Friday, July 27, 2007

Dalton's "MY Mr. Brown"

Dalton refers to our sweet little neighbor as "MY Mr. Brown!" Both of the girls love to go over and HOLLER at him ( you have to holler at him or he can't hear you) everytime they see him out in his garden or when he is messing with his chickens. He is so sweet to us... Look what he let the girls pick the other day!

The taste of figs brings back so many childhood memories of my grandaddy! They had a really big fig tree right outside of their back door and I spent lots of time there sneaking them and eating them... LOL Yes, they really new all along that we were eating them and they sure did not mind... There were millions on that tree!

Me and my new "Maury Camera"

Today Avery and I went out in the yard, and played around with my new "Maury Camera!" I took ALOT of pictures, and even deleted ALOT too! LOL I have so much to learn, but having someone that is willing to model her new school clothes makes it a little more interesting! I was very surprised at how much Avery got into it! She kept going.. wait mama.. how 'bout now I do this!?!?!?!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Beach towel

Both kids and moms just LOVE these beach towels that I make for birthday presents! I know that us moms love gifts that we can actually use! All those toys they get at parties just add to the huge pile of toys they already have, and don't play with after just one day! The great thing about these monogrammed items is that the kids see the cute stuff and request it!

burp cloth

MAURY made me do it!

Ok, so my favorite photographer friend (Maury) thinks that I need to have a BLOG! So, she got me all lined out and now I have the pressure of making her proud! LOL So... welcome to my blog where I plan to show you what I do with my spare time or better yet just my time! Actually, this is my life and I LOVE IT!

Maury, We don't even have a pic of each other for me to post!!! That is on our to-do list!