Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Introducing.... A Toad in a Hole

Have you ever seen a toad in a hole!?!?!? My kids LOVE these especially when Lee is working evenings. You take a piece of bread and tear a hole in the center of it and butter it on the front and the back...
Then you put it in a skillet on med-high heat and put the egg in the middle.. when it gets like the picture about on the side that is down.. flip the sucker over!

(WHY do my pics load backwards!!?!? Oh, this blogger thingy gets on my nerves) Anyway, this is what they look like before you flip them..

They are also good with jelly smeared on the top or with just some salt and pepper on them!
I know some others have told me that they have had these, but they were called something else... Help me out with the names if you know this as something else! If your child has a hard time eating eggs.. try this out on em! I got a girl to eat one that HATES eggs one morning! Her mother almost fell out when I told her what she ate for breakfast! LOL She even got her mother to ask me how to cook them!


Maury said...

Cool....I have not ever had those, but we will have to try them!

Yes, pics load in reverse order now for someone reason and it drives me crazy too!

Lindsay said...

I love the Toad in a Holes!! I have never had them made exactly like that, but you'd better believe I'll be trying it! Ok, so yes, GO getcha a Latte. If you love Hot Chocolate with the fun stuff in it, then you'll love this grub! He he. It's still coffee. Don't worry, I was just like you.....ummmm, what's in a Latte, I said to the Starbucks pro. He looked at me like I had 4 heads! It has espresso-good for the gogogo mamma like us. Let me know how you like it and order this the first time you go:

Vanilla Latte
Extra Pump Please

Can't wait to hear about your first trip! Your "projects" are freakin adorable! Love what you're designing and making. Love love love it!

Piece of Cake said...

My dad used to make those for us. We called them eggs on a raft. I always fixed mine up like french toast by adding syrup and powdered sugar.

Beth E. said...

That's a cute recipe! My guys don't eat breakfast anymore...something about becoming a teenager makes eating breakfast a sickening idea. Anyway...

I never knew what was in a latte until now. (I just read Lindsay's comment.)

I had my first Starbucks experience last month (no Starbucks anywhere near my town) and got the Gingersnap Latte. No wonder I had sparks coming outta my ears!!! I didn't know that lattes have espresso in them! Geeze, I was BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS all day!!! lol

Sandy said...

I have never heard of them either but it really sounds great and looks wonderful. I am at work SFMC downtown and I am about to get a Latte. I have been here since 5am and have until 5pm to go. I need the extra energy out late at the WMHS game. We are dome Bound

Pennington Posts said...

My momma made them when I was growing up but we called them Egg in a Basket. Tori used to love them when she came, Avery doesn't do eggs so I don't get to make them for her. But yours has a much cuter name.