Friday, March 7, 2008

SNOW in Crossett!!!!1

I have waited on snow for 3 years to get a picture like this of our new house! I will get a better one later... it is still falling here!

This is Dalton's first time to really see snow... Today she wore the same ski pants that Avery wore the first time she saw snow... those will be in the next set of pictures!!
It is like a blizzard out there right now STILL!!!!
P.S If you have to come to my house for ANY reason.. keep your tail off of the front yard... I like for it to be pretty! LOL You can go around to the back of the house and play in the snow!

1 comment:

Mom of these kids said...

I am coming to write my name in your front yard with my footprints! LOL

We did say that we need to go to south Ark b/c yall have more snow than we do!!

I know the girls are having a blast!