Saturday, February 7, 2009

Poppa Louis comes to vist!

This is my brother, Robert Louis.. aka Poppa Louis to my girls.... Dalton took up with him on this visit and REALLY talked... she even went up to him and said... Hey, you wanna pick me up to see if you can tell if I am 5!?!?!?
Needless to say he enjoyed this... if you know Dalton she will either talk your head off of NOT SAY A WORD! He also gave her a business card with his number so she can call him... I am going to tell her to tell him next time that she charges to carry around business cards like that! Her build a bear fund is depleted and she needs to start rat holing again!
I enjoyed my visit with Robert Louis.. come back again some time will ya!??! LOL


Beth E. said...

How neat! Does he get to visit very often? He looks like he's lovin' every minute of holding Dalton!

Sandy said...

How sweet. My Sabre is like that she will either talk or stare. looks like he enjoyed his visit with lil Dalton. Glad you enjoyed your visit with him too