Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday pool progress

The guys had to literally scrape every inch in that pools bottom to make sure everything was perfect.. what you see about is the little areas of pool create that they had to patch...
The finished product... ready for the liner!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!?!? OMG!? I can't believe it!

This was Avery when she was told they were putting the liner it. It took them about 10 if that much.. these guys have got it going on! Did I mention that my girls love talking to them!?!?

Here ya go Avery.... 2 hoses! We ran 2 hoses off the same (OH SUZANNE!) WATER LINE was the word I was looking for earlier... Lee came home and I showed him the pressure.. he had me watch the one hose to see what happened when he turned the other one off.. DOUBLE THE PRESSURE! So from 10 until right now... 9:15 Sat night we still have hoses going....

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