Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday morning surprise

This is what we woke up to Saturday morning.. well, not really I mean I was not surprised since I was out there 4 times during the night making sure 2 pieces of their equipment was still running! The guys showed up and removed the equipment and said that we could swim!!!! Can you see the excitement on her face!?!? I had them put old swimming suits on because of the dirt/mud around the pool but do you think they cared?
They will cut the liner completely away on Monday. It is only attached there by the steps a few inches on each side... WHY? I really am not sure!
Lee just had to throw Dalton.. she loved it!
Lee inspecting the inside... Let me tell you how the water felt... "LIKE A LIQUID ICE CUBE!"
My ole bones could only get to right at the top of the bottoms of my suit!


Maury said...

As hot as it was today???? Man, I thought after 5 mins outside, you would be ready for ice water. It was HOT today!

Clay said that the reason they wait to cut that liner is b/c filling the pool up with water helps stretch it to get those wrinkles out or something...anyway it stretches, so that is why they wait to cut it. Don't know how he knows that, but he is always full of knowledge, and when I ask how he knows, he acts like it is something everyone should know!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Got to tell you... I like Avery! I LOVE it that she saw hearts in the okra! Very creative!

Ellie and I want to come take a dip. See if the girls will swim with her, and you and i will sit around and drink fruity drinks! melanie