Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taking turns to drive....

on the levee heading to Papaw Robert's house! They don't have any problems remembering whose turn it is either! LOL Yes, they both take turns driving while sitting in Lee's lap ... Avery has a lot more freedom that Dalton since it does not take much to get her sidetracked as to what she is doing!
Sorry this is SO close! I had the WRONG lens on my camera when I decided to take this and did not have time to change it!
I have not had time to blog since Friday. I got so behind just by losing a few hours alone! Avery gets out of school early for the rest of the week, and Lee is on g/y's so there is NO time alone for me except for when the girls are sleeping! WHEW I can tell you I have a TON left to do too! I hope you are all almost ready for the holidays. I am ready to slow down and enjoy them! Papaw Robert may be coming tomorrow to help me with some things.

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Beth E. said...

Excuses, excuses...girl, it's time to get busy! lol I'm one to talk. I don't have ANY presents wrapped! Looks like it's gonna be gift bags for everyone this year! Taking care of a recuperating hubby is more involved than I'd imagined.

I haven't seen any postings from Mo. You didn't end up shooting her, did ya? Ha!

Behave yourself...Santa's watching. :o)