Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin patch 2009

This is how almost all my pictures turned out! I had to chase her if I wanted pictures! We were not there for too long until we went on the hay ride out to the fields to pick out pumpkins. There were so many pumpkins that were ruined because of all the rain that we had for like 15 days or more... It was really sad to see all the damage. (ok so this is suppose to be the first thing you read, but I am too lazy to move it so work with me!)
We had a FAST and furious trip to the pumpkin patch in Grady, Arkansas this week with Dalton's kindergarten class.. First of all we left 40 minutes late as a result of waiting on the school buses. Don't even get me stated on that! Since we had to be back by a certain time I knew it was going to be crazy and it was!!!

There were SOOO many pumpkins there were rotten, flattened and just plain ruined! You would pick it up by the stem and the stem would just break off. We finally found a pumpkin that did not have a rotten spot in it....

This child is such a ham! You can NOT make her be still hardly or smile with doing that "thing" with her nose... I don't know where she got that from but it drives me NUTS!

The porta potties freaked my child out, and I am totally surprised that she would even "go" in one of them... Let me tell you how it went down... I held her over the potty! Every single time.. WHEW! And if you know her you know that she goes alot!

Run, run, run... guess that means that she really enjoyed herself! I was so glad that they decided to go even if it was a super fast trip!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dalton is 6....

On August the 6th Dalton FINALLY turned 6... and the very next day when she woke up she announced to me that she was ALMOST 7!!!!! She is still so tiny to me. But, is so growny now that she is coming home telling us all the "happenings" from school! 2 boys are fighting over who is going to sit/stand/etc by her.. how funny is THAT?

She loves her daddy with all her heart.. and me too I think cause after I was talking about my trip to NY today she announced to me that I WOULD NOT be going to NY again because she missed me too much ! LOL She loves animals.. no matter how big or small. She also loves her build a bears..... and their WARDROBE! She is a HAM! You really have to know her to appreciate it. She comes out of her shell when we least expect it!

See what I mean!

She loves to call her Papaw Robert! Oh, and she LOVES her some Ben Coulter... she sings with him to the top of her lungs!

She is SOO funny! I say that she gets her humor me from ME! But she is also a redneck... she gets that from her daddy! They both are so country talking.. I wish I could get her singing on video and post it for you to hear!

She just had her birthday party, so I have pictures from that too... we make her cake/cupcakes! We had the BEST time doing that too!

Peace out peeps! Cause sister ain't far from being 7!!! LOL

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Green grass and crayons....

This afternoon I found myself laying outside on my belly in the grass with the girls coloring... You know it is the small things in life that makes for the best memories! I hope they will one day remember this wonderful day as well....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I am getting it together...

Dalton says that she is no longer my little baby... I had to officially cut the cord this year, and send her to Kindergarten! And boy did it HURT me! She can say what she wants, but she is STILL my baby! She was such a big girl until her mama had a little meltdown in the class room, and when she latched on to my legs crying I knew that I had to suck it up or it was gonna be really bad....

She LOVES Mrs. Harper so far.... the day we went to orientation she leaned down to Dalton's level to talk to her and Dalton latched on to her and hugged her... I melted right then and there!!! I know Mrs. Harper from way back then as a person, and she has always been the same sweet talking lady every time you saw her.

I shut down shop for a while to decide if I wanted to close my blog all together or not. And after all the personal emails that I got from the bloggy friends alone checking on me to make sure that I was ok... I have to keep on going! Thanks so much girls for letting me know that you care. I have a lot of changes going on with me, and one of those things is a personal decision to cut down on computer time and phone time. I am not on the phone a lot due to work, but my time when my girls are not at school is much more important to me now. I check a lot of blogs, but don't always have the time to comment... I am trying to fit everything in and it is HARD! Thanks for hanging in there with me peeps!!!!

Beth, I thought you would have been here by now... Promises, promises.. well, threats actually, but dang it woman I knew you would just show up one day! LOL


Dalton had her mind set that she wanted a new hair cut for school!!! Here is the back view.... And here is the side view, and if you know her you know that she LOVES her fancy earrings!

So don't think she was going to her first day of K without a new fancy pair on! I just knew MO would hook a sista up! LOL And Avery... she is getting so big! I can't believe that when I took Avery for her 1st day of K.. Heavy D was less than a week only and was in a tiny carrier....

I was still fine at this point until I walked back inside to get my purse, and there was a text on my phone from Ms. Pam... At that time I thought.. OMG I am NOT going to do so well at this today!! And of all things.. Lee was working days!

My 11 year old 6th grader, and barely 6 year old K...... WOW! So hard for me to believe!

This is going to be a great year... full of new things for us all! I know I have alot to update on, and if the picture uploader thing will cooperate then maybe I can get caught up some!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting ready to hit the road...

I am turning over a new leaf people! I had a new years resolution to do some things for myself this year BESIDES going to the dentist or my gyno-ca-logicial appointment! Yes, I do play pokeno one a month, but should I really even count that 2 1/2 hours that flies by? I mean it feels like I am there like 15 minutes! So, I would say NOOOO!!! So, with that being said... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!

I am going to NEW YORK CITYYYYYYYYY!!! Avery's dance teacher has workshops there, and she needed me to hold her hand on the airplane! Seriously! She is a BASKET CASE!!!! And then I needed a running buddy cause don't think I was going to sit there for 3 days watching gay men in leotards do their thang.. no thanks! So, my well traveled SIL is going too! We have big plans while there too! I can't not WAIT!! Oh, we leave tomorrow afternoon!

Now I am sure that I will have LOTS to share! Just so you know I am so deep into motherhood that I have only been away from my, not much EVER!!! Like to let you see what I mean Dalton went to Papaw Robert's house with her daddy last year to hunt while I was here with Avery for school. And Avery just has stayed a night here and there at friends houses. So, I wonder who this is going to be the hardest on!?!?! I am looking forward to it, and know that I will have LOTS of great stories to share when I get back! I have told myself that I can NOT feel guility about this trip!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Did I DIE? Noo...

But thanks for checking on me! Gonna try to do better... I PROMISE!

So, here are somethings that have been going on...

1. Dalton lost her first tooth... It was the day that we had her league softball party here... About 10 minutes before the party actually started and the drama started SOOO Lee had to pay her $5 to let him near her just to pull it! She could take her tongue and push it completely side ways out ! GA-ROSS But, even w her little bit of drama Avery is still the winner in that department! Ta-RUST me on that one! Good LAWD!

2. We are finally done with our traveling softball.. not really we, but good grief when I go to every single happening I can get away with saying WE! We played in Monticello (only about 45 minutes away) in the State tournament and got 4th. Kinda glad we ended up with that or there would have been an invite to go to Texas and the girls have to stay with HOST families... I would have to hope that by me being perched in their front yard in a TENT would not have been an issue. I would have only bothered them when I needed to potty... or to check on my 11 year old baby.. OR unless I got like really hot and needed to come in and take a breather in the ac... other than that I am sure that I would have been totally fine with letting my child stay in a complete strangers house! YIKES!

3. Everything is finally over... no more league softball or dance for 2, gymnastics or traveling softball... Is it really over? PINCH ME! And if I am dreaming... DO NOT WAKE ME!

4. We went blueberry picking on Father's day and it was just.. well, how do you say it!?!?! Oh, wait! HOT AS HELL! It was so hot that I did not even THINK to get the camera out.. Like we worked like a bunch of freaking DOGS to get what we got and I am not even joking... My daddy was having a really hard time and normally he is a trooper in the heat! Up in there picking and the sun shinning on you and no breeze makes for a not so fun trip! I ended up getting a little sick that day actually... It was horrible! Heat index that day was 106*!!! BUT, there will be another trip because I do not have enough berries to last me until next year! Yes, I am a piggy when it comes to those fresh blueberries!

Ok stopping at #4 tonight because tomorrow I am taking my little women to Monroe! We gotta get up and get w the program in the am! Avery has been working for Lee and with me and Dalton has tooth fairy money burning a hole in her pocket!

Oh, one more thing.. My BFF came from a quick visit last weekend and we were in the pool. I had on my 2 piece... Don't worry I am NOT one of those gals that thinks it is cute to plaster pictures of myself in a 2 piece all over the internet! But as we were sitting on the steps talking Dalton goes... um, mama you need to check yourself! I was like WHAT? She kinda said it again very softly and pointed to my boobs... This kid is so funny!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009