THINK she would put a diaper on a child that is only a little over a year old wouldn't you!?!? Hum, too bad that she does not have a blog to DEFEND herself! LOL I think she is on the verge of blogging due to a very close family member possibly relocating so we will see. I will link her if and when she gets off her tail and does so! It is like she is on the side of a cliff.. maybe I will just stop by her work today and just PUSH her off the cliff. Or better yet I could start her blog for her considering I have just the picture to do that with DON'T I KAMI!?!?! Hee Hee Here is Kami's fall swap gift. It is from Grammy who is also blog less, but she is a lurker because of me and her daughter and her family that live off so she has to keep up with them!

Grammy is very sentimental.. she bought Kami a daddy pumpkin, a mama pumpkin and a little Parker pumpkin... Kami has decided to start getting more fall decorations so Parker will be able to enjoy them growing up.. just think if Kami actually HAD a blog she would be able to show her precious Parker of.. but NOOOOOO! I wish you could see the candles better because they are glittery at the bottom.. the candles are in the brownish family.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

St Jude Trike-A-Thon this Friday

We are in the middle of raising money for St. Jude This is last year at the Trike-A-Thon... We were honored to have Brady at Wee School with us, so Dalton rode in honor of Brady. He and his family spent a ton of time at St. Jude. Here is Dalton and her decorated bike posing with Brady... he and and borrowed tractor are so over having their picture take by this point! LOL From what I understand we raised over $8,000 last year. Riding is hard work and you need a snack afterwards.. The kids were served milk, orange juice and donuts.

Here is the sign that hung where you drive up to let you kids off every morning.... Everyone really stepped to the plate this past year!

To know this little fellow was really down and out at one time I wish you would just look at the look on his face peddling that tractor! Can you imagine the wonderful feeling his parents hearts just watching him be able to participate in this!?!? Brady is in school this year and having a blast!

Dalton rode in memory of Angel Jake Owen Raborn. It has been a little over 2 years now since he earned his angel wings, and let me tell you something.. his family spent LOTS of time at St. Jude and have lots of people they consider family there. If you ever need to speak to any one about St. Jude Jake's parents and Brady's parents could answer any questions you may have. Jake's parents have been very blessed, and are now able to do something for others... Let's just say that he is being honored BIG TIME by his family helping others! I will do another post on that later.

Above is Dalton's sign in memory of Jake. He loved green M & M's so that is where we came up with our decor.

Dalton has a blast as well as all the other kids!

Here is the other side of her Brady sign.

Check out Brady again. I bet he went around that track 500 times...

He was the first one behind the police car.. check out the sign on the back of his helmet.
If you would like to sponsor Dalton in the St. Jude Trike-A-Thon just let me know. I would be glad to run by and pick up the donation or you could mail it to us at:
Dalton Barnett
158 Binns Loop
Crossett, AR 71635
Checks need to be made to St. Jude. Please make sure that I have your mailing address for the information sheet!

Fall Swap... Heather got hers!

Go and check out what Kami sent Heather for our fall swap! Kami is blogless right now, but I think she is on the verge of opening up her very own little blog. I will post Kami's prize shortly too.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin patch part 14, 782...

I am TRYING to be (DANG IT I JUST DELETED ANOTHER PICTURE what in the world am I doing !?!?!!!!) good at this blogging, but this picture taking FOREVER to load thing is driving me INSANE! I have so many other things that I need to be doing that I just don't have time to wait for it to load. Ok, now that I have complained I will try and get on with the story.... I am pretty sure that you are sick of the pumpkin patch, but just bare with me... I am so close to being done!

The swings were a huge hit at the patch...

I really don't know what Avery is doing here, but she was concentrating on something pretty hard. We were over by the petting zoo.

Lee is showing them something.. the white dots on the picture are bugs flying around ... peeeUUUUweeeee! Stanky! And FRESH stanky if you know what I mean!

Leaving the patch heading in to the little cafe to eat.. it was GOOD! I had a club sandwich, but isn't that suppose to have bacon on it!?!? Anyway, daddy had the smothered pork chop, rice and gravy, and some other stuff along with homemade cornbread.. Avery said that it looked like something that papaw Robert would cook, so that is a huge compliment! Lee had a chicken strip basket that he later admitted was DRY... I just look at him and said... did you not know that was why ketchup and ranch dressing was invented!?!? Avery had a chili dog (that was suppose to be ft long, but they only brought a regular sized one) and after she ate it she needed MORE food so she got a kids chicken STRAW basket. I really like the atmosphere there. All the bread in there is homemade! YUM-O

Once again on the way to eat!

Dalton stopping to watch some kids play!

Yes, she got to ride that dang pony... $4 for literally 4 times around the thingy! Can you say RIP OFF!?!?!?

Did she crack a smile!? NOPE! She wanted to ride the pony with the PINK thing on it! That was all we had heard all morning, and then she was very happy after! Oh, and I have to mention that she needs a haircut.. she always wants to wear her hair in a pony tail, but on this particular day when I knew she really needed to she did NOT want it up SO half of the pictures it is in her face and if it is not then it looks horrible! Go figure!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Part 2 pumpkin patch...

My kids would have stayed at this if I would have let them! They LOVED the slide!
OH LOOK.. it is our Bloggy Auntie Rosjuane! She tried so hard to carry on a conversation with Dalton, but it was VERY one sided.. she did not say one single word to her I don't think!
BUT, check out the smile on her face... she is loving her new friend pushing her!
Now hold on just a minute sista... I don't wanna end up over that at Cummins! Look at Rosjuane... such grace while pushing my youngin!!!
AWWWW look at Rosjuane's little boy with his head laid on her shoulder... can you see his little smile!?!?
OH NO! Papaw Robert has been bad again!
Avery wanted a HUGE pumpkin, but I told her she needed to be able to carry it!

Dalton was So serious about getting her face painted... Don't be offend Ros.. she would not talk to this lady either! LOL
Look at her checking her out... I personally wish someone would tell her about her HOLES that were in the front of her shirt... I did not like looking at her belly!

Avery got a ghost with a hot pink bow in her hair.. or maybe his hair.. I guess you really never know these days... More pics later!