Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting ready to hit the road...

I am turning over a new leaf people! I had a new years resolution to do some things for myself this year BESIDES going to the dentist or my gyno-ca-logicial appointment! Yes, I do play pokeno one a month, but should I really even count that 2 1/2 hours that flies by? I mean it feels like I am there like 15 minutes! So, I would say NOOOO!!! So, with that being said... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!

I am going to NEW YORK CITYYYYYYYYY!!! Avery's dance teacher has workshops there, and she needed me to hold her hand on the airplane! Seriously! She is a BASKET CASE!!!! And then I needed a running buddy cause don't think I was going to sit there for 3 days watching gay men in leotards do their thang.. no thanks! So, my well traveled SIL is going too! We have big plans while there too! I can't not WAIT!! Oh, we leave tomorrow afternoon!

Now I am sure that I will have LOTS to share! Just so you know I am so deep into motherhood that I have only been away from my, not much EVER!!! Like to let you see what I mean Dalton went to Papaw Robert's house with her daddy last year to hunt while I was here with Avery for school. And Avery just has stayed a night here and there at friends houses. So, I wonder who this is going to be the hardest on!?!?! I am looking forward to it, and know that I will have LOTS of great stories to share when I get back! I have told myself that I can NOT feel guility about this trip!