Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is it too much to ask!?!?!

That when people talk to their children about things they would ask them to NOT discuss it with other children at school!??! This is what I do with my child.


Beth E. said...

Unfortunately, kids tell EVERYTHING to each other! We had to explain the "facts of life" to our oldest when he was only 9 yrs. old, because of something another kid told him. Frustrating...extremely frustrating.

Shelley @ SIMPLE Reviews said...

I feel 90% sure my kids won't repeat most stuff that we discuss under that pretense, because I try reallllly hard to make them understand that we don't want to offend people and etc... We had to go over the "Gay" thing the other day, and I tried to nicely cover that subject, and laid down the law that we don't talk to others about it! I hate it when kids TELL ALL!!!!

The Perry Family said...

my little girl is 5 and i am struggling with this. even though i tell her not to say anything, she doesn anyway. this one little girl who is supposedly her "best friend" was in preschool with her last year and in her kindergarten class this year. lauren loves the girl so much and everything the girl does, she has to do. (not liking that my child is being a follower at all) if maddie doesn't like it, then lauren doesn't like it and so on. maddie is sooooo rude to lauren and will tell her how fat she is all the time and laugh at her, but lauren stays loyal to her (WHY???) anyway, i got tired of lauren coming home and being upset b/c maddie had called her fat, so i told her to tell maddie that she could lose weight but that maddie would always be ugly. oh dear...of course, there she went telling maddie that her mama thought she was ugly. i just wanted to let my child take up for herself. dear, dear. :/