Wednesday, November 19, 2008

9-4= 5 more to go & SHE'S ALIVE!

About a month ago the orthodontist told me that Avery had to have 9 teeth removed.... Today we started the procedure. 4 were removed. 1 without any med's. She did not even move when he pulled it! It was on the bottom so at least she did not have to have her tongue be numb on top of everything else. She was SO funny! She REALLY liked that laughing gas. I have never let them give that to her before, but knowing the show that she puts on when we pull a tooth out of her head that is about to fall out anyway.. I knew for every ones safety that it would be best. Plus, I did not want everyone up there to talk about us when we were gone! LOL She was a total trooper, and says that it is FUN! She LOVES the way that gas smells and can't wait to go back... WHAT!?!? OKkkkk.... ****Mental note to watch out for my kid sniffing gas, lead based paint, and other illegal brain cell killing fumes.*** She really likes her dentist... ALOT! I think my kids are the only kids that I know that get excited to go and get their teeth cleaned. They think that Ms. Stephanie is the bomb! She even lets Dalton helps with cleaning mine and Avery's teeth... trust me when I say.. POOR US! It ought to be against the law for a dental hygienist to be so dang sweet! Any whooo.... Carrie was there with Avery the entire time and she was great too! So, next Tues or Wed she will have 5 on the other side removed.


Rosjuane said...

Poor child. She may not be alive tomorrow. Add fingernail polish to the list.

The Perry Family said...

poor thing! glad to hear she made it through it! my sis went back by there yesterday afternoon and got my stuff!! thanks! oh and about miss thomas' wife can happen. it is all psychological pregnancy called pseudocyesis...that's the only thing i can think of! :)

Beth E. said...

Oooo...she's far braver than I. Going to the dentist is NOT one of my favorite things. I posted (a while back) about why (see #5):

You're gonna have to take some pics of her once all of her teeth are pulled! :o)