Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let it be known....

that if you have the nerve to come to MY front door... KNOCK... and ASK ME for money for ST JUDE then you BETTER be telling the truth! OR the authorities will come for a visit! 3 deputies and a state trooper to be exact! Ha HA that is what YOU get! (Not, that I had the pull for all of those... lke I said.. I just called the authorities!)

So, FYI to the 13 year old girl that came to my door today!!!!! St Jude DOES NOT give out plastic bags for you to go door to door with to collect money with.... and they do NOT tell you to say.. OH, I should have brought the piece of paper WITH me so I could tell you about St. Judes and then tell me... you know that St Jude hospital!??!?! Because I will stop you and point out the shirt that I just happen to have on today supporting Brady asking you if THIS is the hospital that you are talking about after you could tell me NOTHING about St Jude!!! Because when you change your story to tell me that you are actually "NOT REALLY" collecting money for ST JUDE specifically.. that you were collecting money for your cousin to have surgery then I will tell you a little bit of information that I know from collecting money for them the last few years. AND when you go to my neighbor (who is on a fixed income and take her money) and tell her that it is for your SISTER that needs an eye surgery then you better stop and think about it..... Your stories did not match up... and when you start screaming and running and acting like an idiot hollering OMG lets get out of here fast.. I WILL call the cops.

So, with the money that you did take from people because of the lies that you told to them I hope that you decide to do something GOOD with the money and not use it for alcohol or drugs. I hope your guilty conscience bites you square in the bootie!

**** This was from a couple of weeks back.. I wrote this after the initial knock on the door and forgot to post!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shop is CLOSED!

Sorry, but due to the HUBBY putting his foot down shop is officially closed until December 29. Thanks to EVERYONE (even those of you that called today) for supporting me! I appreciate it SO much! I hope that everyone enjoys their goodies! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Oreo Balls

1 package of Oreo's (blend in blender until completely ground up.. I do 6 at a time making sure to get out the hunks if there are any!)

1 package cream cheese softened

Mix these two things together and then form into bite size balls and place on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper. You can refrigerate these overnight OR put in the freezer for an hour.

The dipping process....
8 Hershey
1/3 gulf wax

Melt the wax and add to the microwaved candy bars (this will only take like 30 secs, then 30 secs, and then 30 more... stirring in between.. DO NOT BURN.. watch them closely because your microwave may be different than mine! Then you can add the melted wax to the candy bars and it will finish melting them. IF this is not completely melted at this point then do the 15-30 second longer thing in the microwave. Then get to dipping!

Warning: THESE are WONDERFUL! Like... seriously! Give them away quick or you will be feeling really bad after being left alone in a room with these for like even 5 minutes. I WOULD post a pic BUT I can't get my pictures to load tonight!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Busy day today!

Today I finished up some Christmas gifts & got them wrapped!!!! That feels SO good to get that off my to do list! I have a couple of things still left to do, and when Lee gets off g/y on Tuesday he has a small to do list too to help me out!

I still have a few things to that need to be picked up too! I have called.. and emailed every one... I WILL NOT be here for things to be picked up on Christmas Eve so consider yourself warned!

Avery is such a big help this year in the wrapping that department! Every day she asks... Mama you got anything that I can wrap!?!? What a BIG help this is to me! Tomorrow we (SHE) will work on that some more too!

Tonight we made cheese logs & Oreo balls. They are both to DIE for! Have you ever had any of the Oreo balls? Can I just say OMG!!! Paula Deen... I mean Margaret Edney makes them. She is THE Southern Living cooking QUEEN of our Pokeno group! NO KIDDIN!! The cheese logs are something that Papaw Roxie use to make! When I got old enough to make them I asked her for the recipe she did not remember it! I was heart broken!! I was over at a friends house a couple of years ago and I was telling her about it.. she goes.. hold on one second!!!! She went to the refrigerator and brought something back and started to unwrap it.. I nearly cried I was SO excited to discover that it was THE cheese log recipe. I called Robert Louis (aka.. Papaw Louis... and my brother.. and the the John Deere salesman that can not get my daughter a honk for her Gator! LOL) to tell him about it right then!!! He was excited too when I was telling him about it.. He told me that his mouth was watering just talking about it! So, tonight when we were making them I was telling the girls about how it was Papaw Roxie's recipe and about how it was such a good memory of mine.. simple but GOOD in more ways than one! And Dalton belted out.. AND Papaw Louis too!!!! And then told me that she could not wait to take some to him!

Tomorrow after work we plan to finish the Oreo balls.. Avery and I have very specific instructions from Dalton to NOT finish them until she gets home from school!! We also only made 1/2 of the cheese log recipe tonight because I did not get enough cream cheese! So, gotta run and get some to finish all that tomorrow!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gas prices

Gas today in Crossett at one place was $1.37. I waited to get gas in Monticello because it is normally cheaper.. Not today! It was $1.65! So, needless to say I did not buy gas in Monticello!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taking turns to drive....

on the levee heading to Papaw Robert's house! They don't have any problems remembering whose turn it is either! LOL Yes, they both take turns driving while sitting in Lee's lap ... Avery has a lot more freedom that Dalton since it does not take much to get her sidetracked as to what she is doing!
Sorry this is SO close! I had the WRONG lens on my camera when I decided to take this and did not have time to change it!
I have not had time to blog since Friday. I got so behind just by losing a few hours alone! Avery gets out of school early for the rest of the week, and Lee is on g/y's so there is NO time alone for me except for when the girls are sleeping! WHEW I can tell you I have a TON left to do too! I hope you are all almost ready for the holidays. I am ready to slow down and enjoy them! Papaw Robert may be coming tomorrow to help me with some things.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Singing at the bank today!!!!!!

Edited to add that it is a good thing that I took pictures of my happy child BEFORE the action started at the bank because the little boy behind Dalton THREW UP and it got on her. She made it during the singing, but I guess the STANK got to her afterwards! It was BAD! I had to bring her home to change clothes, and she was so emotionally distraught that she did not want to go back! Now I can't get that STANK out of my mind... I hate that!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


*UPdated Thursday AM* Avery thinks the weather man needs to be fired.

Gasp! My kids are going NUTS right now!

Boycotting buying meat... KINDA

Since gas had gotten so high I had been really watching things we use to go on sale and stocking up.. and even using coupons too! And I am not too proud to say that!!! That is like yesterday in Wal-Mart they had the liquid bath soap that we buy that is normally $3+ a bottle on sale for $1.73!!! I know it is not a lot, but it adds up especially when you are stocking 4 baths areas!!! So, buying 4 at a time will eat your lunch just on soap!!!! Plus, this is not even counting the pool shower!!!

Not long ago I was in a store and there was a coupon attached to my shampoo for $2 off. I nearly fell O-U-T! I snatched a few, and bought them up!!! Then I went back and got MORE! Yes, when I can get something like that that we use a TON of then I will buy it and stock up! Plus, I normally take extra stuff to Papaw Robert's since he does not use what we do.

We have been eating meat out of the freezer LOTS too!!! So, now that we have killed these deer and paid $165 to have them processed we are sitting pretty! I thought I would list some things that I make with deer meat!

meat loaf (don't make fun... Avery begs me to make this secret recipe!)
veg. soup
beef enchiladas ( this is what the girls call it, but of course it has deer meat in it!)
hamburger steak and gravy

with the tenderloin we do...
fried deer meat
deer steak and gravy
planning to try stew next

This saves us SO much money considering that when I make a double batch of chili that it is like $12-$15+ just for the hamburger meat! I am sure there are more things that I cook, so I will add if I think of it!

I buy pork tenderloins when they are on sale... those big ones and I either cut them up myself of they do it at the store for me. I like to have steaks for grilling or frying. And I like to have big chunks of it for the crock pot for tenderloin or pulled pork sandwiches. I can make that one tenderloin feed us for a while! I can't tell you the last time that I bought meat that was not on SALE and stocked up on it... Is there anything that you do to help save money?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is it too much to ask!?!?!

That when people talk to their children about things they would ask them to NOT discuss it with other children at school!??! This is what I do with my child.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

More of Avery Lu Who!

Mrs. Lauren as The Grinch....
Was the Grinch a little to lazy to walk during the parade!?!?!? Kinda looks like it don't it!?!

Mama Robin Lu Who and the famous Avery Lu Who!

I could not get a good pic of the float because of all the peoples (and YES I meant to say PEOPLES and not people..just read and be happy that I am posting and do not waste your time trying to correct me cause it has taken me FOREVER go get these pics to load! NOW THERE!) around the float at all time... It was like Lauren's Lu's Dancing Who's were POPULAR or something!

Daddy and Mama Who. That you for NOT sticking your tongue out in this picture Big Daddy Who! LOL

The back of Avery Lu Who's HAIR!

The picketers. Hannah Lou Who and Avery Lu Who.. Getting ready to walk for the entire parade route. They had a BALL!!!

Notice all the glitter on this who girls face! And THE GRINCH!

The back of the float.
The Who girl in action with her sign!
Dalton watching some girls talk before the parade started.

The back of the shirts!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Avery Lu Who....

Avery Lu Who says PEACE OUT to you this holiday season! The girls dance studio entered the downtown Christmas parade and their float was WHOVILLE from The Grinch! It was SO cute! It even had a working chimney!
The little who girl did not want to make her hair all crazy like Avery Lu Who... Dalton kept saying COME ON CINDY LU WHO LET'S GO! Then she would just laugh so hard at her! LOL

Notice her checking out that crazy funky hair!

If she knew that the big who girl was doing behind her she would have a F-I-T! Dalton had to carry a wrapped present to hold on the float. She refused to wear a hat so she was miserable and was NOT happy by the time we got her off the float across town!

I personally think that my big who girl should get student of the year because after all she did just have 9 teeth pulled to be able to pull of being Avery Lu Who with those big 4 teeth in the front! How many students do you know that go to that extreme Ms. Lauren!?!?!? I mean.. COME ON!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Za toothless chef...

Here is finally a picture of Avery and her toothless self. Kids are praying for her at local churches... I guess they think that she only has those 4 teeth on the top or something. The kid had to have 9 teeth pulled to make room for other teeth that were coming in... THAT IS ALL! She does not have any other issues! The new teeth were coming in all crazy, and needed some where to GO besides in the crazy places that they were going! The baby teeth were NOT ready to let go yet, so we had to help her out.... only to prevent more issues in the future.

Check out my sweetie cooking her favorite... deer burger tacos... SOFT tacos to help her out with the chewing! They were YUMMY! She has really gotten in to cooking here lately.... Every night she asks what she can do to help!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Introducing.... A Toad in a Hole

Have you ever seen a toad in a hole!?!?!? My kids LOVE these especially when Lee is working evenings. You take a piece of bread and tear a hole in the center of it and butter it on the front and the back...
Then you put it in a skillet on med-high heat and put the egg in the middle.. when it gets like the picture about on the side that is down.. flip the sucker over!

(WHY do my pics load backwards!!?!? Oh, this blogger thingy gets on my nerves) Anyway, this is what they look like before you flip them..

They are also good with jelly smeared on the top or with just some salt and pepper on them!
I know some others have told me that they have had these, but they were called something else... Help me out with the names if you know this as something else! If your child has a hard time eating eggs.. try this out on em! I got a girl to eat one that HATES eggs one morning! Her mother almost fell out when I told her what she ate for breakfast! LOL She even got her mother to ask me how to cook them!

Girly pillowcases (regular size)

* updated 12/4

I have these made and ready to go..... all I have to do is to put the monogram on the lip of them! They are fun and funky.. Girls love them as gifts! They take them to church camp, and sleepovers and get a lot of attention! This is a requested item among girls in town! These are first come.. first serve. They are numbered. If you want to purchase one you can email me and I will TRY to mark that number sold ASAP to keep from having any confusion. Email me @ larbarnett@alltel.net for any info you need. These are $24 and includes the name too!! If I have to ship, there will be an additional charge of course.

Click on the picture to enlarge it to see the details.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A couple of ornaments

This is the 3rd time that I have tried to upload pictures... I was giving up after this time so it finally decided to work! Below is one of our ornaments from a beach trip.. we always get a new ornament to tell a story about what we did that year as a family... The snorkeling Santa is also another vacation ornament. The girls LOVE him!!
Here is a Santa ornament that Avery made. It is her hand up side down and it is VERY delicate. In fact it has been glued a couple of times already. I LOVE the homemade ornaments that the girls make at Wee School and school!

The year that we took the girls to the circus we got this one...

Here is our big ole tree with the traditional ornaments. I know LOTS of people will turn their noses up.. but guess what OUR tree tells a story about us. Every single ornament tells you something about one of us. There are some from when I was little, when Lee was in high school (since their house burned when he was little when don't have any of his when he was little) Things that both girls have made, mementos from our trips/vacations, and very special gifts!!! My aunts are great about giving the girls ornaments that are unique and that reflect the things they like.

The tree skirt was made by my Aunt Kay. I think it add the special touch to the tree. If my house were burning down and I could get something out of it I would want my Christmas ornaments. I think was make them even more special is how excited the girls get about them every year and how they can tell you things about the ornaments. I hope that your tree means as much to you as ours does to us.
P.S. This is 1 of 4 trees in our home!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Follow me...

I am trying to be up with the times, so I have added the follow me thingy on my blog! FOLLOW ME if you will!! I am going to go and add myself to some blogs too after I figure out how to add a picture to my profile since I got chewed out by someone that I won't call her name (but she thinks too deeply about freaking black birds... ROSJUANE!)

Today I plan to add a couple of last minute gifts that I have available.. stay tuned! They will be first come.. first serve!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mo.... Can your sister COOK!?!?


I have seen your sister out eating several times in W. Monroe... Ask her if her new house has a kitchen or can she even cook!?!?! LOL

Monday, November 24, 2008

5 more down

Today Avery had 5 more teeth pulled! As you may know this makes 9 total in a few short period. She is one strong cookie, and so is Ms Missy for keeping Dalton entertained while all the action was taking place. She is one of the people that she will actually talk too! I could hear her down the hall talking to her! LOL I think Dalton even made plans for Ms Missy's girls to bring their build a bears the next time we get together to eat!!! Hey, Missy! Don't forget the onion!

The goodies that I make

I have been asked do I have a store? Nope! I make things, and distribute them around town basically. I mail them also. Word of mouth just spreads, and that has been the best type of advertising! So, if there is something that you are interested in that you see some where or on my blog the ask away! larbarnett@alltel.net Thanks for your interest!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thought for the day....

Who needs enemies when you have family?

Question after pictures this weekend...

Dalton kept asking me over and over after our photographer got out of the car... Mama WHY is that lady that took our pictures so addicted-td (yes, this is how she was saying it!) to cokes? Hey, Ro! When a 5 year old can see your habit, maybe that is the sign to put the bottle down... or should I say put the can down! LOL

I have to add that Rosjuane and I discussed coke and diet cokes in front of the kids and that is why Dalton was talking about this. She would not say a word to Ro while she was there, but would not shut up about her after she left! Rosjuane was really good with the kids and Lee. That says a lot! You have to know how to work Dalton. I had given Rosjuane the low down on her before hand, and she did great with her!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Avery checks out grandma's hair...

Tonight while driving down the road Avery says to me... I notice how all grandmas have short hair with like a perm in it and they wear it all curly.. I was like yeahhhhh..... She goes... When YOU become a grandma (my head nearly spun completely around when said that!!!) was I going to have all my hair cut off and would I get a perm!?!?!? I was like WHAT?!! She goes... I like you with your longer hair. I was just wondering.....

Makes you really look at how kids see things out of their little eyes!

It is SO quiet around here!

Lee went to Papaw Robert's house yesterday, and took Dalton with him! It will be 3 days and 2 night before we can be there Friday after school. This is the first time that I have ever been away from Dalton! Yes, that is right. She has NEVER spent the night away from me. I actually slept all night long except for the 2 times that Avery sat straight up in the bed.. I was like WHAT are you doing? Her response!??!! She did not know!

Yesterday Avery admitted that she gets really tired of Dalton talking (yes, Kami she talks and I mean ALOT!) and she tells her to be quiet.. but she told me today that she missed her talking to her.

Today on the phone Dalton told me that she went to eat with daddy and papaw Robert and that she got 2 packs of gum. One for her and one for Avery. I love how my kids always think about each other. Dalton told Avery on the phone how she has her a pack of gum and is saving it just for her! That made Avery smile.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

9-4= 5 more to go & SHE'S ALIVE!

About a month ago the orthodontist told me that Avery had to have 9 teeth removed.... Today we started the procedure. 4 were removed. 1 without any med's. She did not even move when he pulled it! It was on the bottom so at least she did not have to have her tongue be numb on top of everything else. She was SO funny! She REALLY liked that laughing gas. I have never let them give that to her before, but knowing the show that she puts on when we pull a tooth out of her head that is about to fall out anyway.. I knew for every ones safety that it would be best. Plus, I did not want everyone up there to talk about us when we were gone! LOL She was a total trooper, and says that it is FUN! She LOVES the way that gas smells and can't wait to go back... WHAT!?!? OKkkkk.... ****Mental note to watch out for my kid sniffing gas, lead based paint, and other illegal brain cell killing fumes.*** She really likes her dentist... ALOT! I think my kids are the only kids that I know that get excited to go and get their teeth cleaned. They think that Ms. Stephanie is the bomb! She even lets Dalton helps with cleaning mine and Avery's teeth... trust me when I say.. POOR US! It ought to be against the law for a dental hygienist to be so dang sweet! Any whooo.... Carrie was there with Avery the entire time and she was great too! So, next Tues or Wed she will have 5 on the other side removed.

Monday, November 17, 2008

9 points make a 10 year old HAPPY!

Here ya go RO! Here is one happy 10 year old! She wanted to have it mounted, but I talked her out of it! I asked her if the gun that she used kicked.. she goes.. I don't remember! I knew it did cause I watched Lee site it in! And boy did it kick!!!! Funny how that blood gets to flowing. and you are clueless to a kicking gun!

Wal-Mart pajamas

I was wondering if anyone could tell me WHY Wal-Mart has flannel footed pj's to fit my 10.5 year old.. They are a size 12! Do people really buy these and make their kids this age wear them!? Avery would be mortified!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

You may want to sit down for this one...

I had officially decided this week before we even left to go to Papaw Robert's that I was NOT going to be bored at his house and CLEAN while they were all out hunting. I decided that I would go too! I got my license, and I hit the woods with Dalton. She was beyond excited to go with me! We took some markers, and she drew on toilet paper while we were in the deer stand all bundled up... She has been tracing the designs on toilet paper in the last few days for some reason, so it worked out when I grabbed me some JUST IN CASE I needed it! LOL Oh, GOOD JOB Lee on that picture... what part of put the red box on us to focus do you not understand!?!?! LOL Oh, well.... At least he offered. Normally I am NEVER in the pictures. Especially since I am not a self portrait taker.. I think that looks SO stupid!

So, sorry for graphic nature of the dead deer.. this is how I found it when I ran inside to get the camera... I mean like I was gone 2 minutes and this is what Lee had done to it. YUCK I walk in and have to get close to it... Of course.. I GAG! OMG how can something smell so freaking bad! I was like.... OMG take the picture and I mean FAST! LOL Not too shabby for my first deer all alone... It was a 7 point. And FYI it dropped right when I shot it! Dalton looked at me all serious and goes... I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU JUST KILLED THAT DEER!!! Needless to say I now have the fever. Oh, and YES Maury... I DO have make up on. It was in the afternoon so of course I did, but I would most likely have it on in the am too or you would only see a pic of the deer!
Lee also got an 8 point and our sweet deer slayer Avery got a 9 point!!!!
I asked Lee when I was getting out of the truck.. what else do I need besides my gun, my orange vest and hat, a pen, my license and my lipstick?!?!? Needless to say he just shook he head! Now everyone that knows me I HAVE to HAVE my lipstick. Now who would want their lips to get all dry and uncolorly(is that a word!??!!) while hunting!!?!? Right?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

As requested: A few samples from the open house!

*stand not inluded.

Personalized bucket that is great to fill with goodies of any kind!

These are wine glasses in teal and brown. They are being bought for teachers gifts to fill with some sort of candy!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This dang hat....

Lee bought ANOTHER hat the other day and guess who has taken it over.. I mean really! She was ticked off yesterday when he had the nerve to wear it to work....
But, she did not want her picture taken with it on at first....

She does this shy mouth half open something another.. not sure what she calls herself doing..

Then she decides... Nope, not going to do it.....

Then my ole girl comes out of her shell!!!!

I am here to tell you that she got in the car today and that was the first thing out of her mouth....

Did daddy wear that hat to work? Cause he told me that I could have it!?!?

She wanted to wear it to Wee school today... But, I had to put my foot down!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday.... WHEW

Run down of Tuesday.
Took Avery to school.
Took Dalton to wee school.
Cleaned times 2.
Went to Dalton's fall festival.
Had visitor after lunch... so cute!
Ran short on time to work upstairs because of visitor.
Got Avery from school.
Took Avery to gymnastics.
Came home and worked upstairs.
Got Avery from gymnastics.
**The best part of my day.... Took Avery to grocery store so she could spend HER well earned money on canned food for the needy. I spent a certain amount, and then she was all pumped up and bought too! She has 48 cans to donate to the needy for the holidays coming up. I am so pleased about how she thinks of others before herself. I hope that she continues to care about others and their feelings and needs as she grows older.
Went gambling... yes, tonight was pokeno night, and I was the big loser and got my money back! Hey, that is better than losing and getting notta back!
Catching up one some computer work and monogramming...

I am so ready for some sleep!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The weekend.

I survived the open house... Whew! It is something getting as many items as you can ready for show, and your house too! I was worn OUT! I was pleased with the steady flow of people, and the new friends that a few brought along! For those of you that are checking colors.. just remember that due to the date I DO have a cut off date for orders. I have things to get ready too and 4... no make that 5 trees to get up too!

I worked until mid-night that night getting some things finished because I knew we were going to Papaw Robert's house for the night so I would not be able to get anything done for a couple of days. Sorry.. no pictures from Papaw's this time cause we were 15 minutes away when I realized that I forgot my camera! I seriously need ADD medication when I am there. I am TYRING to get his house in order... DON'T EVEN ASK.... and in the middle of my work he has started adding another bathroom. So, everything out of the room is now in the room that I was working on. He just laughed when I walked in and saw it! YIKES! Not to mention that it had gotten cold and then hot again outside and the ladybugs were EVERYWHERE in that room too! If you have never seen the invasion of the ladybugs then you are missing out. Seriously... he had to set off a bomb to tone them down. I got the vac out and sucked up I would say... oh 5,000 out of the front window... And NO I am not kidding. We had turned on the ceiling fan last weekend and it was like you had cooties.... You could feel them in your hair, and on you every where! And poor Dalton would walk in the room and they would attack her because it was like there was even more at her level. And then there is OUTSIDE.. you go outside and it is freaky too.. I took pics last year, but I will have to find those.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Open House

Thursday from 11-7 I will be having a little open house to showcase a few things that I have available for gifts for the holidays. I never do this, but after a few people dropped by to pick things up and told me that the picture did not do particular items justice... they thought it would be a good idea!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treating 2008!

Happy Halloween 2008 from the Barnett girls!!!! Trick or treat.. smell my feet.. give me something good to eat! As we were trying to leave we had our usual go outside and try to take pictures session....
Dalton was cutting up big time! She was SO excited! She was all over the place... and constantly saying... Let's GO!!!!
Avery is trying to let me get a good picture.. and then you see who is striking a pose don't ya!?!

Yes, and it gets better!?!? Of course we were laughing at her because she was SO excited. I mean she had counted it down for a week you know!

Then Avery can't stand it.. she just had to see what we were laughing at!

I am so glad that my girls enjoy getting dressed up, and going to our usual houses for trick or treating. We have Mr Darrell who lives all alone.. his wife passed away from cancer when Avery was small. When we first started off trick or treating Avery was a newborn and Mrs. Janet was there too... but, now it is just him and he was telling us last night how someone asked him to go some where last night and he told them.. I CAN'T GO WITH YOU! LEE BARNETT AND THE GIRLS WILL BE HERE ANY TIME NOW! It was like he got offended that they asked him to leave his house on Halloween cause he was waiting on us. He told us last night that he waits on us every year and that he looks forward to seeing how much our girls have grown up. They hug him when they go in and he gets down on their level and talks to them. It is very sweet. He has this big cool ceramic pumpkin that his wife's sitser made for them years ago that he always serves his candy out of, BUT the girls have special goody bags already made up there are in the kitchen on the table that he goes and wags back to them with TWO HANDS!
Lee goes by all the time during the year to visit with him too. Lee is so good about doing these types of things.

Here is my happy Goo Goo Dancer girl again!

Check out those shinny white spray painted boots! I got Avery's at a second hand store for $1!!!
She was talking about wearing them to school... I was like.. OH, I don't think so sister!

Once again it was a beautiful night! Every house we went to they were like.. hold on let me go and get THEIR bags! LOL Like we could have come home after we went to the first house! Actually, we could have even stayed home because someone came by to give them their candy because they were having a Sunday school party.

Here is my big Goo Goo dance girly! Happy Halloween to everyone... I hope you have wonderful family traditions like we do. Just remember that you kids will be grown and gone before you know it.. enjoy it while you can! Because I have we do!
I am SO happy that fall is finally in the air! Now we have a birthday party (hayride) tonight!
P.S. Excuse any BLURRY pics.. Lee was trying to work the camera for a little bit! Not that I am perfect, but I am ALOT better than him! LOL