Thursday, November 20, 2008

It is SO quiet around here!

Lee went to Papaw Robert's house yesterday, and took Dalton with him! It will be 3 days and 2 night before we can be there Friday after school. This is the first time that I have ever been away from Dalton! Yes, that is right. She has NEVER spent the night away from me. I actually slept all night long except for the 2 times that Avery sat straight up in the bed.. I was like WHAT are you doing? Her response!??!! She did not know!

Yesterday Avery admitted that she gets really tired of Dalton talking (yes, Kami she talks and I mean ALOT!) and she tells her to be quiet.. but she told me today that she missed her talking to her.

Today on the phone Dalton told me that she went to eat with daddy and papaw Robert and that she got 2 packs of gum. One for her and one for Avery. I love how my kids always think about each other. Dalton told Avery on the phone how she has her a pack of gum and is saving it just for her! That made Avery smile.

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Grammy said...

Where EXACTLY did Daddy and Papaw Robert take her to eat?!?!?!?!