Thursday, July 24, 2008

Papaw Roxie's okra gumbo

It has been YEARS since I have had my mamaw's okra gumbo, but tonight was THE night.... Today my daddy popped in and brought me fresh okra... I still had some of the fresh onions that he grew and then tomatoes from one of Lee's friends from the mill and fresh jalapenos from MY Mister Brown (next door neighbor) SO, I thought I would try it... I think I hit the nail on the head.... Thank you mamaw for the tasty memories! Tonight I was able to feel like I was sitting at her supper table eating something that she would cook up.. it was even JUST HOT enough to make you need a little drink, but would still drag you back in for more. We miss you Papaw Roxie!

You can call me again in any dream if you want to.... I loved to hear your voice.. even though I was so shocked I could not speak.. it was you and I knew it. You let me know you were there when I needed to know! You called just like always.... I sure miss you, but I have SO many memories.. Avery just smiled while I was telling her all about it tonight.


Gigi said...

So, where'e the recipe? Gotta share the love!

Gigi said...

So, where'e the recipe? Gotta share the love!

Anonymous said...

I sure miss her too! We had alot of great times with her!

Mom of these kids said...

Mmmmm I want me some gumbo!!

I know you miss her! I am glad your gumbo brought back great and yummy memories!