Friday, January 30, 2009

Just wondering.....

WHY would a 5 year old boy ask my daughter at Wee school if she wanted to LICK TONGUES!? Just so you all know... she was grossed out by it! She wanted you (the little boy) to know if she did in fact lick tongues with you that SHE would have germs...

I have often wondered that if someone has a problem with you then why can't they be an adult and agree to talk it out? We are not in high school.. or at least I am not anyway!

Oh, and wouldn't it be so funny that if they (they being the someone that won't hardly talk to you) needed a recipe from you so they recruited someone else call you to get, and then after the fact someone told you how much THEY appreciated your recipe that SUCH AND SUCH gave them.. and when told about it you knew EXACTLY where is came from because the person that they had call you to get it never hard ever in fact calls you either! Are ya with me!?!? BTW... I'm flattered!

Do you have someone that you know that says things to you that THEY maybe think are funny, but it truly hurts your feeling or makes you mad? I DO! And I have said things back to the person, but it seems to NOT get the point across?

Have a great weekend!


The Perry Family said...

yes dear...i do have one of those people in my life and it is my sister in law of all people. jeez!

Lindsay said...

Sounds like this person needs some Starbucks!!! he he. Or, maybe you need the Starbucks in front of them, so after they are wearing it they might just remember that it's easier to talk things out!

Go get some hot cocoa and enjoy your weekend!! You deserve it!

Remember that as much as we want to, we can't control other people or the way they choose to handle situations. Unfortunately, not every one is as perfect as we are :))

Oh, and no tongue licking this weekend!

Maury said...

Wheh...I think I am following ya on all that!

I'm glad ya aint none directly talking about me! haha

I don't know why someone would ask to LICK tongues...yep, that is very gross. That is the same thing I was wondering when Noah was in preschool and in the bathrooom, a boy said, "hey, lets have a pee war" and then PEED all over him! YUCK! Now you know why I homeschool! j/k

Beth E. said...

As the mother of two boys, I can tell you that at 5 yrs. they are just beginning to understand (and enjoy) that they can gross you out. They take great pride in doing this...especially to little girls! Most likely the boy knew the effect it would have on your daughter! Either that, or this boy's parents need to monitor what he watches on TV!

I totally agree with your second paragraph...yes, PLEASE tell me face-to-face if there's a problem. I can't stand drama and the little games people closest friends are the ones who just "tell it like it is"...they do it with love and kindness, of course, but they are completely open and honest. I admire that in a person!

I used to get so worked up over the way certain other people acted...Now, I try to remember that this world is made up of all kinds of people with various personalities...If I can accept the fact that their behavior is just who they are, and try...really TRY not to take it personally, then I can let it roll off my back. Not gonna pretend that I'm always successful with that mindset, but I'm getting much better.

Of course, if you and I lived closer together, you know we'd get along great! We could team up and straighten everyone else out. ;o) haha