Sunday, January 18, 2009

Outting to Starbucks

So, for those of you that know me you know that I HATE coffee. Say it slowly with me... ROBIN HATES HER SOME COFFEE! Like some of it KINDA smells good, but if I get it close to my nose I will literally gag. NO JOKING! I can't even tell you the last time that I had even tasted it. Then, my bloggy friend Lindsay just totally insists on me trying something from Starbucks... A grande skinny french vanilla latte with an extra something another... shot I think. So, we went to Monroe a few weeks back and here goes the conversation between me and Avery (the 10 1/2 year old.. and Dalton butts in there every now in then too cause she is all worried about going to build a bear)

Me while driving.. makes a sudden turn left that is not our usual route.

Avery: Mama, WHERE are we going?

Me: Oh, you just wait and see....

Dalton: I thought I was going to get to go to Build A Bear FIRST when we got to Monroe!?!?!
(*Note.. Dalton calls the MALL.. Monroe. I can not for the life of me make her understand that it is THE MALL and NOT Monroe. I guess that since we always go to the mall when in Monroe then that is just what she has stuck in her head!!!!)

Me: Dalton, we ARE in Monroe..

Dalton: No we are not. We are NOT at Monroe yet...
NO, when we GET to Monroe Avery said that I could go to Build a Bear first.

Me: Ok.. Whatever!

Avery: WHAT DOES THAT SAY? Starbucks!?!?!?! WHY are we going to STARBUCKS!?!? Mama, remember WE don't drink coffee!!!!!!!??!?!?!

Me: Pulling the ride into Starbucks...

Avery: Oh, NOOOoooo! Are WE fixing to actually DRINK COFFEE?

Dalton: I AIN'T GOING IN THERE TO DRINK COFFEE.. I'm going to build a bear!

Me: Dalton, you can't sit in the car by yourself!

Dalton: Well, I ain't drinking any coffee. I don't like it!

So, we ALL unload to go in Starbucks... Me, Avery, Dalton, and Lily Claire. Lily Claire being the build a bear. Oh, and Lily Claire is actually a dog.

We walk in..

Avery: Eyes really big while grabbing her nose... peeeyouuuuuWEEEE it stinks in here!

Me: EWW it sure does!

Dalton: Telling Lily Claire to DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING while we are in this store.. DO YOU HEAR ME!?!?! (um, wonder where she has heard that before!!!)

Me and Avery: lingering by the food section.. actually drooling on the glass if I remember correctly

Starbucks guy: May I help you?

Me: umm... my friend tells me that I just HAVE to try a grande skinny french vanilla latte with an extra shot... Oh, and you can make it NOT taste like coffee.. cause I don't like coffee! **big smile**

Starbucks guy: Well, then you DO NOT want a extra shot..

Me: Oh, I'll take the extra shot if it is that French Vanilla creamer/flavoring stuff...

Starbucks guy: Well, actually it is the ESPRESSO!

Me: WHAT? It's got espresso in it!?!? Oh, no.. I don't like espresso!

Starbucks guy: secretly thinking I am a nut case I am sure... cause he is just kinda looking at me with his head all tilted sideways like a dog when you talk to them...

Me: Well, just do whatever you gotta do it to so I DO NOT taste coffee or espresso what so EVER.. and BTW we better skip that extra shot today!

Starbucks guy: Ok, I'll fix you up!

Avery: Turning to look at me....Mama, I'm scared!

Me: Me too Avery

Starbucks guy: Here ya go mam.. try this and see what you think...

Me: I take it from him...

Avery: her eyes are HUGE at this point

Me: I take a little swaller

Avery: WELL?

Me: hum, well I guess I could drink it if I HAD too...

Avery: here.. let me try it!

Dalton: I'm NOT drinking it so don't even ask!

Avery: Takes a swig and almost pukes on the counter... and gives it back to me she says I DO NOT like that foamy stuff OR that TASTE... eww what is that nasty taste!?!?!?

Starbucks guy: that's the espresso.. so, what do you think?

Me: I have to be honest...I do not like it ( I know that Lindsay just gasped!!!)

Starbucks guy: Ok, then tell me what you DO like so I can try to make you something that you will like!

Me: hot chocolate.. with french vanilla and sugar

Starbucks guy: then I will make you one of those!

Me: after tasting the new cup that he gave me... I say that is much better!

Avery: still is not liking the foamy stuff on the top

.... we pay $3.50 something another and leave with our 2 drinks.. Avery finally gets all the foam off the top of the hot chocolate...she tells me that it is TOO STRONG tasting, so I had to explain to her that they use REAL stuff.. not Swiss Miss like we do at home!!! I tell her that I think it is too strong too... bitter really! I would rather have Swiss Miss myself with a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of french vanilla creamer in it.. LOL She tells me that MY hot chocolate is MUCH better than theirs! We make it to down the road about a mile and I said... I can't take it any more.. I gotta get rid of this! She says.. ME TOO!!!! Avery says... we just ain't Starbucks girls are we mama!?!?!?

* Note to the guy at Starbucks.... Thanks for being so nice, and not talking about us until after we left.. CAUSE I AM SURE YOU DID! LOL


Mom of these kids said...

Oh my, I am LAUGHING at you too gals!!! Good grief! I love Starbucks...(just had some today) and I love the smell of it too!

Kuddos to you for giving it a try...even if it was HOT CHOCOLATE that you didn't even like!! LOL

Beth E. said...

Robin, you are a hoot! haha I'm sitting here laughing my head off! I wish I could've been there at Starbucks with you. What an experience for you and the girls!

I hope you finally got to the Build A Bear store. :o)

Anonymous said...

That was by far the funniest thing I have read all day. Good for you for giving it a try! That does set a good example for your girls, way to go.
Melissa Y

Anonymous said...

I would try the Vanilla Bean Frappicino. It DOES NOT HAVE COFFEE!

Alexis D.

ashley said...

THAT IS HILLARIOUS! I like coffee, but I am not smart enough to order anything from Starbucks. I am also too cheap to pay that much for yucky coffee! I know some people love it so I will just leave it for them!

The Cochran Crew said...

Monroe... Louisiana? I was born in Natchitoches (probably just hacked that up!) Lived in Pleasant Hill and then in Rayville for 8 years. I never drank much coffee until I had the quads, it's a must now. Try a white chocolate mocha frappicino (probably hacked that up too!) add chip NO WHIP!!! It's awesome!!! It's cold, not hot. The key is the no whip. I HATE their whip!

melanie, aka Mo said...

I understand! I was not a coffee drinker either until the ol' lap band. Then, if I could drink it, I would! since I couldn't eat and all! Try this... in a convenient store, get a Starbucks vanilla frappucino in a glass bottle. Just do it! You can try it!

And I ALSO tell the Starbucks people that I don't reallly like coffee, but I like caramel and chocolate, and if they could, please make me something that tastes like those things. AND add whip cream! They are pretty accomodating!! Melanie

Michelle said...


Dang it!!!! This is why I should not be reading blogs while I am at work. I am laughing so hard I am crying and have mascara running all down my face. You need to post a video with this conversation. I love all the southern words... ain't, fixin. I am with you I will stick with my $1.09 for a 10 pack of Swiss Miss.

Sandy said...

I don't blame you girls we are not Starbucks girls either. It is not all that that some people go on & on about. To me the price is way to high and the product is rawnchy!! we just keep the swiss

Andria said...

Loved that post! You are so funny. I, too, dislike coffee. I don't see what people get from it tastewise. It's drippings from a soaked bean - for cryin' out loud!

That being said, I have learned to like the Espresso part in mochas, lattes and such. Maybe you'd like it too, cold or iced? After that experience though, I don't think you'd ever set your foot into another Starbuck's anyway. LOL.

I love how you and Avery have the same tastes... and how Dalton has excellent manners in telling "Lily" to control herself! HILARIOUS!

Anonymous said...


it must be a leeve thang, I hate the smell and taste of coffee too.


Laken said...

Hahaha! That is sooo funny! We are going on an outing together soon! All 3 of you just kill me!

I am not a Starbucks gal, either! Yucky yuck!