Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dalton's school clothes!

Me and the girls headed to Monroe yesterday since Avery has a severe case of swimmers ear and could not swim... I was on a mission for something that I will show you a bit later, but I ended up getting Dalton a few school clothes. I got a total of 12+ outfits (I add + since I have shirts that I can put with a couple of different sets of shorts to make more outfits out of them) I hit a mother load sale.. Not like my usual sales, but a GOOD sale at Belk's. OH, this will include one outfit that Dalton "HAD TO HAVE SO I CAN BE SO CUTE" outfit from Old Navy that was FREE cause I had a $10 off coupon... actually she and Avery bot got something at Old Navy and I paid like $2 for it.! LOL I got $240.50.. oh wait, gotta add tax so that would have been $264.55 worth of clothes for $72!!! (this included tax!) I had all 50% off things that were RED DOT so that means that you take an extra 40% off the sale price.

The woman that waited on me had to have bee 80 years old.. SERIOUSLY! I was being so nice to her... cause I hate it when I get out of there and did not get my CLEARANCE price like I was suppose to OR get home with a security thing on an outfit and have to dive an hour to get it off! So, we get to this one long sleeved dress that I wondered why they were ALL on the 50% rack... anyway, I found one that I loved and Dalton loved too! She rang it up and it was not one sale... I said.. it is on that 50% off rack... she goes .. WELL, it is NOT on sale do you want it or NOT!?!?! And YES she raised her voice at me and was ugly!!! I said YES I want it, but it SAYS that it is 50% OFF DO YOU WANT ME TO SHOW YOU THE RACK!?!?! I got a little stern with her to return her attitude and let her know that I meant business! Well, this is new merchandise... (at this point I was bound and determined that I was GOING to get that dress for 50% come hell or high water just to prove my point... She was a old winch!) Needless to say the OTHER lady standing there saw that I was NOT going to back down and went to check... Wanna guess who was right? I was expecting the dress to be $10.50 (this would have been 1/2 of the $21.00) The OLD LADY goes... it rang up half off it is $13.99!!! I said to her.. that is NOT 1/2 off... if it was rang up 1/2 off then it would be $10.50.. THAT is 1/2 of $21.00. At this point she was starting to get huffier (is that a word) with me! The OTHER lady comes and takes over... she took the 50% off the SALE price that it was ringing up which means I got it for 6.99!!! My point is... they are NOT taking this out of your check and that IS what the sign says SO unless you are going to try to be nice to me and explain that there was a mistake then I WILL get the sale price that it is marked. GOOD GRIEF!

Oh, and there was a lady behind me that saw the sign too and she said... I would make them give it to me at the sale price! Oh and I left a good part out... during the time that the OTHER lady went to check the price the older lady goes.. How are you going to be paying for this today.. I said... NOT A BELK'S card!!!!! Needless to say she tried to get me to get a Belk's credit card so I could save an extra 20% off... I said.. I don't want a credit card to save me an extra 20%... I just want the discount that I have coming to me today that was on the sign over the clothes that I picked out!!! I would not have gotten a credit card from her to help out with her daily sales if I would have gotten the merchandise for FREE!


Mom of these kids said...

Ha haha....I am laughing b/c you know I would have never stood my ground like that, but I know you would, and that is a GOOD thing! Good grief, you are right, I aint coming out of her paycheck, so what does she care, the old grouch?? Woohoo for your good deals!!

The Perry Family said...

That is wild!! I do not blame you one bit. To fooey with her credit sales...old bitty! haha I'm just glad you stood your ground! I would have not argued and ended up not getting the dress and then regretted it.