Sunday, March 30, 2008

Busy here!!!

Friday afternoon I got a call from Jennifer that her hubby had passed. Please keep her in your prayers. Sat morning the girls and I went to visit with her. Tomorrow afternoon I plan to go to the funeral... after working all day of course! Tuesday I am heading back to the doctor with my daddy. Amongst all of this we are having dance practices for both girls, competition dance practices, gymnastics, softball, t-ball and traveling softball practice... I need an assistant! Good grief! I am trying to figure out ways I can cut on gas... It is $3.39 at most places here in Crossett! Lee's sister got a scooter to ride to work... I would have to get one with a side car for the girls... HUM I will have to think more on that one! LOL

OH, and I am working my tail off getting ready for Avery's 10th b/d party this weekend! We are having a spa day and brunch! She is so excited... every day Dalton asks her... IS TODAY YOUR BIRTHDAY?? Wednesday after working I will take her lunch to school.. this week is going to be CRAZY!!!

I have pictures to upload of Dalton's first t-ball practice.. she was so cute!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

HAPPY my friend!!!!

Happy Birthday and you know who you are!!!!

I hope your cake was as good as this cupcake!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Papaw Robert

Daddy made a surprise appearance Easter afternoon. The girls were so excited. Avery got him to play checkers with him... He is a VERY sore WINNER... He rubs it in, but Avery takes it well.. she knows to laugh at him and keep right on truckin'!

Avery would not even hide her REAL Easter eggs because she was afraid that she would not find them all and she wanted to be able to show them to Papaw Robert!!! He was very touched! LOL

He has finally admitted to me that he does not feel right... I am meeting him tomorrow in Monticello to go to the dr with him. Please say a prayer that my daddy is ok.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Waiting patiently.....

It nearly killed Dalton waiting on the Easter eggs to be hidden!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Avery will you paint my toe nails!?!!?

When I heard Dalton asking Avery if she would paint her toe nails yesterday I did not realize she had picked out what we had bought to go with her softball uniform last year!
About 3 coats of paint later......
And sitting on the bar to let them dry......
Ain't I purdy!?!?! If someone can tell me how to turn the darn picture you wont have to turn your head any more to look at it sideways... until then I hope you dont' get a crick in your neck! LOL
Dalton goes... here get a picture of my fingernails too!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gyne-obstetrician answering machine

OH HAIL!!!!!!

At first the girls would not touch the hail, but then they wanted to EAT it! Don't worry.. I would NOT let them!

It hailed for like 15 minutes it seemed like! I stood at the door watching it come down... Lee kept elbowing me laughing saying... go on out there with that Maury camera and get a good picture of it! I told him that I did not want to get knocked out!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Boiling the Easter eggs....

Ok, so I have to admit now that I OVER boiled a few of the eggs.... I cooked 2 dozen. 1 dozen per kid. 8 BUSTED! Lee bought JUMBO for some reason and that is what I blame my screw up on (not that I was on the phone! LOL) But I decided NOT to chunk them, but instead make deviled eggs.. with fat free mayo of course! As I was slicing the eggs.. Look what I found... TWINS! I could not believe it! This has only happened to me one other time in my short 35 years here on this Earth.. the other time I was baking a cake and found twins that time too! That was only about a year ago too! Have YOU ever come across this? I think it is so neat!


Melanie.. it is a SIGN........ you ARE suppose to have have 2 kids! (except don't slice them in half like I did!)

I let the girls eat some of the whites tonight after I discovered that the mustard that I started the yoke mixture out in had glass on the lid from where Avery had a run in with a brand new pickle jar a couple of days ago... yes, when a BRAND NEW bottle of hamburger slices hit tile from about half way up the frig they DO in fact break! (And WHY is that jar NOT PLASTIC!!?!?)Anyways.... the mustard squirty thingy on the jar must have hit the glass and I got all panicky when I got some in my finger from closing the mustard, so I threw all that out... ANYWAY what I am getting at MELANIE is that I counted the eggs after the girls got their fill of them....and it was not the right number! Then I got to thinking so I went BACK to the frig and dug them back out and counted the YOKE holes in the eggs..... 11!!!!! So, there you go!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My visit...

Yesterday I stopped by to see my friend whose hubby is at home with hospice... she said that they told her that he only had very few days left....

Today I went to visit at 10 am (yes, I had an appt!) and stayed until about noon. I could not work fast enough to get over there to be with her. I was worried sick about her being there all alone. His brother and sister in law had gotten there late last night to stay... WOW! Whenever you think you have it bad.. just remember that no matter what there is someone... somewhere.. a lot worse off than you. Stop and say a prayer for THEM!

Tonight was my girls night out... POKENO! We all brought door prizes, and we played dirty Santa... I fought for a Willow Tree thingy.. normally they are not my thing, but this one was the "Angel of Hope" (Sharing the light of hope and courage) I am going to wrap it and run it by after I take the girls to school and put it on my friends back door step... she will find it about 8 am.. I hope I never find my self in her position, but I can tell you that there are a lot of people that I would take care of if I needed to just like she is doing! Please lift Jennifer and her family up in your prayers. I just can't imagine.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Let it snow.. let it snow... let it snow.....

Check out our snowlady!!! Is she COOL or what!?!?!? The girls LOVED her! LOL I think Dalton was most tickled by her!
All happy about their little snowlady..........

Suddenly Dalton remembers how tender she is..... My goodness how Avery was KILLING her just by putting her arm around her! Yep.. time for HER to come in where it is nice and warm!
Lee went and bought a tube that you take to the lake and fixed it up behind the 4-wheeler and boy was it FUN! That is was we are planning on doing again in the morning!!! We ALL took turns on that.... I looked like a coon when I came much for water proof mascara!!!!! LOL That snow was blowing so hard and straight sideways almost at times!!!!

SNOW in Crossett!!!!1

I have waited on snow for 3 years to get a picture like this of our new house! I will get a better one later... it is still falling here!

This is Dalton's first time to really see snow... Today she wore the same ski pants that Avery wore the first time she saw snow... those will be in the next set of pictures!!
It is like a blizzard out there right now STILL!!!!
P.S If you have to come to my house for ANY reason.. keep your tail off of the front yard... I like for it to be pretty! LOL You can go around to the back of the house and play in the snow!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Acts of kindness......

The other day I was in the Dollar General in Hamburg waiting on gymnastics to be over... there was this lady in front of us... all she had was a loaf of bread.... when the lady rang it up she realized that she had the wrong "card!?!" Anyway, the woman in front of her was getting her bags together... heard her saying this so she turned around and.. she paid $3 for this lady to have a loaf of bread! You DO NOT see that very often IF EVER these days....

Today I had about 30 minutes to spare before I had to pick Dalton up from WEE school, so I ran by to visit with a girl that I work for. I had just been there yesterday working, but we did not get to visit alot really. We had some excitement that I will not get into, but I will tell you that I have not been able to get her or her husband off of my mind. Her husband is at home dying of cancer.... Hospice is coming in everyday. He is only 54. He is at the point that he can't hold his head up or even walk, but he does know you and will talk to you.... the cancer is now in his spine. So, while she is there by his side the outside world just keeps right on going... she sits there ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT with him and is having a really hard time. Just the look on her face today was very touching to me... she was so glad that I had stopped by. I am not saying that I am the only visitor, but during the day there are not a lot of people because of their work schedule.

Remember that people need your help, but better yet your time!!! Stop by and put in a light bulb that they can't reach or aren't able to climb up to get to, go and fill their car up with gas for them, run errands for them...offer to do something! Most of the time you are going to find that they just want you to visit with them. Remember that some people do not have family that are close to them to do these things.... or that just flat out not do it for them! Just remember that the little things are what means the most.

What do you do to help people? What have you seen someone do that has touched you? If you can't answer this then I challenge you to go and visit with someone that needs your time... 15-30 minutes of your time and you will really be surprised how you can touch someone.