Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fred's and doulbe coupon Saturday!!!

As many of you know I am trying to cut corners due to the gas prices. I have started using coupons! Fred's doubles coupons up to .70 on Saturdays... Needless to say me and the nice little lady behind the counter are now on a first name basis! LOL Today alone I save almost $12.00 on cleaning s!!! Oh, and Avery LOVES this new hobby!

This is what I got...

shampoo $1.99 after $1 off
3 toothpastes 1 at .49 , $1.49 BIGGER TUBE, and 1 at $1.99 with $1 off on all
laundry detergent ($1.50 off)
4 of Lee's deodorant (I pay almost $4 for this at WM and today this was on clearance for $1.25!!)
Mr Clean cleaner (the kind you mop with) $1 after .50 doubled
Lysol toilet bowl cleaner $1 after .50 doubled
my deodorant $1 after $1 off
Lysol bathroom cleaner (like Scrubbing Bubbles) $1 after $1 off
Doritos $1.89 x 2 bags... Normally at WM these are like $3-3.50 now

At Wal-Mart last week I had a coupon for buy one Pledge.. get one free. I also have a save $2 off one Pledge item (I have this in my purse for my next WM visit!!!) Also, $2 off Windex. A case of cokes right now is $5... which is normally 6.98! I don't drink them but Lee does. I have cut back on buying these and making more tea, but when they are on sale I try to stock up.

Pass along any money saving tips you have right now! I know everyone would love to hear them!


suzanne said...

okay, so convicted now, thanks!

is it still worth it, when you usually buy the off-brand stuff?

does it even out?

cause i'm a GV kinda gal!

Laken said...

I started clipping coupons too, and even have a little holder, but I always forget about them. I did remember to use them about a month ago and saved us like ten or so dollars. I wish we had a Fred's around here. Ugh. Your comment about the little lady behind the counter and you being on a first name basis was so funny to me! Haha!

Loura said...

Great work.