Sunday, November 9, 2008

The weekend.

I survived the open house... Whew! It is something getting as many items as you can ready for show, and your house too! I was worn OUT! I was pleased with the steady flow of people, and the new friends that a few brought along! For those of you that are checking colors.. just remember that due to the date I DO have a cut off date for orders. I have things to get ready too and 4... no make that 5 trees to get up too!

I worked until mid-night that night getting some things finished because I knew we were going to Papaw Robert's house for the night so I would not be able to get anything done for a couple of days. Sorry.. no pictures from Papaw's this time cause we were 15 minutes away when I realized that I forgot my camera! I seriously need ADD medication when I am there. I am TYRING to get his house in order... DON'T EVEN ASK.... and in the middle of my work he has started adding another bathroom. So, everything out of the room is now in the room that I was working on. He just laughed when I walked in and saw it! YIKES! Not to mention that it had gotten cold and then hot again outside and the ladybugs were EVERYWHERE in that room too! If you have never seen the invasion of the ladybugs then you are missing out. Seriously... he had to set off a bomb to tone them down. I got the vac out and sucked up I would say... oh 5,000 out of the front window... And NO I am not kidding. We had turned on the ceiling fan last weekend and it was like you had cooties.... You could feel them in your hair, and on you every where! And poor Dalton would walk in the room and they would attack her because it was like there was even more at her level. And then there is OUTSIDE.. you go outside and it is freaky too.. I took pics last year, but I will have to find those.


Beth E. said...

Yuck...those ladybugs are a pain in the you-know-what!!!!

Rosjuane said...

I hate that I missed you this time. My pms calmed down remind me to tell you the story. Anyway. I'm glad it's hunting season I might get to see you more.

Maury said...

I remember your pics of the ladybugs last year! eek!