Friday, February 20, 2009


Me: in the house working when he calls for me to come out and pick out shingles.. it does not take me but a minute, and I am back inside to get busy again...

Lee: Comes in....Where are those papers from the roofer??

Me: You took them to the insurance company..

Lee: Yes, I KNOW that but I brought them back and GAVE them to YOU!

Me: UUHHHH, NO you did NOT give them to ME!

Lee: YES, I did! WHERE would YOU have put them when I gave them to YOU!?

Me: That does not matter cause you did NOT give them back to me.

Lee: YES, I DID!

Me: Read my lips boy!!! NO, YOU DID NOT.... (putting up the dishes at this point) I asked you for them, and you informed me you still have them in your truck!

Lee: No, I brought them in and laid them down...

Me: WAIT.. I thought you GAVE them to ME!!?!?

Lee: Lee rolling his eyes at me says "I DID!"

ME: I am fixing to slap you if you don't get away from my computer desk!! ( I mean business about my piles of papers!)

Lee: Laughing... they are in this house some where.. WHERE would they be!?

Me: folding up clothes and getting hostile by the second

Lee: Well, I am just going to call the insurance guy and ask if he has the copy

Me: Oh, you mean the copy that is telling him that he was wrong on the appraisal? THAT is really organized Lee!

Lee: Well, YOU have the papers some where in this house.

Me: no I do not have the freaking papers... GET OUT OF THE BILLS.. THOSE ARE BILLS.. GET out of the pile! An ESTIMATE would not be in the BILL pile!

Lee: blah, blah, blah (at this point I ain't even listening any more!) I mean come on!

Me: at this point have folded clothes, put them up, put the clean dishes up, made 2 bed and just picked up in general

Lee: frantically digging in drawers and looking every where but in the refrigerator cause he just KNOWS those papers are in this house

Me: I go out to his truck (the spot that he started the search in the first place) and opened the door, crawled up in the dang thing, pulled down the visor, got the piece of paper, got out of the truck, shut the door, came back in and started rattling the paper like a maniac while he was on the phone with the poor insurance lady..... and I said to him... HERE YA GO!


Me: I guess I had neatly folded it and put it above the visor in your truck!

Lee: rolled his eyes.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Please lift our family up in prayers... We need lots of them over the next few days! I will not go in to detail, but everything is appreciated!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Different color bag....

Here is a sample of the second bag... the lettering would be the royal blue! Only 2 left! Email for details... be sure to see the last post for measurements etc.

New bag.. very limited!

BLACK/WHITE polka dotted bag SOLD OUT!

This laminated bag is 20 inches wide X 15 inches tall with a Velcro closure at the top. There is one little side zipper pocket in the bag. I only have a limited number of these! The vinyl lettering is available in lime green, electric blue, hot pink, light pink, purple, red, yellow, orange, and teal. The name will be on one side of the bag. Your font choice is curlz like Avery.
Or this font that can be sure for a boy or a girl!
Email for prices. These are first come.. first serve!
You can wipe this clean! These are great for the pool, a baby bag, an over night bag, teachers gifts, birthday parties, or even for yourself!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I was SOOO wrong...

So, the other night (2 nights ago) I decided that I would do some sit ups... So, after breaking a sweat and starting to feel the burn.. I thought I had done enough (this really meaning that I could not do any more!) I stopped with 7ish... oh, lets just round the number up to 10.. you know cause it sounds SOOOO much better... no pain, no gain right!?!?!? And here I was thinking that I had not bettered myself when low and behold tonight I sneezed and almost started to cry... MY STOMACH is so SORE that it actually hurt and hurt really bad when I sneezed! I know... sad huh!??! But I am TRYING!

P.S. Don't be a hater! It ain't healthy!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


For pricing email me at This way I will be sure to answer all of your questions.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Poppa Louis comes to vist!

This is my brother, Robert Louis.. aka Poppa Louis to my girls.... Dalton took up with him on this visit and REALLY talked... she even went up to him and said... Hey, you wanna pick me up to see if you can tell if I am 5!?!?!?
Needless to say he enjoyed this... if you know Dalton she will either talk your head off of NOT SAY A WORD! He also gave her a business card with his number so she can call him... I am going to tell her to tell him next time that she charges to carry around business cards like that! Her build a bear fund is depleted and she needs to start rat holing again!
I enjoyed my visit with Robert Louis.. come back again some time will ya!??! LOL

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Papaw Robert turns 63!

Can you tell by the look on her face that he LOVES the cake!? Ding dong... any one home?! This son of a gun is to DIE FOR! Oh, and don't try to eat it without milk.. just not possible!

Just look at all those moist layers.... oh, don't even get me started!
Don't you just love the romantic glow that a cake with 63 candles puts off? LOL It got really hot quick! Avery insisted on the 63 candles! He loved it, but you certainally can't tell by the look on his face here... LIVEN UP BOY! You fixin to get to eat some ding dong cake BEFORE supper! LOL Avery did not want to take a chance that we would be too full after we ate dinner! Papaw told her that he liked the way that she thinks!

Somebody call 911 before all the wax melts and ruins the cake!

Check out the proud look on Dalton's face. Daddy was opening the bird feeders that they girls made one day! He even gasped when he opened it.. he saw how proud the girls were. He better have em hanging up the next time we go or his name just might be MUD!

Avery was in charge of getting his gifts wrapped! She really get into all of that now a days!

Well, looky at the birthday boy! All laid back and comfy like he is at a party that is all about him!

This Dalton waiting in the kitchen patiently... trying to be quite! This is really hard for her when Papaw Robert is here!
Anyway, his birthday was Jan 22 and I have not been in the mood to post much here lately! I am trying to get better.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Make up bags....

I have some more make up bags in! I have white, black, chocolate, lime green, hot pink and electric blue!!

8 oz sippy cup with straw

Here is a new sippy cup that I have. The straw folds up and down! They are very cute!