Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Not too old....

I am so glad that Avery does not think that she is TOO OLD for this yet!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Saturday was PRICELESS!!!!

Dalton learned to swim under the water yesterday...... Can you tell how proud she is? Daddy admitted that he was "too young for this!" NOTE: This was his idea!

Avery has been practicing her dive... WITH ear plugs in!
Mama acted like an adult and took pictures! And NO Lee.. I DON'T want to race you to the end of the pool AGAIN! I took pictures of me and each girl, and then I saw myself makeup less and I was like... UHHH NO! Not posting those! Yes, this is vacation week for us (Lee is off and I am working) and I will be make-up less in the pool but not posting for the entire blog world to see! I think a little more highly of myself than that! Happy Sunny Sunday!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dalton's school clothes!

Me and the girls headed to Monroe yesterday since Avery has a severe case of swimmers ear and could not swim... I was on a mission for something that I will show you a bit later, but I ended up getting Dalton a few school clothes. I got a total of 12+ outfits (I add + since I have shirts that I can put with a couple of different sets of shorts to make more outfits out of them) I hit a mother load sale.. Not like my usual sales, but a GOOD sale at Belk's. OH, this will include one outfit that Dalton "HAD TO HAVE SO I CAN BE SO CUTE" outfit from Old Navy that was FREE cause I had a $10 off coupon... actually she and Avery bot got something at Old Navy and I paid like $2 for it.! LOL I got $240.50.. oh wait, gotta add tax so that would have been $264.55 worth of clothes for $72!!! (this included tax!) I had all 50% off things that were RED DOT so that means that you take an extra 40% off the sale price.

The woman that waited on me had to have bee 80 years old.. SERIOUSLY! I was being so nice to her... cause I hate it when I get out of there and did not get my CLEARANCE price like I was suppose to OR get home with a security thing on an outfit and have to dive an hour to get it off! So, we get to this one long sleeved dress that I wondered why they were ALL on the 50% rack... anyway, I found one that I loved and Dalton loved too! She rang it up and it was not one sale... I said.. it is on that 50% off rack... she goes .. WELL, it is NOT on sale do you want it or NOT!?!?! And YES she raised her voice at me and was ugly!!! I said YES I want it, but it SAYS that it is 50% OFF DO YOU WANT ME TO SHOW YOU THE RACK!?!?! I got a little stern with her to return her attitude and let her know that I meant business! Well, this is new merchandise... (at this point I was bound and determined that I was GOING to get that dress for 50% come hell or high water just to prove my point... She was a old winch!) Needless to say the OTHER lady standing there saw that I was NOT going to back down and went to check... Wanna guess who was right? I was expecting the dress to be $10.50 (this would have been 1/2 of the $21.00) The OLD LADY goes... it rang up half off it is $13.99!!! I said to her.. that is NOT 1/2 off... if it was rang up 1/2 off then it would be $10.50.. THAT is 1/2 of $21.00. At this point she was starting to get huffier (is that a word) with me! The OTHER lady comes and takes over... she took the 50% off the SALE price that it was ringing up which means I got it for 6.99!!! My point is... they are NOT taking this out of your check and that IS what the sign says SO unless you are going to try to be nice to me and explain that there was a mistake then I WILL get the sale price that it is marked. GOOD GRIEF!

Oh, and there was a lady behind me that saw the sign too and she said... I would make them give it to me at the sale price! Oh and I left a good part out... during the time that the OTHER lady went to check the price the older lady goes.. How are you going to be paying for this today.. I said... NOT A BELK'S card!!!!! Needless to say she tried to get me to get a Belk's credit card so I could save an extra 20% off... I said.. I don't want a credit card to save me an extra 20%... I just want the discount that I have coming to me today that was on the sign over the clothes that I picked out!!! I would not have gotten a credit card from her to help out with her daily sales if I would have gotten the merchandise for FREE!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tonight I am going to do a post on FRIENDS

MANY years ago I was given this little plaque that says....


There are those who pass

like ships in the night.

Who meet for a moment

then sail out of sight.

Then there are friends who

sail together through quiet

waters and stormy weather

helping each other through

joy through strife.

And they are the kind who

give meaning to life.

This was given to MANY years ago by a precious friend of mine, and I still have it today.... just like WE are STILL friends today... She will ALWAYS be my best friends just just like her daddy always had his fried pork chops and dried beans every night.... That is just the way the boat floats!

Anyway, there are those people that come into your life that will never leave you (no matter what) and then there are people that you THINK are your friends that walk away over NOTHING... You learn to cut strings and hold on even tighter to your real friends... I have learned in life that you will come into contact with others because of your kids.. but really do they turn into being very GOOD friends!?!?! A couple of them may, but most..... NOPE! Time tells all.. people are immature, jealous, and just weird... even bipolar!!! Don't get me wrong I am not making excuses for these types of people, but good grief!!!

To all of my true FRIENDS... I love you and cherish you... YOU KNOW THIS! You know that you can call me for anything at any time! To those of you "friends" that have issues... I will continue to pray that things get better for you and your family! I also pray for your children that you will one day grow up. Just remember that they will act the way that they see YOU acting... We know this because we have SEEN IT!

Papaw Roxie's okra gumbo

It has been YEARS since I have had my mamaw's okra gumbo, but tonight was THE night.... Today my daddy popped in and brought me fresh okra... I still had some of the fresh onions that he grew and then tomatoes from one of Lee's friends from the mill and fresh jalapenos from MY Mister Brown (next door neighbor) SO, I thought I would try it... I think I hit the nail on the head.... Thank you mamaw for the tasty memories! Tonight I was able to feel like I was sitting at her supper table eating something that she would cook up.. it was even JUST HOT enough to make you need a little drink, but would still drag you back in for more. We miss you Papaw Roxie!

You can call me again in any dream if you want to.... I loved to hear your voice.. even though I was so shocked I could not speak.. it was you and I knew it. You let me know you were there when I needed to know! You called just like always.... I sure miss you, but I have SO many memories.. Avery just smiled while I was telling her all about it tonight.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We are DONE!

Today we finished the SOD around the pool area... what a JOB! WHEW This is what it will look like until we decide on what we will do for a fence or anything else that will come to mind.. and I am sure that it will! I do have a feeling that Lee will NOT like it if it has anything to do with tearing up the grass! But as you can see it is well worth it.. now hopefully it will grow some! Watering it every day is where we are now!
You can see the Popsicle police is out roaming.. Avery makes Dalton guess what colors she has behind her back...

Here is the pretty blue water! We are SO proud! I could have posted a ton more pics but like always I was having trouble uploading 5 at a time so I gave up!

Late on pool update!

This was the pool ready for the concrete to be poured.... Here is Mr. Robert... the head-hon-cho out working just like his guys!
Here he wanted Avery to be able to tell people that she helped... my girls got to be tight with the workers you know! LOL

Here we are with wet concrete!!! The drain pipe under the walk way still had to be cut and all boards removed... HEY one thing at a time!

BUT guess who is excited!?!?!?!?!?

This had been a HUGE process and out girls have been SO patient!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saturday FUN!!!!

Here are a few pictures of my happy girls! Can you tell?
Gotta be silly.........
We were calling her the swimming pool Queen.. this was one of my HOT purchases a couple of years ago... I think I paid .10 for this piece of crap raft. But she LOVES it!
Today the pool is full! It felt really good to turn those water hoses off! WHEW I hate to see that bill!

I guess you can tell that Avery is beside herself too! Did I mention how freaking COLD the water is? OMG!!! Last night Lee and Avery went out at 10:30 and it was not near as bad... I was lucky that Dalton wanted me to hold her, so we covered up with towels and fought off the mosquitoes! I felt like I needed a shot gun they were so bad. Those little son of a guns are VICIOUS!
I am hoping that Monday and Tuesday brings the rest of the dirt from back behind the barn and then concrete.. it is really hard to swim and not be able to get out and run around. We only let them get out to go to the bathroom.. otherwise if you are out you are OUT! We are not having company over until the dirt is under control.... Because of the pool and MY house with almost white carpet.. .if you know me you understand and you appreciate! LOL My rule will be if you are here you are swimming and if you are out peeing then you are out at the shop!
Oh, and not to mention that I am SO ready to put that sod back.. I have been watering the dickins out of it so it does not die! Lee really should pull his part and MOW IT! LOL I did not do all that work, sweat like a pig, and look like a pigs for nothing! Hoepfully it will all be worth it in the end. I am doing VERY well considering what my yard looks like!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday morning surprise

This is what we woke up to Saturday morning.. well, not really I mean I was not surprised since I was out there 4 times during the night making sure 2 pieces of their equipment was still running! The guys showed up and removed the equipment and said that we could swim!!!! Can you see the excitement on her face!?!? I had them put old swimming suits on because of the dirt/mud around the pool but do you think they cared?
They will cut the liner completely away on Monday. It is only attached there by the steps a few inches on each side... WHY? I really am not sure!
Lee just had to throw Dalton.. she loved it!
Lee inspecting the inside... Let me tell you how the water felt... "LIKE A LIQUID ICE CUBE!"
My ole bones could only get to right at the top of the bottoms of my suit!

Puttin' up okra in the freezer

Tonight while I was cutting up 2 bags of okra that daddy brought me to put in the freezer... Avery goes.. OH MAMA LOOK! HEARTS!

Friday pool progress

The guys had to literally scrape every inch in that pools bottom to make sure everything was perfect.. what you see about is the little areas of pool create that they had to patch...
The finished product... ready for the liner!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!?!? OMG!? I can't believe it!

This was Avery when she was told they were putting the liner it. It took them about 10 if that much.. these guys have got it going on! Did I mention that my girls love talking to them!?!?

Here ya go Avery.... 2 hoses! We ran 2 hoses off the same (OH SUZANNE!) WATER LINE was the word I was looking for earlier... Lee came home and I showed him the pressure.. he had me watch the one hose to see what happened when he turned the other one off.. DOUBLE THE PRESSURE! So from 10 until right now... 9:15 Sat night we still have hoses going....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The pressure......

Do you think the pool guys are feeling pressure from the little girl in the pink shirt? What about now? It starting sprinkling and this is how I found her... Needless to say all the guys think that it is so funny!
It was SOOOO hot down in the pool..(Not that I actually went down in there, but the guys were sweating like PIGS!) so Lee got his shop fan to put in the pool so they could have some air circulating!
They are actually finished with this bottom of the pool, but I just remembered that I did not get that picture.. I will work on that in the am! Notice the girl with the umbrella in the background there! Dalton had ran to the store with Lee.. needless to say she hit him up to swing by the store to get her a bag of chips!
Tomorrow will bring the plumbing, the back fill.. which is the dirt being dumped in the hole all the way around the pool.. and then hopefully the liner... and then the W-A-T-E-R!!!! They are saying that it will take 1 day and 1 night to fill it up... BUT we will be running more than most people since we have 2 different thingys.... Can't really think of the word I am looking for, but I can tell you that we pay 2 different water bills so we will have 2 different hoses with full pressure and not 2 hoses splitting the water... WHAT is the stinkin' word I am looking for!?!? Oh well, hopefully you get the idea.

Cucumber... THE BIG DAY

I had to MAKE Avery pick her cucumber today.. it kept getting fatter and not longer.... This girl is SO proud of this thing.. she has cared for it like it is her first born! LOL
Now she is on a mission to make sure that she keeps the other ones alive too!
There are 2 smaller ones, but then she informed me that she had 17 or 19 more growing!!
I am gald that she has a green thumb like her Papaw Robert!

I have had to finally MAKE Avery pick her first cucumber... It was getting fatter, but not longer!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 2 and we have WALLS

The girls almost fell out when they saw this today! Now they have to steak down the walls and call the concrete truck! Some where in there is plumbing and electrical...... I am not really sure where.. I mean heck if I knew that I would have dug that hole myself... ok.. not really but it sure did sound good! LOL
Procreate (not sure if this is even how you spell it) comes tomorrow for the inside of the pool and then Thursday is the liner and WATER HOSES! Should be interesting to see how long THAT takes... but WHO cares.. we are making progress here big time!!!

P.S. Get your bikini ready Grammy... I am going to be calling soon!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The maddness behind the backyard project....

Can you see the smile?
Avery explaining things to Dalton....

These guys are good!!!!

We can't wait to see what progress they make tomorrow!!!

Homemade blueberry muffins

These were made with the fresh blueberries that we picked while we were at Papaw Robert's last weekend.... YUMMY

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fred's and doulbe coupon Saturday!!!

As many of you know I am trying to cut corners due to the gas prices. I have started using coupons! Fred's doubles coupons up to .70 on Saturdays... Needless to say me and the nice little lady behind the counter are now on a first name basis! LOL Today alone I save almost $12.00 on cleaning s!!! Oh, and Avery LOVES this new hobby!

This is what I got...

shampoo $1.99 after $1 off
3 toothpastes 1 at .49 , $1.49 BIGGER TUBE, and 1 at $1.99 with $1 off on all
laundry detergent ($1.50 off)
4 of Lee's deodorant (I pay almost $4 for this at WM and today this was on clearance for $1.25!!)
Mr Clean cleaner (the kind you mop with) $1 after .50 doubled
Lysol toilet bowl cleaner $1 after .50 doubled
my deodorant $1 after $1 off
Lysol bathroom cleaner (like Scrubbing Bubbles) $1 after $1 off
Doritos $1.89 x 2 bags... Normally at WM these are like $3-3.50 now

At Wal-Mart last week I had a coupon for buy one Pledge.. get one free. I also have a save $2 off one Pledge item (I have this in my purse for my next WM visit!!!) Also, $2 off Windex. A case of cokes right now is $5... which is normally 6.98! I don't drink them but Lee does. I have cut back on buying these and making more tea, but when they are on sale I try to stock up.

Pass along any money saving tips you have right now! I know everyone would love to hear them!

Friday, July 4, 2008

blueberries, corn, sunflowers and Papaw Robert

While playing ball in Pine Bluff this weekend we went to Papaw Robert's house to spend the night. Of course, we wake up to fried eggs, bacon and fresh tomatoes for breakfast!!! He wanted to take the girls to pick blueberries... we ended up with 4 gallons!
Then, off for fresh corn!!!
Everyone (BUT ME) got in on the action... I was taking pictures of course! Being the MAMA I am NEVER in pictures until I say something to Lee and make him feel bad! LOL
Dalton even got in on the action... notice in the above picture she pulled the entire stalk up!
There's Papaw Robert!
We saw these on the side of the road and the girls had a FIT to stop and check them out! Avery was just asking about sunflowers on the way to his house!
I had to chase Lee down while I was out roaming in the sunflowers.....
They were SO pretty!
Then here is Avery picking blueberries... the mosquitoes ate us UP! They were HORRIBLE!

We ended up bringing home fresh blueberries (we have made homemade blueberry muffins twice and Dalton even likes to eat them frozen!) fresh onions (me, daddy and Lee dug them up out of his garden), tomatoes, 2 sunflowers, and fresh corn.. I think I had enough for 10 gallon zip lock bags full of corn! These things are why I love this time of year!