Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin patch 2009

This is how almost all my pictures turned out! I had to chase her if I wanted pictures! We were not there for too long until we went on the hay ride out to the fields to pick out pumpkins. There were so many pumpkins that were ruined because of all the rain that we had for like 15 days or more... It was really sad to see all the damage. (ok so this is suppose to be the first thing you read, but I am too lazy to move it so work with me!)
We had a FAST and furious trip to the pumpkin patch in Grady, Arkansas this week with Dalton's kindergarten class.. First of all we left 40 minutes late as a result of waiting on the school buses. Don't even get me stated on that! Since we had to be back by a certain time I knew it was going to be crazy and it was!!!

There were SOOO many pumpkins there were rotten, flattened and just plain ruined! You would pick it up by the stem and the stem would just break off. We finally found a pumpkin that did not have a rotten spot in it....

This child is such a ham! You can NOT make her be still hardly or smile with doing that "thing" with her nose... I don't know where she got that from but it drives me NUTS!

The porta potties freaked my child out, and I am totally surprised that she would even "go" in one of them... Let me tell you how it went down... I held her over the potty! Every single time.. WHEW! And if you know her you know that she goes alot!

Run, run, run... guess that means that she really enjoyed herself! I was so glad that they decided to go even if it was a super fast trip!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dalton is 6....

On August the 6th Dalton FINALLY turned 6... and the very next day when she woke up she announced to me that she was ALMOST 7!!!!! She is still so tiny to me. But, is so growny now that she is coming home telling us all the "happenings" from school! 2 boys are fighting over who is going to sit/stand/etc by her.. how funny is THAT?

She loves her daddy with all her heart.. and me too I think cause after I was talking about my trip to NY today she announced to me that I WOULD NOT be going to NY again because she missed me too much ! LOL She loves animals.. no matter how big or small. She also loves her build a bears..... and their WARDROBE! She is a HAM! You really have to know her to appreciate it. She comes out of her shell when we least expect it!

See what I mean!

She loves to call her Papaw Robert! Oh, and she LOVES her some Ben Coulter... she sings with him to the top of her lungs!

She is SOO funny! I say that she gets her humor me from ME! But she is also a redneck... she gets that from her daddy! They both are so country talking.. I wish I could get her singing on video and post it for you to hear!

She just had her birthday party, so I have pictures from that too... we make her cake/cupcakes! We had the BEST time doing that too!

Peace out peeps! Cause sister ain't far from being 7!!! LOL

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Green grass and crayons....

This afternoon I found myself laying outside on my belly in the grass with the girls coloring... You know it is the small things in life that makes for the best memories! I hope they will one day remember this wonderful day as well....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I am getting it together...

Dalton says that she is no longer my little baby... I had to officially cut the cord this year, and send her to Kindergarten! And boy did it HURT me! She can say what she wants, but she is STILL my baby! She was such a big girl until her mama had a little meltdown in the class room, and when she latched on to my legs crying I knew that I had to suck it up or it was gonna be really bad....

She LOVES Mrs. Harper so far.... the day we went to orientation she leaned down to Dalton's level to talk to her and Dalton latched on to her and hugged her... I melted right then and there!!! I know Mrs. Harper from way back then as a person, and she has always been the same sweet talking lady every time you saw her.

I shut down shop for a while to decide if I wanted to close my blog all together or not. And after all the personal emails that I got from the bloggy friends alone checking on me to make sure that I was ok... I have to keep on going! Thanks so much girls for letting me know that you care. I have a lot of changes going on with me, and one of those things is a personal decision to cut down on computer time and phone time. I am not on the phone a lot due to work, but my time when my girls are not at school is much more important to me now. I check a lot of blogs, but don't always have the time to comment... I am trying to fit everything in and it is HARD! Thanks for hanging in there with me peeps!!!!

Beth, I thought you would have been here by now... Promises, promises.. well, threats actually, but dang it woman I knew you would just show up one day! LOL


Dalton had her mind set that she wanted a new hair cut for school!!! Here is the back view.... And here is the side view, and if you know her you know that she LOVES her fancy earrings!

So don't think she was going to her first day of K without a new fancy pair on! I just knew MO would hook a sista up! LOL And Avery... she is getting so big! I can't believe that when I took Avery for her 1st day of K.. Heavy D was less than a week only and was in a tiny carrier....

I was still fine at this point until I walked back inside to get my purse, and there was a text on my phone from Ms. Pam... At that time I thought.. OMG I am NOT going to do so well at this today!! And of all things.. Lee was working days!

My 11 year old 6th grader, and barely 6 year old K...... WOW! So hard for me to believe!

This is going to be a great year... full of new things for us all! I know I have alot to update on, and if the picture uploader thing will cooperate then maybe I can get caught up some!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting ready to hit the road...

I am turning over a new leaf people! I had a new years resolution to do some things for myself this year BESIDES going to the dentist or my gyno-ca-logicial appointment! Yes, I do play pokeno one a month, but should I really even count that 2 1/2 hours that flies by? I mean it feels like I am there like 15 minutes! So, I would say NOOOO!!! So, with that being said... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!

I am going to NEW YORK CITYYYYYYYYY!!! Avery's dance teacher has workshops there, and she needed me to hold her hand on the airplane! Seriously! She is a BASKET CASE!!!! And then I needed a running buddy cause don't think I was going to sit there for 3 days watching gay men in leotards do their thang.. no thanks! So, my well traveled SIL is going too! We have big plans while there too! I can't not WAIT!! Oh, we leave tomorrow afternoon!

Now I am sure that I will have LOTS to share! Just so you know I am so deep into motherhood that I have only been away from my, not much EVER!!! Like to let you see what I mean Dalton went to Papaw Robert's house with her daddy last year to hunt while I was here with Avery for school. And Avery just has stayed a night here and there at friends houses. So, I wonder who this is going to be the hardest on!?!?! I am looking forward to it, and know that I will have LOTS of great stories to share when I get back! I have told myself that I can NOT feel guility about this trip!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Did I DIE? Noo...

But thanks for checking on me! Gonna try to do better... I PROMISE!

So, here are somethings that have been going on...

1. Dalton lost her first tooth... It was the day that we had her league softball party here... About 10 minutes before the party actually started and the drama started SOOO Lee had to pay her $5 to let him near her just to pull it! She could take her tongue and push it completely side ways out ! GA-ROSS But, even w her little bit of drama Avery is still the winner in that department! Ta-RUST me on that one! Good LAWD!

2. We are finally done with our traveling softball.. not really we, but good grief when I go to every single happening I can get away with saying WE! We played in Monticello (only about 45 minutes away) in the State tournament and got 4th. Kinda glad we ended up with that or there would have been an invite to go to Texas and the girls have to stay with HOST families... I would have to hope that by me being perched in their front yard in a TENT would not have been an issue. I would have only bothered them when I needed to potty... or to check on my 11 year old baby.. OR unless I got like really hot and needed to come in and take a breather in the ac... other than that I am sure that I would have been totally fine with letting my child stay in a complete strangers house! YIKES!

3. Everything is finally over... no more league softball or dance for 2, gymnastics or traveling softball... Is it really over? PINCH ME! And if I am dreaming... DO NOT WAKE ME!

4. We went blueberry picking on Father's day and it was just.. well, how do you say it!?!?! Oh, wait! HOT AS HELL! It was so hot that I did not even THINK to get the camera out.. Like we worked like a bunch of freaking DOGS to get what we got and I am not even joking... My daddy was having a really hard time and normally he is a trooper in the heat! Up in there picking and the sun shinning on you and no breeze makes for a not so fun trip! I ended up getting a little sick that day actually... It was horrible! Heat index that day was 106*!!! BUT, there will be another trip because I do not have enough berries to last me until next year! Yes, I am a piggy when it comes to those fresh blueberries!

Ok stopping at #4 tonight because tomorrow I am taking my little women to Monroe! We gotta get up and get w the program in the am! Avery has been working for Lee and with me and Dalton has tooth fairy money burning a hole in her pocket!

Oh, one more thing.. My BFF came from a quick visit last weekend and we were in the pool. I had on my 2 piece... Don't worry I am NOT one of those gals that thinks it is cute to plaster pictures of myself in a 2 piece all over the internet! But as we were sitting on the steps talking Dalton goes... um, mama you need to check yourself! I was like WHAT? She kinda said it again very softly and pointed to my boobs... This kid is so funny!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

So behind...

We finally have some things coming to an end... WHEW! Dance recital was Sat night.. and it was great! But, ya just neva know when ya gonna run into a pair of camel toes! Good Lawd have MERCY!!!! LOL

Gymnastics is over too.. not that we have even had a class since I paid back in April. So, I will be getting some money back on that! Avery has been very let down (4 times!) over that so I don't know if we will be back there next year!

Things have been nuts around here the last couple of weeks! Not to mention that my stupid piece of crap 10 year old laptop decided to KICK THE BUCKET! Trust me.. you don't even want me to go there! I mean WHY NOW!?

We got our pool open, and we are so excited! We took the cover off a while back, and it looked PERFECT! This may not be a big deal to you, but this is the first time for us to open it up from the winter so Lee was super excited! Dalton is still even able to wear a 12-18 month bikini!!! It was the first bathing suit that she wore to the beach... I THINK! Lord knows that I have slept since then and I could be wrong! This kid will be 6 in Aug.. and let me just point out to you that she gets her petite figure from her mama! LOL Ok, get up out of the floor.. the Joke for the day is OVA! We have some big things we are working on in getting things in order around the pool this year.. so much so that LEE has even been talking about landscaping... LEE IS THAT YOU!??! I have NEVER heard him say some things about the flowers...I need to check and see if he has fever with those fits? I mean could this be some of his feminine side coming out? What the heck?

I have a lot of pics to look at and try to get some posted! LOTS! Oh, where to start?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 14, 1972

Tomorrow is my... well, I can say that I have reached the age that I gotta stop and FIGURE out how old I am! (Actually, this has been going on for a few years now! LOL) You kinda stop keeping up after that 18 and 21 for some reason. Sad I know, but the funny thing is that I don't feel the numbers that I will say after I stop to do the math... 37! The numbers do not phase me in the least.... It is what you make of it. And I love my life, and the people in it.

At 37 I find myself very happy. I am a "BUSY" happy right now, but maybe after Sat night some things will slow down and I will get back to blogging. Here lately I save my time for my girls, family, and special friends. Funny how you learn what is important to you. Between league softball, and dance for 2 kids, gymnastics for 1, and traveling softball for 1... practices, extra practices, games, out of town games and everyday work and living... I have been meeting myself coming and going. It has been nuts... especially when you are married to a shift worker! But, it is a good NUTS!

I have so many pictures to share, so will have to choose where to start! I hope everyone is doing well... I appreciate everyone checking on me! I have just been SO busy! Dalton graduated Wee School last night, and I am so proud to post that she stood up on that stage and acted like she had some raisin'! I could not get over how some of those kids acted... A LOT of them really! I could not deal with these kids on a daily basis. Let's just say that I would have purchased that margarita machine that I have been eye ballin a LONG time ago! Lawd have mercy!

Gotta run and get busy for a super busy day tomorrow! I promise that I will be back SOON and on a regular basis!

Oh, PS I was actually born on Mother's Day. Funny how things have ended up with that. You just never know what turn your life will take. Appreciate what you have.. you never know when it will be gone...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy 250th blog post to meeeeee!

Well, this is not the way that I wanted to handle my 250th blog post! I had it all planned out, but obviously my antique computer had other plans... trust me when I say that you don't want me to even go there!

So, driving home yesterday (without my co-pilot in the back.. dang it!) I see this car coming out of a local tobacco mart.... I almost broke my neck and had a dang wreak trying to do a do a double take... SERIOUSLY! The girl.. that had to be in her twenties... was SUCKING her THUMB! I nearly had a STROKE! Needless to say sista better be glad that I did not have my camera or I would have chased her down like I did the man in Crossett that likes to wear a dress! HE was in Wal-Mart one day and lets just say that I could not help myself! LOL Jerry if you are reading this... What's up? and where you been man??? I have not seen you lately! Jerry even came to my garage sale once.. Avery was about 3-4 and that is a another story all in itself! Oh, and I should point out that he loves to wear GREEN! NOT kidding! There's a bird! So, back to my thumb sucking story! Can you imagine if dalton would have been in there with me! Oh my WORD!!!! This is almost as good as the footed pj's that I found at Target that would fit ME! But, I can tell you that I would have made a big statement if I would have bought those to have worn to our pajama pokeno night!

Oh, been doing coupons... Got my dish washing tablets the other day.. I bought 2 packages! It was like $9.50 before coupons and $3.50 afterwards! Go MEEE!

So, Beth E and CATHY BROWN! You can settle down now cause I POSTED! Thanks to everyone else checking on me... I am BUSY! Between all my work, kids activities and everything on going I have been meeting myself coming and going! I am loving this weather too.. what about you? Our goal is to get the pool cover off in the next few days!

Have you ever seen anything that has shocked you?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fishin at Papaw Robert's house...

Saturday afternoon we decided at the last minute to head over to papaw Robert's house. This Papaw Robert fellow is my daddy for those new readers out there. After a call to make sure that he was there.. we were quickly packed and were on our way! I have this thing about not liking to go there when he is not there... for one I have to cook when he is not there, but to go there to that empty house makes me think of what it will be like we something happens to him and I can't deal. So, any hoo.. Avery called about half of the way there and told him to be ready to go fishing....

We all put on our knee high rubber boots and take off! We have to wade in water up to our knees, but it was FUN!! Dalton was one of the first ones to catch a fish too! She was so excited.. I wish I would have had my video camera! There was a lot of OH, OH, OH... I got one! I got one! Help me! Help me! It was so funny! The second one that she caught rated higher than the larger one that she caught the first time. If you look REALLY close you can see "the little bitty fishy" that she caught! Any time she sees any kind of animal she starts talking in a little bitty vocie and tells us awww look how cute whatever is! In the above picture you can see Lee trying to BRIBE her to hold it. She was NOT liking that idea at all!

Then, she finally held it and she was like an old pro! When we were still out fishing Lee had put the fish in the bucket, and she was talking really loud in that little bitty voice and said... OH, look! It's flapping its wings! (It was swimming around in the water!)

She is so proud!

If it were up to my daddy he would have had it mounted for her. He got the biggest kick out of listening to her! Avery learned to throw for herself really good! But, that does not mean that she is completely maintenance free. Dalton on the other hand you have to get her set to reel it in and then she reels the line in like she is headed to a fire! It was really hard to get her to slow that down!

Here is my other fisher-woman! This is her holding her fish after her little sister talked her into it saying... Oh, come one Avery it is nothing!

Had to have a little group shot of the girls! (and their fishies!)

Now this fellow on the other hand was inside whipping up supper... 1 1/2" steaks! Have I ever told you he is the BOMB when it comes to cooking!?!?! He even had our steaks topped with jalapeno peppers this night. Normally, it is grilled mushrooms and onions, but I guess he is panning out. Avery requests his chicken and dumplings! They are to die for! These grilled steaks were great too!

We even woke up to pancakes with fresh blueberries that he had taken us to pick a few months before. The girls had to also have fried eggs and bacon. When they smell bacon they go... OH, smells like Papaw Robert's house! I am so thankful they they are able to have these memories already.

*** Post edited to add that we ate ALL the fish for dinner while at Papaws. Except for the itty bitty one that LEE said was too little to clean... so she threw it out with the guts of the ones that he did clean! Guess who found her little bitty fishy!?!?!? Yep! You should have heard her asking WHY we did not eat her little fishy! AND you should have heard her daddy explaining it to her! She actually asked me and papaw Robert and we said... GO ASK YOUR DADDY! LOL

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Very observant child

After we left Wee school today we were sitting at a signal light when I spotted something and just held my breath.... At the top of her little lungs Dalton goes... Mama, look at that man walking and WHY is he carrying a purse? Once again... I DON'T KNOW Dalton! She goes.. boys ain't suppose to carry a purse are they mama!?!? I just say.... NOPE!

This child does not miss any thing! At least the man that likes to wear a dress while doing his rat killing around town has moved. Good grief!

A problem..

Hello. My name is Robin, and I am addicted to diet dr pepper.

I NEVER thought I would say that, but since my run with weight watchers... this is my new problem. Well, next to peach tea that is... but I don't count that as a problem since I technically only get cotton mouth when I don't drink my peach tea, and I get a headache if I don't have a diet dr pepper for a few days. The ones at the Dollar Tree are the best. They are only a BUCK, and are ice cold... they actually are ice cold because when you open it is ices up inside! Once I got one.. got home and opened it and 75% of it gushed out uncontrollably in my kitchen sink. I was devastated! Yes, I had only bought one. Lesson learned!

What are you addicted to?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Leaving ball practice today...

While leaving ball practice today Dalton spots 2 weenie dogs.

Dalton: Ohhh weee look at that little bitty weenie dog!

Me: Oh, yea.. he is cute! (I was not even looking cause I was trying to back out of the drive way..)

Dalton: OH, WEEEE there's another one! They are so cute mama look at em!

Me: Oh, yea they are cute!

Dalton: Why are they called weenie dogs?

Me: I don't know Dalton...

Dalton: I bet it is cause they LOVE to eat weenies!

Yes, people I AM back from Branson. I have been so busy and I am totally worn out. I seriously have to get caught up on my sleep. That is like really high on my to do list for this week! Ball practices have started and I am already running around like a chicken with my head cut off!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello from Branson!

Hey guys! We are in Branson for a few days to trying to relax! Tonight we went to Joe's Crab Shack, and the watched the light show down at Branson landing afterwards.. it was so neat! Now we are back at the inn letting the kids swim! I am in the lobby trying to update but Lee is texting me buggin me about goggles! LOL We spent the day at Branson Landing and it is like a CLEAN Bourbon Street for those of you that have never been there! Tomorrow after swimming we will go to the Dixie Stampede. YEEE HAWW!!! Anyway, got a few fun pictures and can't wait to get home and upload them and write my story! Do ya miss me!?!?! Or did you even know that I was gone? See you soon!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

secret lurker....

I was informed this morning by my lover boy that he had read what I wrote about him on my blog! I was like what!??! You mean the one CONVERSATION post? Needless to say he just rolled his eyes AGAIN! LOL He told me... don't be surprised if you get on there one day and I have said about about YOU!! I laughed.. as to BRING IT ON BOY!!

So, we (meaning ME) are in the process of getting ready to go away for a couple of days for Spring Break! Yesterday Dalton asked me all kinds of questions about Texas (that is NOT where are are going btw) and today she told the girls at Wee school that we were going to Colorado! What does this chic dream about at night!!? She does have 2 bags packed already... slammed full of her BAB stuff. Needless to say I will have to help her re-pack!

Today I am so thankful for this beautiful day, and my great friends. What do you have for break, and what are you thankful for?

Happy Spring and thanks for following me!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Going private part III

I am doing all I can to get everyone hooked up that requested to go private with me. I have had a couple of people tell me that they did not get an invite yet. I have sent everyone a request to the email that you left on the comment section... if you have not gotten this please comment again.... remember that I am not posting these, but if you do not have an addy listed then I can't very well send you one! I deleted each comment as added the address, so there is no way for me to double check! Please if you have my phone number DO NOT call me about this. I am trying to work to get ready to be off a few days during spring break, and can not sit and discuss this! Not tryin to offend, but I am a working girl you know.. that also has to carry on conversation with the 5 year old that is here with me while I am working!

Thanks again...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Negative things... think about it!!

Have you ever noticed how negative some people can be? Do you ever stop and think about the positive things in your life instead of constantly dwelling on the negatives? Do you listen to yourself, and what you talk about during the day? Do you hear the things that you say, and how you say them? Are you thankful for what the good Lord has given you? Or do you constantly complain about things.... every thing.. even the little bitty things!?!?! Or do you know someone that does?

I urge you to pay more attention to yourself, and the people around you. Try to be more positive for the things you have in life, and don't dwell on the negatives. When someone has something negative to say.. do them a favor and point out something positive to them. We all seem to take so many things for granted now a days... and remember that no body likes to be around some one that is negative all the time!

Going private.. part II

I have sent invitations to most of you that have requested to go with me when I go private. The problem is that I have a ton that have requested to go with me, but they did not leave their email in the comment section. If you want to go private with me, and you left an address then you should have gotten an email from me by now. If you have not then you need to comment again on this with an EMAIL address so I can send you an invitation. If I personally do not know you then you need to give me the low down on who you are!

I plan on opening another blog with my goodies on it so there will not be a problem with that. I will let you all know what the bloggy address it.

This is a lot of work, and I am trying my best to get this all done so HELP me and give me the address so I don't have to track you down! LOL So, help me people!

Oh, and BTW got a good story of a conversation that took place last night between me and the 5 year old.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Going private....

**** Hey Blonde girl (Joyce) you gotta comment and leave your email address so I can send you an invite! LOL

Please note that if I don't know you and you have a private blog, and I can not see it then you won't be gettin in to mine either!

Just to let you all know that in a few days I will be going private. With all the NUTS running around out there I have the severe gut feeling that I should do this.. no questions asked! Holler if you want to be a part of it! See ya on the flip side!

Leave a comment with your email address and I will send you an invite... this is the way that it works. And I will not post the comment with you email on it.

P.S. For some reason I feel like I need to say this SLOWLLLYYY for some of you....


Monday, March 9, 2009

Beautiful day

Today Lee and I enjoyed this beautiful day and got out to get the yard in order. We enjoy keeping up our place.. it is a lot of work, but when it is all said and done it makes up appreciate it all so much!

We had a great weekend! We took Avery to a softball tournament this weekend and ended up at Papaw Robert's house Sat night... we walked in the door to fried deer meat, fried okra, french fries, pots and gravy and ONION! LOL He spoils us when we are there! He and Avery even brought me breakfast in bed Sunday morning! We all spent the day with my brother and sister in law and my nephews! Our girls LOVE to spend time with them! They all play together so well and always have a great time! The time got away from us and we did not even make it home until at 9! What a bummer that Monday means SCHOOL!

So, today we get a call that Dillon (my nephew that is closest in age to Avery) was in the ERl! He has broken his arm on the trampoline! Hope you are not in too much pain Dillon.... we will talk to you soon! We will get you some lessons from Avery on how NOT to have that happen! LOL

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Sorry that I have been MIA.. just have not wanted to blog lately! Yes, I am fine. Thanks for the calls and emails. Actually, I was kinda looking for Beth E to show up on my door step any day now! I thought about holding out just to see how long it did take her to show up! Hee Hee!

I am SOOOO ready for this weekend.. finally something different going on! Dalton has been working me over time hitting the potty every 10 minutes (and NO I am not joking) she went to the Dr today and she has a bladder infection! This weekend we went out with another couple to eat and I kid you not when I say that she went to potty like 10 times in the hour and a half that we were there!

I was on strike last week as far as picking up after people that live with me. This week is a new week, and as long as they understand that what is not put back in its place goes in the trash then they all can continue to live here! Dalton has already had a couple of mini break downs, but I think I am getting the point across. I am NOT their maid. Unless they want to pay me for those services then we can renegotiate the contract... otherwise.. FORGET IT! It's on like a chicken bone cause this chic means bees-wax! As of right now I am not moving out... I don't guess..

And no this is not a suicide note... but to all my wonderful girlfriends... thank you for always being you and for not trying to be some goody two shoes that you (we) are not... thank you for loving my girls and me too... thank you for thinking enough about me to ask my opinion and yet not get po'ed when I tell you the truth... thank you for trusting me with your children.. thank you for throwing a fit and letting me listen...thank you for making me feel normal... thank you for just sitting and talking to me like a normal human being...thank you for being adults... thank you for all the wonderful encouraging words.. thank you for your time... thank you for YOU!

God knows that I am missing time from certain people in my life, and I find myself filling this blank spot in my heart with certain people.. and you know who you are.. especially on Mondays. Thank you. What would I do without you? You turn my 2 hours in to 4, but I don't mind. Lee doesn't mind either... not matter how much he mouths about it.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Me: in the house working when he calls for me to come out and pick out shingles.. it does not take me but a minute, and I am back inside to get busy again...

Lee: Comes in....Where are those papers from the roofer??

Me: You took them to the insurance company..

Lee: Yes, I KNOW that but I brought them back and GAVE them to YOU!

Me: UUHHHH, NO you did NOT give them to ME!

Lee: YES, I did! WHERE would YOU have put them when I gave them to YOU!?

Me: That does not matter cause you did NOT give them back to me.

Lee: YES, I DID!

Me: Read my lips boy!!! NO, YOU DID NOT.... (putting up the dishes at this point) I asked you for them, and you informed me you still have them in your truck!

Lee: No, I brought them in and laid them down...

Me: WAIT.. I thought you GAVE them to ME!!?!?

Lee: Lee rolling his eyes at me says "I DID!"

ME: I am fixing to slap you if you don't get away from my computer desk!! ( I mean business about my piles of papers!)

Lee: Laughing... they are in this house some where.. WHERE would they be!?

Me: folding up clothes and getting hostile by the second

Lee: Well, I am just going to call the insurance guy and ask if he has the copy

Me: Oh, you mean the copy that is telling him that he was wrong on the appraisal? THAT is really organized Lee!

Lee: Well, YOU have the papers some where in this house.

Me: no I do not have the freaking papers... GET OUT OF THE BILLS.. THOSE ARE BILLS.. GET out of the pile! An ESTIMATE would not be in the BILL pile!

Lee: blah, blah, blah (at this point I ain't even listening any more!) I mean come on!

Me: at this point have folded clothes, put them up, put the clean dishes up, made 2 bed and just picked up in general

Lee: frantically digging in drawers and looking every where but in the refrigerator cause he just KNOWS those papers are in this house

Me: I go out to his truck (the spot that he started the search in the first place) and opened the door, crawled up in the dang thing, pulled down the visor, got the piece of paper, got out of the truck, shut the door, came back in and started rattling the paper like a maniac while he was on the phone with the poor insurance lady..... and I said to him... HERE YA GO!


Me: I guess I had neatly folded it and put it above the visor in your truck!

Lee: rolled his eyes.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Please lift our family up in prayers... We need lots of them over the next few days! I will not go in to detail, but everything is appreciated!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Different color bag....

Here is a sample of the second bag... the lettering would be the royal blue! Only 2 left! Email for details... be sure to see the last post for measurements etc.

New bag.. very limited!

BLACK/WHITE polka dotted bag SOLD OUT!

This laminated bag is 20 inches wide X 15 inches tall with a Velcro closure at the top. There is one little side zipper pocket in the bag. I only have a limited number of these! The vinyl lettering is available in lime green, electric blue, hot pink, light pink, purple, red, yellow, orange, and teal. The name will be on one side of the bag. Your font choice is curlz like Avery.
Or this font that can be sure for a boy or a girl!
Email for prices. These are first come.. first serve!
You can wipe this clean! These are great for the pool, a baby bag, an over night bag, teachers gifts, birthday parties, or even for yourself!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I was SOOO wrong...

So, the other night (2 nights ago) I decided that I would do some sit ups... So, after breaking a sweat and starting to feel the burn.. I thought I had done enough (this really meaning that I could not do any more!) I stopped with 7ish... oh, lets just round the number up to 10.. you know cause it sounds SOOOO much better... no pain, no gain right!?!?!? And here I was thinking that I had not bettered myself when low and behold tonight I sneezed and almost started to cry... MY STOMACH is so SORE that it actually hurt and hurt really bad when I sneezed! I know... sad huh!??! But I am TRYING!

P.S. Don't be a hater! It ain't healthy!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


For pricing email me at This way I will be sure to answer all of your questions.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Poppa Louis comes to vist!

This is my brother, Robert Louis.. aka Poppa Louis to my girls.... Dalton took up with him on this visit and REALLY talked... she even went up to him and said... Hey, you wanna pick me up to see if you can tell if I am 5!?!?!?
Needless to say he enjoyed this... if you know Dalton she will either talk your head off of NOT SAY A WORD! He also gave her a business card with his number so she can call him... I am going to tell her to tell him next time that she charges to carry around business cards like that! Her build a bear fund is depleted and she needs to start rat holing again!
I enjoyed my visit with Robert Louis.. come back again some time will ya!??! LOL

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Papaw Robert turns 63!

Can you tell by the look on her face that he LOVES the cake!? Ding dong... any one home?! This son of a gun is to DIE FOR! Oh, and don't try to eat it without milk.. just not possible!

Just look at all those moist layers.... oh, don't even get me started!
Don't you just love the romantic glow that a cake with 63 candles puts off? LOL It got really hot quick! Avery insisted on the 63 candles! He loved it, but you certainally can't tell by the look on his face here... LIVEN UP BOY! You fixin to get to eat some ding dong cake BEFORE supper! LOL Avery did not want to take a chance that we would be too full after we ate dinner! Papaw told her that he liked the way that she thinks!

Somebody call 911 before all the wax melts and ruins the cake!

Check out the proud look on Dalton's face. Daddy was opening the bird feeders that they girls made one day! He even gasped when he opened it.. he saw how proud the girls were. He better have em hanging up the next time we go or his name just might be MUD!

Avery was in charge of getting his gifts wrapped! She really get into all of that now a days!

Well, looky at the birthday boy! All laid back and comfy like he is at a party that is all about him!

This Dalton waiting in the kitchen patiently... trying to be quite! This is really hard for her when Papaw Robert is here!
Anyway, his birthday was Jan 22 and I have not been in the mood to post much here lately! I am trying to get better.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Make up bags....

I have some more make up bags in! I have white, black, chocolate, lime green, hot pink and electric blue!!

8 oz sippy cup with straw

Here is a new sippy cup that I have. The straw folds up and down! They are very cute!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Just wondering.....

WHY would a 5 year old boy ask my daughter at Wee school if she wanted to LICK TONGUES!? Just so you all know... she was grossed out by it! She wanted you (the little boy) to know if she did in fact lick tongues with you that SHE would have germs...

I have often wondered that if someone has a problem with you then why can't they be an adult and agree to talk it out? We are not in high school.. or at least I am not anyway!

Oh, and wouldn't it be so funny that if they (they being the someone that won't hardly talk to you) needed a recipe from you so they recruited someone else call you to get, and then after the fact someone told you how much THEY appreciated your recipe that SUCH AND SUCH gave them.. and when told about it you knew EXACTLY where is came from because the person that they had call you to get it never hard ever in fact calls you either! Are ya with me!?!? BTW... I'm flattered!

Do you have someone that you know that says things to you that THEY maybe think are funny, but it truly hurts your feeling or makes you mad? I DO! And I have said things back to the person, but it seems to NOT get the point across?

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nothing is free any more...

BUT THIS! Today while out working I heard 2 different commercials offering free stuff. All you gotta do is sign up for it! Free toothpaste!

And my favorite On this one you get to pick either a 2 liter, or a 20 oz. This is my drink of choice since my Weight Watchers days!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

update on cuteness...

Santa brought Dalton some furry flip flop house shoes.. she refers to them as FLIPPERS.

Today me and little D were heading to get Avery from school and it was cold and had been raining.. she says to me... mama, if Avery does not have her jacket on then YOU need to give HER a talking to! Now if you know Dalton you know the look she was giving me with her eyes too! She is a HOOT!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Someone asked me what was BAB? That is short for Build A Bear! Dalton is totally in love with her Lily Claire. I will try to get pictures of her with her baby soon.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I drove by Starbucks today....

& DID NOT not have the least little urge to pull in! In fact, Avery goes... OH NO there's Starbucks! I said... who wants to go to Starbucks!?!?!? Everyone in the car (everyone being me, Dalton, Lily Claire, Avery and Blaire .. Avery's BAB!) hollered NOOOOOooooooooo! LOL (except they/we/I did not laugh afterwards!) I sware I even heard Lily Claire holler too!

So looka here people. Say this with me slowly... ROBIN NO LIKEY COFFEE...

Now on to part 2 of the therapy session... Once again... slowly now... ROBIN NO LIKELY ESPRESSO. ESPRESSO MAKE THE HAIR STAND UP ON ROBIN'S BACK!

So, if you think I am going to go out and buy anything coffee/espresso realated then I don't know what to tell ya cause IT AIN'T HAPPENING!!!! So, if you want me to try it then you either need to either send me a Starbucks gift card in the mail, or do a drive by and leave me some frappathingys on the front porch cause I AIN'T BUYING IT WITH MY MOO-LA! Oh, and address is available upon request.

P.S. MO, did not see any of your kinfolks roaming around in McAlister's today in WM! What's up with THAT!?!?! Meet me next time in the parking lot... Oh, and you know the one I am talking about and bring your frapa-lappy drink, and I will take a swaller! But, you may want to get on the other side of the Hummer when I do.... you know.. just for safety purposes!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Outting to Starbucks

So, for those of you that know me you know that I HATE coffee. Say it slowly with me... ROBIN HATES HER SOME COFFEE! Like some of it KINDA smells good, but if I get it close to my nose I will literally gag. NO JOKING! I can't even tell you the last time that I had even tasted it. Then, my bloggy friend Lindsay just totally insists on me trying something from Starbucks... A grande skinny french vanilla latte with an extra something another... shot I think. So, we went to Monroe a few weeks back and here goes the conversation between me and Avery (the 10 1/2 year old.. and Dalton butts in there every now in then too cause she is all worried about going to build a bear)

Me while driving.. makes a sudden turn left that is not our usual route.

Avery: Mama, WHERE are we going?

Me: Oh, you just wait and see....

Dalton: I thought I was going to get to go to Build A Bear FIRST when we got to Monroe!?!?!
(*Note.. Dalton calls the MALL.. Monroe. I can not for the life of me make her understand that it is THE MALL and NOT Monroe. I guess that since we always go to the mall when in Monroe then that is just what she has stuck in her head!!!!)

Me: Dalton, we ARE in Monroe..

Dalton: No we are not. We are NOT at Monroe yet...
NO, when we GET to Monroe Avery said that I could go to Build a Bear first.

Me: Ok.. Whatever!

Avery: WHAT DOES THAT SAY? Starbucks!?!?!?! WHY are we going to STARBUCKS!?!? Mama, remember WE don't drink coffee!!!!!!!??!?!?!

Me: Pulling the ride into Starbucks...

Avery: Oh, NOOOoooo! Are WE fixing to actually DRINK COFFEE?

Dalton: I AIN'T GOING IN THERE TO DRINK COFFEE.. I'm going to build a bear!

Me: Dalton, you can't sit in the car by yourself!

Dalton: Well, I ain't drinking any coffee. I don't like it!

So, we ALL unload to go in Starbucks... Me, Avery, Dalton, and Lily Claire. Lily Claire being the build a bear. Oh, and Lily Claire is actually a dog.

We walk in..

Avery: Eyes really big while grabbing her nose... peeeyouuuuuWEEEE it stinks in here!

Me: EWW it sure does!

Dalton: Telling Lily Claire to DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING while we are in this store.. DO YOU HEAR ME!?!?! (um, wonder where she has heard that before!!!)

Me and Avery: lingering by the food section.. actually drooling on the glass if I remember correctly

Starbucks guy: May I help you?

Me: umm... my friend tells me that I just HAVE to try a grande skinny french vanilla latte with an extra shot... Oh, and you can make it NOT taste like coffee.. cause I don't like coffee! **big smile**

Starbucks guy: Well, then you DO NOT want a extra shot..

Me: Oh, I'll take the extra shot if it is that French Vanilla creamer/flavoring stuff...

Starbucks guy: Well, actually it is the ESPRESSO!

Me: WHAT? It's got espresso in it!?!? Oh, no.. I don't like espresso!

Starbucks guy: secretly thinking I am a nut case I am sure... cause he is just kinda looking at me with his head all tilted sideways like a dog when you talk to them...

Me: Well, just do whatever you gotta do it to so I DO NOT taste coffee or espresso what so EVER.. and BTW we better skip that extra shot today!

Starbucks guy: Ok, I'll fix you up!

Avery: Turning to look at me....Mama, I'm scared!

Me: Me too Avery

Starbucks guy: Here ya go mam.. try this and see what you think...

Me: I take it from him...

Avery: her eyes are HUGE at this point

Me: I take a little swaller

Avery: WELL?

Me: hum, well I guess I could drink it if I HAD too...

Avery: here.. let me try it!

Dalton: I'm NOT drinking it so don't even ask!

Avery: Takes a swig and almost pukes on the counter... and gives it back to me she says I DO NOT like that foamy stuff OR that TASTE... eww what is that nasty taste!?!?!?

Starbucks guy: that's the espresso.. so, what do you think?

Me: I have to be honest...I do not like it ( I know that Lindsay just gasped!!!)

Starbucks guy: Ok, then tell me what you DO like so I can try to make you something that you will like!

Me: hot chocolate.. with french vanilla and sugar

Starbucks guy: then I will make you one of those!

Me: after tasting the new cup that he gave me... I say that is much better!

Avery: still is not liking the foamy stuff on the top

.... we pay $3.50 something another and leave with our 2 drinks.. Avery finally gets all the foam off the top of the hot chocolate...she tells me that it is TOO STRONG tasting, so I had to explain to her that they use REAL stuff.. not Swiss Miss like we do at home!!! I tell her that I think it is too strong too... bitter really! I would rather have Swiss Miss myself with a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of french vanilla creamer in it.. LOL She tells me that MY hot chocolate is MUCH better than theirs! We make it to down the road about a mile and I said... I can't take it any more.. I gotta get rid of this! She says.. ME TOO!!!! Avery says... we just ain't Starbucks girls are we mama!?!?!?

* Note to the guy at Starbucks.... Thanks for being so nice, and not talking about us until after we left.. CAUSE I AM SURE YOU DID! LOL

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Give me an A!!!!

Congratulations to Avery for making all A's again! She was so excited when I got her from school yesterday.. I could see her smiling almost a mile away! She has worked very hard for this, and she deserves it! I think there were only 2 in her class with all A's!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RIP my Razor...

Yesterday my cell started acting all crazy by turning itself off CONSTANTLY!!! Then, today it got even worse! I took it to get it fixed only to find out that it had a SHORT in it... umm humm yea right! And if I would have had insurance on it then it would have been covered... yep, heard that one before too! LOL But, there would have been a heck of a deductible too.. so, either way I was going to have to dig in my little fake Dooney & Burke purse, and cough up some monies on my trip to get my OLD PHONE FIXED. So, now I am the owner of a new phone that tells me that it is November 16, 2008, and that it is 11:14 am. Oh, and the best part is that it wont even ring right now. Oh, and what about ALLLL my ring tones you may ask!?!?!? I DON'T HAVE ANY GOOD RING TONES ANY MORE!!!! But, thank you for ASKING!!! And YES, that I am a little bitter about!!
What's up people!?!?!? YES, I am here. The crying is still going on some. I am being tough.... as hard as it is she is NOT going to work me over! I just drink me a beer and take a valumn when I first get up and that makes me handle it all a lot better.... JUST JOKING PREACHER MAN!!! Anyway, she ain't gonna work me over! Dalton cried again on Monday... then did not on Tues and Wed, but did pucker up a couple of times during the say. What's the problem you may ask!?!??! Well, she wants her sweet mama!!! (that is what she told me anyway! LOL)

Last night we had Pokeno, and Lee was working 12 hr graveyards so a the girls went to a friends house. BTW, A BIG THANKS TO Mr. John!!! Well, guess what happened... she turned the tears on BIG TIME! I took her to the bathroom (this is where the spanking happens in our house... GASP, yes, we spank IF needed... try it with your kids.. IT WORKS! lol ) But, I took her in there to tell her that in fact I was going to Pokeno... well, she informed me... in her little redneck voice... I just want to go to Pokeno with you mama... (Note to self...... Be strong Robin... she is working you!!!!) So, I told her to suck it up cause I was going to Pokeno without her! That she was staying and playing and having a good time and that is just the way it was going to be... We leave out the door... she screams her head off... we get like what maybe 6-8 streets over.. we call and she is FINE! So, what cha think? She's working me ain't she!?!?

Oh, and Kami.. as you know I had been wanting TACO SOUP.. it was yummy and the apple dumplings... WHAT CAN I SAY ABOUT THAT!?!?! You know they are a pokeno fav!

And did I win at Pokeno? I got a beautiful picture frame as a door prize, got to eat some yummy grub, and had great fellowship with some lovely laides... so in my eyes... Yes, I won!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Crying... EVERYDAY!!!

Every single day this week I have left Dalton crying at Wee school. I don't know what the deal is! She LOVES it there! She gets in the car every day... and is so excited about what all they have made or about what they sang or about her getting to be the leader. If I had to guess it would be that she is so off schedule from the holidays... I did not make her go while Avery was out of school.. so she went to bed a little later and got to sleep a little later too every day. BUT not only is she crying when I leave her but she has a couple of break downs during the day too. I talked to her about it the last couple of days asking her if someone was being mean and just trying to figure out what is up!! Finally in her soft little voice she says to me... I just want YOU mama!!! I just can't take it! No, I am not pulling her out to keep her at home with me because HELLO PEOPLE.. I work!! If she does this to me during school next year I will not be able to handle it. I hate to leave her crying.. I have NEVER had to do this before with Avery and my nerves can't take it. She will be at school as long as I take her.. I will just be heart broken all day with how I know that I had to leave her.. but now her daddy is another story.. he will not leave her. So, I am going to have to work on both of them before the school year starts!

Maybe she is feeling like me.. just burnt out. I don't even want to blog any more. I mean WHY do I blog anyway? I have LOTS of hits, and a few comments but does that make it worth it? No, not really! I don't expect a million comments, but it does keep me going if I know that someone cares.

Sorry for the long write up and no pictures.. I have an appt at 9:30 and just had a few minutes to spare after I got the beds made, supper laid out and clothes in the washer!! Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Growing up...

Today while watching Avery it hit me.. look at her!!!! She is growing up so fast!!! So many changes this year... She is so sweet and thoughtful. They talked about bills yesterday in one of her classes... last night she brought me a little piggy bank half filled with changed and wanted me to cash it in so she could help out with our bills! I nearly fell out! I assured her that mama and daddy worked to make sure that our bills were taking care of, but that we sure appreciated her thinking of us like that! This little girl thinks of everyone else before she thinks of herself! How many 10 1/2 year olds do you know that does that!?!? If you don't know this child you are missing out...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shop is now OPEN..

Thank you for asking!!!!!