Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A night out... at the house!

Today Avery got out of school early because of teacher conferences (today was report card day!) All A's as usual! We are VERY proud of her! Any hoo... Avery has gymnastics and Dalton has dance from 4-5.. so, I decided that I would ask Avery if she wanted Hannah to come out for the afternoon and play... well, of course she did! I got Dalton first.. then we went to pick up the girls and decided we would go to WM and get hot dogs to grill and stuff to make smores (YUMMY!) So, Missy and her other 2 girls ended up coming out and we had the best time. We laid in chairs on the back patio covered in blankets just looking at the stars and talking.. the girls were dancing and Dalton was all snuggled up in my lap! What a nice lazy cool evening! We never get a lazy day like that during the week so it was SUPER nice!


Rosjuane said...

That's it!! I'm glad you had a good night, but where are the rest of the pictures.

Beth E. said...

Mmmmm....s'mores! Sounds like a great evening. We all need those from time to time, just to sort of recharge our batteries.

Oh, and if I ever find a Weight Watchers recipe for those Deep Fried Oreos, you'll be the first to know! :oD