Sunday, August 31, 2008

BIG girl!!!!

Today Dalton decides that she wants to swim to me in the deep end... We had not been pressuring her because with her personality I knew that she would go down there faster on her own! After swimming to me a couple of times she goes... I WANNA JUMP OFF OF THE DIVING BOARD AND SWIM TO THE LADDER... I was like WHAT!?!?! LOL Avery excited, but VERY concerned! She wanted Avery on one side and me on the other... she JUMPS and starts kicking those flippers and goes down and swims around before she ever even started swimming her way to the ladder! The best part was that Avery came up just a scream... DID YOU SEE WHAT SHE DID!?!?! So much for me lounging on the steps!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Night time swimmers....

Avery, Dalton, and one little frog went for a swim tonight... I sat on the side lines and fought for my life... Hopefully I won't be polka dotted tomorrow from mosquito bites... They were HORRIBLE! You know how it is when it is like they are trying to even get in your ears!?!?!? When Dalton got out she rolled up in a little ball and laid there on the side of the pool and covered up with a wet towel to protect herself and WENT TO SLEEP right there! Here is Dalton after jumping off the diving board with her noodle... notice how she stopped to pose!
This picture of Avery reminds me of a dolphin.. you know how they always look so happy!!!
Look at this sweet child.. she would not hurt a flea.. Kill a deer.. YES, but not hurt a flea otherwise!
Just a swimming.....
And this is how she is 95% of the time... underwater.. that is why she has to wear the ear plugs!
Here she is coming up... LOOK at how funny she looks... she even pointed out her ribs!! LOL
Check out the fogged up glasses... she needs windshield wipers..
This is one of the funniest kids I know. I like to say that she takes after me! LOL She is always singing and dancing. And guess who follows in her footsteps!?!?!

Another mailbox

Design is on both sides!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

14 years ago at the court house.....

Happy Anniversary to US! I love you Lee Barnett! Lee is the most caring, giving, and loving man in the world. He loves his girls, and is always with them when he is off. He is the best daddy EVER! I think the fondest memory is when we took
Avery to Kindergarten and Dalton was only 1 week old at the time he came home and laid on the couch for hours and cried because he said that he felt like he had lost his best friend. Now how many men do you know that go into deep depression when their first born start school?

Yes, my man is redneck.. When the first cool snap comes he will break out his camo clothes, and most of the time has a dip in his mouth (YUCK) He loves to hunt, but unless he can take the girls you will hardly NEVER find him out there. He said to me one day when he did go.. he got there and started thinking about how he was being selfish sitting there all alone and not spending time with his girls.... he left and came home immediately. It was very sweet to hear him telling me this with his voice cracking. We don't do big fancy gifts... we have a beautiful home, great kids and a happy life.
And a big freaking deer head hanging in the living room. YUCK said if he ever killed the monster that he would mount it... yes, last year I was givin' the horrible news that he had finally got him last year... Trust me he does not care about fancy stuff.. so if I can keep him happy with just this in the house.. I am going to roll with it!

Here is to many more years and raising our girls!!!!! Happy Anniversary!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Anyone know a good John Deere Salesman!?!

Today Dalton announced that she needed a "HONK" to fit in the middle of her John Deere Gator steering wheel. I wonder since we know a good John Deere salesman, and happen to be pretty tight with him (HEY PA-PA LOUIS!!!) if he can come up with THAT request!?!?!!?

I heard that my bother reads my blog, but obviously does not sign in... I wonder if he can make this happen?!?!?! Or how about if he does not sign in I promise some REALLY GOOD pictures of him!?!?! Hee Hee Figure it out Robert Louis or you are going DOWN!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I found this to be very touching....

I hope you can take a minute to watch this. It will touch your heart.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Idiot driver in Crossett!!!!

So, today on my way home I was driving along minding my own business... I was about a car length back from a big truck with this IDIOT WOMAN driving some new funny looking silver Toyota thingy with a funky top comes over in my lane about ohhhhh... I would say a quarter of an inch from my bumper (she was to the right of me and her lane with ending so I ASSUMED that she would be turning to the right since she was not giving her signal telling me that she was coming o-v-e-r in my lane!) all this is going on WHILE SHE IS ON THE CELL PHONE WITHOUT A BLINKER ON.... I could not see her looking in her mirror because she was holding her phone with her left hand and all I could see was her arm in the mirror! So, I threw my hands up in the air like WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING!?!? Then she proceeds to roll her window down.. literally hang out of it and CUSS ME OUT while waving her arms in the air like a NUT! (Dalton would call her a redneck!!) I say to her... GROW UP, GET OFF THE PHONE and most importantly USE YOUR BLINKER..... cause I have my KID in the car!

Dalton says... WHY is that woman hanging out of her car like that!?!? All I can say is that idiot (or YOU idiot if you are reading this and made a complete tail out of yourself today in Crossett down a little bit from the Sonic) better be glad that she (you) did not make me have a wreck with my child in the car all because you could not get off the phone. and turn the blinker on!!!!

By the way.. could you not find an uglier vehicle to buy!?!?

Monday, August 18, 2008


Today (Monday) by 12:45 Dalton was asleep on the couch, and did not wake up until 3:00! Wee school is hard to a little 32 lb body!!

Tuesday Dalton was out by 1:15 and slept until AFTER 4:00!!!

School days....

Yep, summer is over for us... Thank goodness we still have the pool and can milk it for a little bit more! Whoo HOO!!!!! The girls were so excited this morning for school... Avery is starting the 5th grade and Dalton is in Wee School. Next year will be here BIG year! How scary! Lee and I could not see sending her to BIG school when she was 4 pretty much just last week. She would have been the youngest in her class and another year will do her so much good! Not to mention we do not like the idea of her being 17 when she graduated! So, if you have an opinion on this... keep it to yourself! LOL We know this is the best for Dalton and I can say that I have lost lots of sleep over making the decision and this is the best thing for our daughter.
She was posing like Avery!
Avery was a nervous wreck this morning, but didn't she look good!??!! Going to the Jr High building with the 6,7 and 8th graders... WHEW I can't wait to hear out it went when I go and get her in a few minutes!
My girls are growing up... I got all choked up this morning when I leaned over Avery desk to tell her to have a good day and that I loved her. Those 7th and 8th graders better leave my baby alone because if not I wonder if she will be embarrassed if I have to go to school and follow her around with a GUN!?!?!
Dalton again being like her sister... hey, you don't mess with her when she is cooperating while I am taking pictures... just snap away!!!

Dalton's 5th birthday party!

With the pool finally finished, and Lee finally off of 12 graveyards we were able to finally have Dalton's 5th birthday party before school started! I got up early to go and get her cake made by Tiffany She did a great job coordinating with the decor! And thanks so much for meeting me before you went in to work!!
It rained pretty much all day right up until about 2 hours before the party and then when our last guests left at 10:30 the bottom fell out again! Dalton had fun, but the water was so cold from the rain she could not take it for long!
She got some clothes for her build a bear dog you see in the background.. she was SO excited! And the Sonic card has been burning a hole in her pocket!!!
Here is daddy helping her with her cake.. she was SO happy!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday MO!!!

Happy Birthday Melanie!!!!!

My "bestest" and ONLY parking lot friend!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy 5th birthday Dalton!!!!

Happy Birthday Dalton!!!! While in labor a little over 5 years ago I literally thought I was going to D-I-E! We made it to the North Monroe hospital from Crossett in less than 20 minutes....( this should be an hour trip!) My little 5 year old Avery was BIG EYED in the back seat in the middle of Lee's truck... never saying a word about me squirming in the seat and getting on to Lee about how fast he was driving... The FAST did not bother me... what got me was that when he would hit 100 mph the governor (I am not sure on the correct spelling on this!?!?!) on the truck would shut the truck down.. I KNEW that if that truck died and we got stranded on the side of the road then I would have my 2nd born in the truck on the side of the FREAKING ROAD! Ok.. now with that being said... we made it and 15 minutes after getting to the hospital WITHOUT PAIN MEDICINE I had my second born! Note to self.... DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE... Can you say PAINFUL!!!?!? And let me just say.. The NERVE of that nurse to offer me a Tylenol (I just have to say HA!) for the pain after it was all over. I should have just slapped her.... Never would I have dreamed that I would be the mother of 2 of the sweetest girls. Today Dalton woke up in the best mood because I LET HER turn 5.. then within a few hours of getting up she was actually growing... She had the hiccups and she was SO excited about it! For those of you that don't know her she is very small... like she has a bathing suit that is an 18 month old and she can wear it! LOL
She is so small and sweet.

She is so shy, but if you talk to her softly and keep your distance you have a friend/shadow in no time...(right Grammy!?!?!)

She loves to dress her self... SEVERAL times a day..

She loves a ponytail ONLY like a ballerina (thanks to Mrs. Lauren)

She loves a daddy's Coke.

She loves THE Mexican place.

She loves her blanket ( not like Rachel Draper loves hers, but she does like to sleep with it) S

She loves to sneak in our bed.

She loves our big tub.

She loves her purses.

She love to carry roughly $10 worth of change (mostly pennies) in her purse.. just ask anyone at the ball park that she got to HOLD her purse!

She loves her 15ish cell phones.

She wants a pink razor when she grows up.

She always hollers YELLOW CAR when she sees one.

She wants to be a mommy when she grows up.

She LOVES Jenna Dumas (Avery's friends older sister)

She tucks her shirt in and puts on her REALLY SHINNY RODEO belt (LIKE AUNT ROSIA)

She loves her tractors.

She loves horses.

She has braces on her teeth ALOT... yes, it is gum spread over her teeth, but at least she can take them off! LOL

She loves to go with her daddy because she knows she gets to go to the store and get chips!!

She LOVES papaw Robert... GOTTA sleep with him when we go to visit!

If she gets to get a little something at the check out at WM then she ALWAYS asks to get something for Avery.

and she LOVES deodorant .... YES, deodorant! Actually, she got a new thing for her birthday this morning and she was SO thrilled!

Happy birthday Dalton... I can't believe that my baby is 5. Now I can say that I have a 5 year old, and a 10 year old!! We have come a very long way!

Big girl hair cut!

Yesterday we went to see Mrs. Assy... Mrs. Angie, but that is how Dalton first said her name! We have been going there since she was a baby, so I think it is ok to say that Mrs. Assy's new name has stuck.. she doesn't seem to mind.. actually she thinks it is funny! And I say.. IF THE SHOE FITS! LOL Just kidding Mrs. Assy.. you know I love you!
Dalton's hair is SO thin and needed to be cut BIG TIME!!! She loves it!

The wind is bad today while I was trying to get some pics of her.. but hey who is going to complain about a big breeze when it is 95* at 10:00 am!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008