Thursday, July 3, 2008

State softball tournament VISITORS!

It worked out that Maury was in Pine Bluff the same time as us so she and the kids came by the ballpark to visit! Let me tell you it is very hard to visit and pay attention to the game! Maury swung by the Dollar Tree because I had already told her how we always take snacks and lunch with us since it is so expensive at the ball parks! In El Dorado someone bought a Gatorade and a homemade lemonade and it was $6!!!!!!
Maury was smugglin' tootsie roll pops and sour straws.....
Here is sweet little Noah.. always full of hugs for ME!
Dalton got to partake on some of their stash, but don't' worry she taught them out to spit sunflower seeds to return the favor! Oh, and then there were fruit roll ups.... I bet her kids bounced off the walls all the way home!!! I failed to get a picture of all seed spitting action action!

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