Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Papaw Robert

Daddy made a surprise appearance Easter afternoon. The girls were so excited. Avery got him to play checkers with him... He is a VERY sore WINNER... He rubs it in, but Avery takes it well.. she knows to laugh at him and keep right on truckin'!

Avery would not even hide her REAL Easter eggs because she was afraid that she would not find them all and she wanted to be able to show them to Papaw Robert!!! He was very touched! LOL

He has finally admitted to me that he does not feel right... I am meeting him tomorrow in Monticello to go to the dr with him. Please say a prayer that my daddy is ok.


Mom of these kids said...

I will be praying, I hope everything is o.k! I think it is great how close you and your dad are. I love these pics of him and the girls.

Gigi said...

You know I'm praying - Papaws are very important people. Just ask my kids.