Thursday, February 5, 2009

Papaw Robert turns 63!

Can you tell by the look on her face that he LOVES the cake!? Ding dong... any one home?! This son of a gun is to DIE FOR! Oh, and don't try to eat it without milk.. just not possible!

Just look at all those moist layers.... oh, don't even get me started!
Don't you just love the romantic glow that a cake with 63 candles puts off? LOL It got really hot quick! Avery insisted on the 63 candles! He loved it, but you certainally can't tell by the look on his face here... LIVEN UP BOY! You fixin to get to eat some ding dong cake BEFORE supper! LOL Avery did not want to take a chance that we would be too full after we ate dinner! Papaw told her that he liked the way that she thinks!

Somebody call 911 before all the wax melts and ruins the cake!

Check out the proud look on Dalton's face. Daddy was opening the bird feeders that they girls made one day! He even gasped when he opened it.. he saw how proud the girls were. He better have em hanging up the next time we go or his name just might be MUD!

Avery was in charge of getting his gifts wrapped! She really get into all of that now a days!

Well, looky at the birthday boy! All laid back and comfy like he is at a party that is all about him!

This Dalton waiting in the kitchen patiently... trying to be quite! This is really hard for her when Papaw Robert is here!
Anyway, his birthday was Jan 22 and I have not been in the mood to post much here lately! I am trying to get better.


Tracie Jones said...

I need the recipe. It sounds awesome!

Tracie Jones said...

I need the recipe. It sounds awesome!

Kami said...

Happy Birthday Papaw Robert...whew eating ding dong cake and blowing out "63" candles can wear a man out...

Beth E. said...

You better just get outta this funk you're in and get to posting, girl! There's no slacking off in blogland!

Tell Papaw Robert I said happy birthday! That cake looks absolutely delicious. I drooled on my keyboard just a little..ha! The candles were quite impressive...did you have a fire extinguisher on hand? hehe

By the way...saw your comment on Bo's blog!! What a hoot you are! That will make his day.

One more thing...yep, I know you love me. Guess what? I love you, too! *Sniff, sniff* I feel a little tear in my eye. ;o)

Maury said...

I enjoyed this post!! Wheh...that is a lot of candles! The girls are so cute. Don't you just love how excited kids get over parties...even when it is for someone else!

Sandy said...

I need the recipe; sounds great.

Sandy said...

I need the recipe; sounds great.