Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boycotting buying meat... KINDA

Since gas had gotten so high I had been really watching things we use to go on sale and stocking up.. and even using coupons too! And I am not too proud to say that!!! That is like yesterday in Wal-Mart they had the liquid bath soap that we buy that is normally $3+ a bottle on sale for $1.73!!! I know it is not a lot, but it adds up especially when you are stocking 4 baths areas!!! So, buying 4 at a time will eat your lunch just on soap!!!! Plus, this is not even counting the pool shower!!!

Not long ago I was in a store and there was a coupon attached to my shampoo for $2 off. I nearly fell O-U-T! I snatched a few, and bought them up!!! Then I went back and got MORE! Yes, when I can get something like that that we use a TON of then I will buy it and stock up! Plus, I normally take extra stuff to Papaw Robert's since he does not use what we do.

We have been eating meat out of the freezer LOTS too!!! So, now that we have killed these deer and paid $165 to have them processed we are sitting pretty! I thought I would list some things that I make with deer meat!

meat loaf (don't make fun... Avery begs me to make this secret recipe!)
veg. soup
beef enchiladas ( this is what the girls call it, but of course it has deer meat in it!)
hamburger steak and gravy

with the tenderloin we do...
fried deer meat
deer steak and gravy
planning to try stew next

This saves us SO much money considering that when I make a double batch of chili that it is like $12-$15+ just for the hamburger meat! I am sure there are more things that I cook, so I will add if I think of it!

I buy pork tenderloins when they are on sale... those big ones and I either cut them up myself of they do it at the store for me. I like to have steaks for grilling or frying. And I like to have big chunks of it for the crock pot for tenderloin or pulled pork sandwiches. I can make that one tenderloin feed us for a while! I can't tell you the last time that I bought meat that was not on SALE and stocked up on it... Is there anything that you do to help save money?


Beth E. said...

I do all the same stuff you do when it comes to saving money...well, except for using deer meat. I've heard that deer meat is so much better for you than beef.

I can't remember if I've already told you this (or if it was someone else) but I've only eaten deer a couple of times. Once was fried...too dry for me, the other was a roast fixed in the crock pot with potatoes and carrots. THAT was yummy. I guess it's a good thing for you that we don't live closer to each'd find me at your dinner table every night! That menu sounds good! lol said...

We do the same as you,this year we also butchered a hog,but we butcher it ourselves,along with the deermeat-well,maybe I should say that my husband never hunts and we either have it given to us by people who love to hunt but dont like the meat and they have already cut it up or we get real country in the kitchen with our electric knife...LOL.We divide "family packs" of meat into usable increments for ourselves,we only use the full pack when we make chili or hamburgers.I load up on basic clothing out of season too,while its on sale.During the summer we grow alot of vegs and my MIL will help us "can" what she knows how to do and I freeze what is left...I am sure there is more that I just cant recall right now.

Maury said...

Well, sorry to say, but deer meat TOTALLY grosses me out. Most meat does really, I can barely eat it if I have cooked it myself. If I smell it raw, I feel like that is how it tastes to me when I eat it.

Clay has killed a deer once, and I tried to cook it, but I couldn't stand it. My parents use deer meat all the time, but I will hardly eat anything they cook with it. As a girl, seeing that big bloody mess being butchered all over our kitchen counter did it for me.

How do I save money?? I just don't use the meat a lot of time, and when I do, I usually put in less than the amount it calls for b/c I don't care for it much. Yep, I am funny.

Laken said...

Wow! You make that deer meat go a looooooong way! You go girl! I clip coupons and usually save an average of at least $10 on our weekly trips to WalMart. I know it's not a lot, but hey, I try.

suzanne said...

ooh, bunches. i actually prayed one time when matt went hog huntin'. i SO wanted to be eating all that pork. he didn't get one, though.

wish he was more of a deer hunter when you talk about all your meat! i'm so jealous!