Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin patch 2009

This is how almost all my pictures turned out! I had to chase her if I wanted pictures! We were not there for too long until we went on the hay ride out to the fields to pick out pumpkins. There were so many pumpkins that were ruined because of all the rain that we had for like 15 days or more... It was really sad to see all the damage. (ok so this is suppose to be the first thing you read, but I am too lazy to move it so work with me!)
We had a FAST and furious trip to the pumpkin patch in Grady, Arkansas this week with Dalton's kindergarten class.. First of all we left 40 minutes late as a result of waiting on the school buses. Don't even get me stated on that! Since we had to be back by a certain time I knew it was going to be crazy and it was!!!

There were SOOO many pumpkins there were rotten, flattened and just plain ruined! You would pick it up by the stem and the stem would just break off. We finally found a pumpkin that did not have a rotten spot in it....

This child is such a ham! You can NOT make her be still hardly or smile with doing that "thing" with her nose... I don't know where she got that from but it drives me NUTS!

The porta potties freaked my child out, and I am totally surprised that she would even "go" in one of them... Let me tell you how it went down... I held her over the potty! Every single time.. WHEW! And if you know her you know that she goes alot!

Run, run, run... guess that means that she really enjoyed herself! I was so glad that they decided to go even if it was a super fast trip!


Sandy said...

beautiful pictures. I love the one of you and Dalton. She is just precious

melanie, aka Mo said...

WHAT??? an update?! And by the way... two things... one. I LOVE that thing she does with her nose, and you should embrace it. You will remember that phase with happy memories. and two. I LOVE that she is always on the go. Reminds me of someone at my house!

I havent' forgotten her earrings either. Maybe they'll be a Christmas surprise! Ha. I just never seem to remember them when I am MAKING things! MO

Beth E. said...

Daltion is so stinkin' cute! I agree with MO...I love what she does with her nose!

I'm so glad you updated...I've missed you!

snekcip said...

Your Dalton does the WRINKLE NOSE and my Bree does the GLUED TOGETHER TEETH and SAYS "CHEEEEEEESE" or the ever so funny THELMA pose from Scooby-Doo! The one with her hands on her hip and that push forward torso! All she needs is a turtle neck, glasses and a mushroom hairdo!! The kid is hilarious!

Speaking of hilarious, I had to laugh at what you said about the "PUMPKIN MUSH"! My Oh my those poor pumpkins were seriously rotten!! You did manage to get a cute pic though! The one of you and Dalton is really lovely!! FRAME IT!!!