Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Avery's cucumber plant...

Sometime close to the end of school Avery brought home this cucumber planted in a little plastic cup... We put it in the window seal for a couple of weeks and she watered, and watered, and watered it... Finally one weekend we were going to be gone, so I just took it out of the cup and put it in the corner of the flower bed.. never really thinking it would actually make it... Well here it is NOW!!!!!!!! She had a stroke every time Dalton got close to it when she drove her John Deere tricycle by it.. so I had to push it over some out of her way... Dalton aggravating Avery would just sit right there by it!!!!
Finally a couple of days ago Avery discovered that she has a few tiny cucumbers on the plant! She was watering it to death, so we have started monitoring the watering... She would have to be put on nerve pills if this thing does not make it now! She thinks that she will cut the first one up and eat it with Ranch dressing... but she also added that she MIGHT change her mind! LOL That is a woman for ya!


Jenny Sipes said...

She is too cute! Jadyn helped my parents plant their garden and now she thinks it is "hers"...lol!

Kids are funny! If she does try and cut it up and eat with Ranch dressing you best take a pic of her face and reaction and blog about it!!! lol

Anonymous said...

We planted several cucumber plants too(in an effort to get the kids to eat it they grew it) ours havent put on cucumbers yet but they are flowering so it should be soon.

My son brought home a lima bean plant,you just reminded me that its in the garden too...LOL.What a great parent I am...LOL