Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's up people!?!?!? YES, I am here. The crying is still going on some. I am being tough.... as hard as it is she is NOT going to work me over! I just drink me a beer and take a valumn when I first get up and that makes me handle it all a lot better.... JUST JOKING PREACHER MAN!!! Anyway, she ain't gonna work me over! Dalton cried again on Monday... then did not on Tues and Wed, but did pucker up a couple of times during the say. What's the problem you may ask!?!??! Well, she wants her sweet mama!!! (that is what she told me anyway! LOL)

Last night we had Pokeno, and Lee was working 12 hr graveyards so a the girls went to a friends house. BTW, A BIG THANKS TO Mr. John!!! Well, guess what happened... she turned the tears on BIG TIME! I took her to the bathroom (this is where the spanking happens in our house... GASP, yes, we spank IF needed... try it with your kids.. IT WORKS! lol ) But, I took her in there to tell her that in fact I was going to Pokeno... well, she informed me... in her little redneck voice... I just want to go to Pokeno with you mama... (Note to self...... Be strong Robin... she is working you!!!!) So, I told her to suck it up cause I was going to Pokeno without her! That she was staying and playing and having a good time and that is just the way it was going to be... We leave out the door... she screams her head off... we get like what maybe 6-8 streets over.. we call and she is FINE! So, what cha think? She's working me ain't she!?!?

Oh, and Kami.. as you know I had been wanting TACO SOUP.. it was yummy and the apple dumplings... WHAT CAN I SAY ABOUT THAT!?!?! You know they are a pokeno fav!

And did I win at Pokeno? I got a beautiful picture frame as a door prize, got to eat some yummy grub, and had great fellowship with some lovely laides... so in my eyes... Yes, I won!


Laken said...

You sure aren't letting her get over on you , are ya? Good job! You're doing better than I know I could. Glad you had a grand time last night! :) :)

Beth E. said...

What the heck is Pokeno??? Glad to hear you are staying strong with your little one. It sure can be tough to do, though!

I used to take care of kids (a long, LONG time ago). There was a little boy who did exactly the same thing with HIS mom...screamed his head off until she left (she was sobbing, too), then before she got out of the driveway he'd wipe his eyes, grin at me, and run off to play with the others!!! He had her RIGHT where he wanted her. lol

Hang in there...have another beer. (Just kidding, Pastor) :o)

Anonymous said...

Good for you for not letting her put one over on you! I love your blog, it is so refreshing to read about other peoples "normal" life. You know the "normal" were we have problems but somehow make it through. I don't usually comment because I am supposed to be working while I am on the computer...gasp!
Melissa Y.

Maury said...

Yeah, I think she may be playing ya. Rach does that crap with me about church, and then last week when Clay went with us, he just said you are going, and she went.
Just stay strong....I know you can do it, you are stronger than me!