Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tonight I am going to do a post on FRIENDS

MANY years ago I was given this little plaque that says....


There are those who pass

like ships in the night.

Who meet for a moment

then sail out of sight.

Then there are friends who

sail together through quiet

waters and stormy weather

helping each other through

joy through strife.

And they are the kind who

give meaning to life.

This was given to MANY years ago by a precious friend of mine, and I still have it today.... just like WE are STILL friends today... She will ALWAYS be my best friends just just like her daddy always had his fried pork chops and dried beans every night.... That is just the way the boat floats!

Anyway, there are those people that come into your life that will never leave you (no matter what) and then there are people that you THINK are your friends that walk away over NOTHING... You learn to cut strings and hold on even tighter to your real friends... I have learned in life that you will come into contact with others because of your kids.. but really do they turn into being very GOOD friends!?!?! A couple of them may, but most..... NOPE! Time tells all.. people are immature, jealous, and just weird... even bipolar!!! Don't get me wrong I am not making excuses for these types of people, but good grief!!!

To all of my true FRIENDS... I love you and cherish you... YOU KNOW THIS! You know that you can call me for anything at any time! To those of you "friends" that have issues... I will continue to pray that things get better for you and your family! I also pray for your children that you will one day grow up. Just remember that they will act the way that they see YOU acting... We know this because we have SEEN IT!

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