Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Backyard project progress....

We made SOD out of some of our grass.... OH MY GOODNESS is all I can say to THAT project. HOT.... HEAVY... and DIRTY! Thanks to David Bell for coming to help! Funny how your friends are never around when you do certain projects! LOL The SOD was heavy... thanks to how long Lee cut it!!! He does not think of any one but himself when he decides he is ready to be done with a project... the pieces were about double the length they normally are. Here are some of the pieces that we moved..... There are tons of them!
This does not show how much there really is! The bad thing about is it is that it all has to be moved again!
AND not to mention that I (meaning ME) has to keep it all watered!
Back to the previous owner of this house and her planting all kinds of crazy things EVERY WHERE.. We dug more of it UP! 2 huge rose bushes there were totally out of control and right by the edge of the patio... It was so big that they hung all over the patio taking up lots of space! If one of my kids fell in it they would DIE before we could dig them out of them! We also dug up 2 other crazy looking flowers that totally did not go where they were! Then we moved some mulch and threw out tons that had leaves and crap all in it.. and then the edging.. UGLY and CHEAP! Oh, and not to mention she had left about 2 feet in between the 2 flower beds and the lawn mower could not get in there.... That grass is from 2 mowing's and not been cut... Lee announced that the weed eater had kicked the bucket AGAIN.. we buy a new one about every 2 years!

Better things are yet to come! All this work better be worth it!


Jenny Sipes said...

I am one of those friends you wouldn't be able to find!! lol! Naw I would come help if I had time too...it is going to look amazing when you are finished!!

Laken said...

I posted. And you did too! I had been waiting for a new post from you....

You all completed a lot of work. It will be well worth it though. And I wish I had the energy and motivation to fix the landscaping in the front of my house. Hopefully soon I will do it.... Haha!

Mom of these kids said...

Yep...you know us, we would have been nowhere to be found either, b/c we can barely do our yardwork!!

Clay has a lot of issues with his weedeaters too. He is always having to get a new one.

Men...they have no clue how much stronger they are than us, do they?? He probably couldn't understand why that stuff was so heavy for ya, huh? Kinda like when Clay decided to move our whole house, with only ME to help. GEEZ!

Anonymous said...

you are so funny!

we would be one of those people you would hate - we have random stuff growing everywhere with little to no plan to do anything about it anytime soon!

when you're all done - you wanna come to our house?