Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Valentine's day surprise....

First of all turn your hard side ways if you want to see the picture cause I don't have time to figure out how to turn it! Sorry!

I came home to this sitting at the front door on Valentine's Day. I HATE flowers because they just die and to me are a waste. I also HATE them because my mother had a flower shop for years, and I was made to work there every day after school and then weekends... and especially during the holidays... and she made me DUST which I really hated... ANYWAY, I got these from my step dad and boy was it a very welcomed surprise! The girls got coke packs, a bear each and balloons which I NEVER buy....

I'm gettin' me some sugars this weekend.....

This is my very best friend.... "Cathy Brown" Actually, she is not a Brown any more BUT she is to me!!! That is what I have called her for years and she still answers to it so as long as it works right? LOL We have been friends for so many years now!!!! She even knew my mamaw (papaw Roxie) before she knew me!! This is also my sweet little friend Caetlyn.... Cathy tried forever to have a baby and LOOK!!! She is so cute! They are coming to her mom's house this weekend and I am going to get me SOME SUGARS!!!!! I can't wait!!!! My girls are excited too cause they love Cathy's mother! (and so do I!)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lexie Bell at Mee Mee and Papaw's house......

I went by the check on Lexie Bell at Mee Mee's house when she was only 5 days old......
What was she doing? Looks to me like she was day dreaming about her mama, daddy and big sister.... Remember that her big sis had 105* and the flu in the middle of the night their first night home, so they had to be apart for like 5-7 days with Mykayla being fever free. I think that last night was their first night at home together.....

Monday, February 18, 2008

Newborn at home.... 2 yr old has FLU!!

Well, David and Melissa made it home yesterday with Lexie... only to find MyKayla during the night with 105* temp!!!! They took her to the ped. first thing this am and she has the FLU!!! The ped. told Melissa that Mykayla could NOT be around the baby for 5-7 days! Mykayla was NOT doing well at home at all with David's mother (she has never really been around her), so they opted to keep Mykayla at home with Melissa and the new little Lexie had to go to her papaw and Mee-Mee's house...... which is right across town. Melissa is devastated to say the least... they left her standing in the yard crying like a baby! I can not imagine! Mee-Mee called me tonight and the baby is doing great! So, hopefully this will pass fast and they can all be back at home together and enjoy the new baby! Someone is going to go and get Melissa tomorrow and take her to her Aunt's house and let her shower before she goes to Mee-Mee's house to go with them to take Lexie back to the ped. Poor Melissa.... I feel so badly that this is happening! I am just thankful that she has family to help her out! I took Mykayla some homemade soup tonight.... she usually eats everything I cook, so maybe this will help out a little bit.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Welcome Lexie Bell!

Some of our friends (David and Melissa) just had their second little girl on Friday morning. We
play cards every weekend that we can, so now it is going to get a little more interesting! They
already have a 2 year old named Mykayla... my girls are good about keeping her entertained,
so now we get to enjoy Lexie too! OH, Mykayla calls Avery... MY AVERY!!! She was sleeping the entire time I was in the room, but when the girls came in this is what happened! Lexie had to see what her new little girl friend were up to!!! After we left Dalton goes.... Uhhh, mama! Does Mrs. Melissa know that her baby does not have any TEEF!??!?!
I love baby feet!!!!!

Avery had company!

Dalton had to get in on the action with Avery's company too!
One Sat afternoon I surprised Avery by inviting one of her best friends over to play! I was cleaning up the house, and she jumped right in and took over and did so many things for me without me asking her!! This little girl is SO funny! They play so good together (even with Dalton being right in the middle of them!) They entertained me when I went out with my camera!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Make up bags!!!!!

I have these bags in white, hot pink, electric blue, lime green and (1) orange. They are great for birthday gifts, teacher gifts, Valentine gifts, graduation gift, or a gift for yourself! They are $20. Plus shipping.

Bring on the DIAMONDS!!!!!

Mrs. Jennifer was SO sweet... she is the same lady that did Avery's ears!!! Dalton NEVER stopped smiling!
She did get this shocked looking smile on her face............
She was SO proud.... on the way out she said.. Mama my ears got really hot!
Now when in Wal-mart she points out the girls at the jewelry department!
She turns her earrings herself, and reminds me to doctor them!

Hog Wild!!!

Today is a baby shower for a very good freind of mine. She and hubby are huge hog fans. I have the lap bib and the burp rag in the bag INSIDE of the bag all wrapped up!
This is a lap bib.

And this is a matching burp rag!