Monday, March 16, 2009

Going private.. part II

I have sent invitations to most of you that have requested to go with me when I go private. The problem is that I have a ton that have requested to go with me, but they did not leave their email in the comment section. If you want to go private with me, and you left an address then you should have gotten an email from me by now. If you have not then you need to comment again on this with an EMAIL address so I can send you an invitation. If I personally do not know you then you need to give me the low down on who you are!

I plan on opening another blog with my goodies on it so there will not be a problem with that. I will let you all know what the bloggy address it.

This is a lot of work, and I am trying my best to get this all done so HELP me and give me the address so I don't have to track you down! LOL So, help me people!

Oh, and BTW got a good story of a conversation that took place last night between me and the 5 year old.

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