Sunday, December 21, 2008

Busy day today!

Today I finished up some Christmas gifts & got them wrapped!!!! That feels SO good to get that off my to do list! I have a couple of things still left to do, and when Lee gets off g/y on Tuesday he has a small to do list too to help me out!

I still have a few things to that need to be picked up too! I have called.. and emailed every one... I WILL NOT be here for things to be picked up on Christmas Eve so consider yourself warned!

Avery is such a big help this year in the wrapping that department! Every day she asks... Mama you got anything that I can wrap!?!? What a BIG help this is to me! Tomorrow we (SHE) will work on that some more too!

Tonight we made cheese logs & Oreo balls. They are both to DIE for! Have you ever had any of the Oreo balls? Can I just say OMG!!! Paula Deen... I mean Margaret Edney makes them. She is THE Southern Living cooking QUEEN of our Pokeno group! NO KIDDIN!! The cheese logs are something that Papaw Roxie use to make! When I got old enough to make them I asked her for the recipe she did not remember it! I was heart broken!! I was over at a friends house a couple of years ago and I was telling her about it.. she goes.. hold on one second!!!! She went to the refrigerator and brought something back and started to unwrap it.. I nearly cried I was SO excited to discover that it was THE cheese log recipe. I called Robert Louis (aka.. Papaw Louis... and my brother.. and the the John Deere salesman that can not get my daughter a honk for her Gator! LOL) to tell him about it right then!!! He was excited too when I was telling him about it.. He told me that his mouth was watering just talking about it! So, tonight when we were making them I was telling the girls about how it was Papaw Roxie's recipe and about how it was such a good memory of mine.. simple but GOOD in more ways than one! And Dalton belted out.. AND Papaw Louis too!!!! And then told me that she could not wait to take some to him!

Tomorrow after work we plan to finish the Oreo balls.. Avery and I have very specific instructions from Dalton to NOT finish them until she gets home from school!! We also only made 1/2 of the cheese log recipe tonight because I did not get enough cream cheese! So, gotta run and get some to finish all that tomorrow!


Beth E. said... KNOW you're gonna have to share these recipes, don't you? I'm drooling all over my keyboard, here!

I have one of my grandmother's little handwritten cookbooks...I treasure those family recipes!

Oh, and can you send Avery to my house? 'Cause I STILL haven't begun to wrap's the day!

Have a great day, and try to behave, okay? I'm not making any promises for myself, though!

Rosjuane said...

I've had them Oreo balls and if I wasn't on WW I would be getting some!!

Laken said...

I want the cheese log recipe! That sounds soooooooooooo good to me. YUMM!!!!!!!!!!!

The Terrell's said...

Oreo balls sound great. You need to blog those recipes!