Friday, July 4, 2008

blueberries, corn, sunflowers and Papaw Robert

While playing ball in Pine Bluff this weekend we went to Papaw Robert's house to spend the night. Of course, we wake up to fried eggs, bacon and fresh tomatoes for breakfast!!! He wanted to take the girls to pick blueberries... we ended up with 4 gallons!
Then, off for fresh corn!!!
Everyone (BUT ME) got in on the action... I was taking pictures of course! Being the MAMA I am NEVER in pictures until I say something to Lee and make him feel bad! LOL
Dalton even got in on the action... notice in the above picture she pulled the entire stalk up!
There's Papaw Robert!
We saw these on the side of the road and the girls had a FIT to stop and check them out! Avery was just asking about sunflowers on the way to his house!
I had to chase Lee down while I was out roaming in the sunflowers.....
They were SO pretty!
Then here is Avery picking blueberries... the mosquitoes ate us UP! They were HORRIBLE!

We ended up bringing home fresh blueberries (we have made homemade blueberry muffins twice and Dalton even likes to eat them frozen!) fresh onions (me, daddy and Lee dug them up out of his garden), tomatoes, 2 sunflowers, and fresh corn.. I think I had enough for 10 gallon zip lock bags full of corn! These things are why I love this time of year!


Rosjuane said...

That is it!! If you come to town again and don't call me I'm going to hunt you down.

Jenny Sipes said...

Oh those pics are beautiful! I LOVE sunflowers!! They are so pretty!