Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday.... WHEW

Run down of Tuesday.
Took Avery to school.
Took Dalton to wee school.
Cleaned times 2.
Went to Dalton's fall festival.
Had visitor after lunch... so cute!
Ran short on time to work upstairs because of visitor.
Got Avery from school.
Took Avery to gymnastics.
Came home and worked upstairs.
Got Avery from gymnastics.
**The best part of my day.... Took Avery to grocery store so she could spend HER well earned money on canned food for the needy. I spent a certain amount, and then she was all pumped up and bought too! She has 48 cans to donate to the needy for the holidays coming up. I am so pleased about how she thinks of others before herself. I hope that she continues to care about others and their feelings and needs as she grows older.
Went gambling... yes, tonight was pokeno night, and I was the big loser and got my money back! Hey, that is better than losing and getting notta back!
Catching up one some computer work and monogramming...

I am so ready for some sleep!


Kami said...

After a night of gambling I returned home to find out someone has stolen my identity...they racked up over $1000 on my credit card...hey, someone out there wants to be ME!!

Kami said...

Guess what...after returning home from a night of gambling with you I learned that someone had stolen my identity..yeah, someone wants to be me...they racked up over $1000 charges on my credit card...can I borrow some money?

Beth E. said...

How sweet of Avery to think of those in need! Your kids are so kind and thoughtful. You're doing a great job parenting them!


Laken said...

You have the most precious daughter. She should be nominated for child of the year. Seriously.