Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy 250th blog post to meeeeee!

Well, this is not the way that I wanted to handle my 250th blog post! I had it all planned out, but obviously my antique computer had other plans... trust me when I say that you don't want me to even go there!

So, driving home yesterday (without my co-pilot in the back.. dang it!) I see this car coming out of a local tobacco mart.... I almost broke my neck and had a dang wreak trying to do a do a double take... SERIOUSLY! The girl.. that had to be in her twenties... was SUCKING her THUMB! I nearly had a STROKE! Needless to say sista better be glad that I did not have my camera or I would have chased her down like I did the man in Crossett that likes to wear a dress! HE was in Wal-Mart one day and lets just say that I could not help myself! LOL Jerry if you are reading this... What's up? and where you been man??? I have not seen you lately! Jerry even came to my garage sale once.. Avery was about 3-4 and that is a another story all in itself! Oh, and I should point out that he loves to wear GREEN! NOT kidding! There's a bird! So, back to my thumb sucking story! Can you imagine if dalton would have been in there with me! Oh my WORD!!!! This is almost as good as the footed pj's that I found at Target that would fit ME! But, I can tell you that I would have made a big statement if I would have bought those to have worn to our pajama pokeno night!

Oh, been doing coupons... Got my dish washing tablets the other day.. I bought 2 packages! It was like $9.50 before coupons and $3.50 afterwards! Go MEEE!

So, Beth E and CATHY BROWN! You can settle down now cause I POSTED! Thanks to everyone else checking on me... I am BUSY! Between all my work, kids activities and everything on going I have been meeting myself coming and going! I am loving this weather too.. what about you? Our goal is to get the pool cover off in the next few days!

Have you ever seen anything that has shocked you?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fishin at Papaw Robert's house...

Saturday afternoon we decided at the last minute to head over to papaw Robert's house. This Papaw Robert fellow is my daddy for those new readers out there. After a call to make sure that he was there.. we were quickly packed and were on our way! I have this thing about not liking to go there when he is not there... for one I have to cook when he is not there, but to go there to that empty house makes me think of what it will be like we something happens to him and I can't deal. So, any hoo.. Avery called about half of the way there and told him to be ready to go fishing....

We all put on our knee high rubber boots and take off! We have to wade in water up to our knees, but it was FUN!! Dalton was one of the first ones to catch a fish too! She was so excited.. I wish I would have had my video camera! There was a lot of OH, OH, OH... I got one! I got one! Help me! Help me! It was so funny! The second one that she caught rated higher than the larger one that she caught the first time. If you look REALLY close you can see "the little bitty fishy" that she caught! Any time she sees any kind of animal she starts talking in a little bitty vocie and tells us awww look how cute whatever is! In the above picture you can see Lee trying to BRIBE her to hold it. She was NOT liking that idea at all!

Then, she finally held it and she was like an old pro! When we were still out fishing Lee had put the fish in the bucket, and she was talking really loud in that little bitty voice and said... OH, look! It's flapping its wings! (It was swimming around in the water!)

She is so proud!

If it were up to my daddy he would have had it mounted for her. He got the biggest kick out of listening to her! Avery learned to throw for herself really good! But, that does not mean that she is completely maintenance free. Dalton on the other hand you have to get her set to reel it in and then she reels the line in like she is headed to a fire! It was really hard to get her to slow that down!

Here is my other fisher-woman! This is her holding her fish after her little sister talked her into it saying... Oh, come one Avery it is nothing!

Had to have a little group shot of the girls! (and their fishies!)

Now this fellow on the other hand was inside whipping up supper... 1 1/2" steaks! Have I ever told you he is the BOMB when it comes to cooking!?!?! He even had our steaks topped with jalapeno peppers this night. Normally, it is grilled mushrooms and onions, but I guess he is panning out. Avery requests his chicken and dumplings! They are to die for! These grilled steaks were great too!

We even woke up to pancakes with fresh blueberries that he had taken us to pick a few months before. The girls had to also have fried eggs and bacon. When they smell bacon they go... OH, smells like Papaw Robert's house! I am so thankful they they are able to have these memories already.

*** Post edited to add that we ate ALL the fish for dinner while at Papaws. Except for the itty bitty one that LEE said was too little to clean... so she threw it out with the guts of the ones that he did clean! Guess who found her little bitty fishy!?!?!? Yep! You should have heard her asking WHY we did not eat her little fishy! AND you should have heard her daddy explaining it to her! She actually asked me and papaw Robert and we said... GO ASK YOUR DADDY! LOL

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Very observant child

After we left Wee school today we were sitting at a signal light when I spotted something and just held my breath.... At the top of her little lungs Dalton goes... Mama, look at that man walking and WHY is he carrying a purse? Once again... I DON'T KNOW Dalton! She goes.. boys ain't suppose to carry a purse are they mama!?!? I just say.... NOPE!

This child does not miss any thing! At least the man that likes to wear a dress while doing his rat killing around town has moved. Good grief!

A problem..

Hello. My name is Robin, and I am addicted to diet dr pepper.

I NEVER thought I would say that, but since my run with weight watchers... this is my new problem. Well, next to peach tea that is... but I don't count that as a problem since I technically only get cotton mouth when I don't drink my peach tea, and I get a headache if I don't have a diet dr pepper for a few days. The ones at the Dollar Tree are the best. They are only a BUCK, and are ice cold... they actually are ice cold because when you open it is ices up inside! Once I got one.. got home and opened it and 75% of it gushed out uncontrollably in my kitchen sink. I was devastated! Yes, I had only bought one. Lesson learned!

What are you addicted to?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Leaving ball practice today...

While leaving ball practice today Dalton spots 2 weenie dogs.

Dalton: Ohhh weee look at that little bitty weenie dog!

Me: Oh, yea.. he is cute! (I was not even looking cause I was trying to back out of the drive way..)

Dalton: OH, WEEEE there's another one! They are so cute mama look at em!

Me: Oh, yea they are cute!

Dalton: Why are they called weenie dogs?

Me: I don't know Dalton...

Dalton: I bet it is cause they LOVE to eat weenies!

Yes, people I AM back from Branson. I have been so busy and I am totally worn out. I seriously have to get caught up on my sleep. That is like really high on my to do list for this week! Ball practices have started and I am already running around like a chicken with my head cut off!